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  1. We use flaps for landing and some time on short fields takeoff but rarely the best is taking off clean... .. never for turns IRL ( In game the flaps use is used way to many time and the Yak in RL do not need it ) Flaps create a pitch down that is controlled with throttling. 


    Here some old video back in 2004 and the last time I touch a Yak, I filmed with a small bad video take recorder for my very good friend Jim. Basically at the time the only 9 Yak-9U's in the planet are from there. I played and left my mark on all of them since very early 90's. I never touch a Yak9 or 3 ever since, This video's was the last time and a good bye to our best Yak the latest and we just mounted a new rebuilt engine and the most powerful of all the Yak9 flying today a first start of a two years work. This aircraft maintain the same royal air guard colors today but with a different number on it's fuselage overseas.


    You can see some flaps activated ;)


    New owner starting our baby... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H40_AovSQOc

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  2. Finkeren

    How many store do price dumping in January ? ;)


    Many of us paid 94$ for it is now 79$ and was shortly for 49$ ( I guess )  a week ago.

    94$ and still no skin unlocked :ph34r:   :biggrin:  yeap!.  ( But having a Xmas sale price lower  I am sure will generate more blood )

    Always good to ask and have an answer.

  3. Well I started and updated my IL2 I didn't turn it on for a long time but I have noticed the "Old style" RoF red eye made it through when we get shot .. well this is not really good. 

    Flew a bit and so far looks pretty good .. And Looking forward to fly virtually more.


    I made this as a proposal on my Beta days and it did give some ideas but it came back.!  This was in Mid 2009

  4. I do have an other question that got into attention..

    While gaming The Dev are receiving data from your computer.. but what exactly are they receiving more than we want to give? We need more clarification on that subject. Thx and investigation.


    I'm a little bit worried .

  5. Cure .. Adrenaline.. If you are not tired in front of your PC after fighting for a while in Virtual you are doing something wrong. With Oculus that require you to actually move. it will be double fatigue  etc etc ect better G suit.. eating granola on the morning? coffee ? protein bars than you must maybe design sickness so must chew ginger  cookies or chewing um etc.. with out forgetting vomiting inside your jacket .. so real and must be simulate.. and on .. and on.. So yeas fatigue is great for your MMO or BF4  So yea it's weak to add fatigue in the sim ..  now spend time flying and fighting dogfights in servers and use your Oculus .. you'll get that effect with out any cpu recourse taken .. and all real.. just get a plastic bag next to you.. 

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