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  1. Ok here I loaded the game for about 4 minutes and it gives me a quick impression maybe some of you can clarify. 

    Ok so 109 F2 geat!!  we got lots of 109's by now  in different variants but regarding variant of Lagg ? yak? nope noooo! noway .. :( ? For me variants of models are a super great sweet spot for immersion the defects and strong points are such pleasure to fly and scenarios. For example of a pleasure how many of you love after a battle to fly back home on a damaged aircraft and land successful .. it's not only the pleasure to shoot and kill but to feel the flight.  A personal challenge. 


    Now I went into the MiG and I was surprise to see the actual fix..? well didn't notice a change that is waooo to me.  I still can see the tiny small gauges that are hard to read .. If you can see in real life MiGs the gauges take more space and are bigger even with the ww2 pictures as resource. Now the FFB.. well I was glad when I trough away my CH combat stick to be replace with a FFB one. I have now again the CH feeling back onto my FFB for the MiG-3 which is... a nightmare clunk  clunk center and some more clunk for what ever reason... clunk! clunk ( I really hope that teh programmers realize that flying a ww2 aircraft require lots of pulling and pushing that stick.


    I know it's a hard work .. real hard ! work but it need some more tlc. I will fly and check the new fixes that I think are good , again and avoiding the MiG til later.


    Clunk clunk..


    I love the grass effects and crash effects.. great job. and 3D in general , pilot design is very nice as well.

  2. I raced a lot in my passed and I can tell you while observing the video above.. it is very well done i like it but here .. I did race motorcycle, Formula 500 , Shifter kart 80/125/250 and flew in many. 

    You get a lot of vibration mostly in Motorcycles and Shifter karts .. a lot  so much that it became like a gauge...  sometime I couldn't see the track anymore that was a limit also you must ride very very relax on a very stressful machines and places, learn how to get your body , arms and legs relax and absorb the shocks and you will get less vibrations etc.. in The MiG-15 you get some serious  bumps and feel your environement very very well same for the Yak-9 for example.. at start and throttling up you vision get vibrations due to the big V12 raving quite fantastic I may add.   :) easy to get use too.


    All of this is easy to test with just regular vehicles in a everyday life.

  3. Two samples of the set..  those two are pretty much not placed posed for a picture but more on the fly.. meaning parachute set and seat set like in the la-5 picture.. I-16 getting the actual Gun sight adjustment.. pilot position..


    I could fix all.. but some minor 3D should be adjusted for a complete good experience.



  4. Like Rise of Flight IL2 BOS or BOM are missing one axis on the head movement i say missing because it remind me Microsoft CFS3 style.. and the hats switch setting dilemma.. While pitch up or down your actual virtual pilot make a slight movement due to Gforces which is nicely done but the roll is missing and destroy the realism and purpose for the 3D cockpits .. Having a missing axis in the head movement make you feel light and to stationary which make you miss the lateral forces .. By just making the head axis roll movement more pronounced it will make the FM feels better on laterals and feels that you are actually flying an heavier aircraft. The pilots head in RL is actually a very very good shock abortion system that should be taken in consideration as well. 


    Ok where are the setting? I could fix this.


    PS:This goes with RoF as well.

  5. The Gun sigh in RL take a great portion of the front forward view this is why many are taking or not installing it today. The real one is fater and shorter and the glass screen as well. It is a very good suggestion about all the views are made for hat switches pilots.. in RL the pilot basically lean forward and up to see through the sight. it is always a bit higher and easy adjustment..


    it is easy to adjust position thank you for the F10 key but the problem is that the 3D correspond to a game for switches hat users. The best way is to do a correct 3D model and then adjust the sights that will please both world.. same with Rise Of Flight.

  6. I just went for a spin on the I-16 tonight and something again got my attention. IL2 is doing the same mistake as RoF 3D models.

    Placement of pilot/eye position in cockpit is incorrect

    -3D interior model ratio is not correct.

    Take for example the Gun sight, screws are not at correct position, and it's a bit too long.. too high ala Nieuport of RoF. The head of the pilot should be able to see half outside and half inside and able to look at his gauges which is not the case as we have now.


    As simple as looking at the pictures below. and now check the view of yours in game. It doesn 't need much to be great again. 

    shorten the gun sight height, correct screws and pilot's head will be lower... and the glass is also mediocre.


    The picture of the i-16 in-game is where my quick setup view at first glance is and where it should be approx be as default, the gun sight must be lowered a bit.. ( not hard to do on 3D ) and maybe the interior canopy as well


    There are others but for now my 2c..

    If there is a mistake under the fuselage of some kind of error that we do not see well it's not a big deal but something we stare each time for a long period of time better to do it right...  

    In RL flying ww2 aircraft your eyes are glued to the gauges ;)






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  7. My goodness rendering is real short and the dots are horrible to see..   no need to study silhouette on this one..  you dead before you even see the enemy   Cannot fly like this.. 

    After so many years of experience the dots should be independent of any other rendering  Black dots and light reflections is a major problem..

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  8. Something is sure now is that I will not get a new IL2 product with out a change . I do not want a Thunder game but something that follow the step of what DCS is or just even what IL2 Cliff of Dover has. or it's vision, they were on the right path but just the wrong Theater to start with ( they were warned as well at the time ) . This is arsh but it is a reality and a this is a problem with a Il2 of today that refuse to progress. And I think I speak in the name of many people.


    And I want IL2 to succeed ..

  9. Ok Since I did and do test Occulus i can tell you this is the future and we are talking about just a couple of months .. All IL2 cockpit are not in ratio which will make  VR a little bit out of sink . some adjustments need to be done.. Years ago we discussed to implement clickable cockpits into IL2 .. IL2BoB did it and in this matter it is more advance in engine management .. It is now the time that new controlers are coming like those gloves for VR 



    Il2 is basically a new Sim/Game but it is already falling back and absolute it's missing all the goods for a complete VR experience unlike for example DCS which is far more advance .. After warnings years ago, Il2 will suffer from it. I have been flying under DCS for a while now  because of it's complexity of engine management and details and coming back to Il2 it really feel the Game state in my mind not a sim alas.


    Now when many will use this VR and gloves in actual interactive cockpits for a full VR experience we will be stock again with an  absolute Il2.. some change need to be done asap. we are talking a matter of at list first Q1 or second Q2 of 2016 a blink for a Flight Sim.

  10. It does very annoyed me .. I found the 3D modeling little bit mediocre. Sorry guys to break it down but somehow I am disappointed.  Those  canopy sharp bolts/rivets are just too much. who wants sharp things in a cockpit ? I maybe completely wrong but this is the MiG-3 from IL2 BoM that they used as model. and I wonder which model exactly did they use. New aircraft is not necessary good..  if we report what is wrong they may fix it.  I do not want even talk about the Yak it is a disaster. 



  11. @Stab/JG26_5tuka

    German technology yes they were actually measuring their aircraft to counter German aircraft onso very smart to actually look inside their opponent ..now  about tech.. well Russian copied and learned the most by French aircraft engineering which pre 40 were the best . Just let make things straight   :)  

  12. LukeFF  you are always right..  Don't want to prove anything everything in-time :)

    ​I love the MiG's but I'm not impressed yet with the work. The I-16 .. same. Yak is mhee !but some others like 109's are nice and some bombers. It i sinteresting but it's like some models are better and made by an other team..

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