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  1. @unreasonable Thanks yes i know. my point This is one of the great part of this is the F10 key ( i don't want to hijack this cool thread )
  2. @Stab/JG26_5tuka German technology yes they were actually measuring their aircraft to counter German aircraft onso very smart to actually look inside their opponent ..now about tech.. well Russian copied and learned the most by French aircraft engineering which pre 40 were the best . Just let make things straight
  3. LukeFF you are always right.. Don't want to prove anything everything in-time ​I love the MiG's but I'm not impressed yet with the work. The I-16 .. same. Yak is mhee !but some others like 109's are nice and some bombers. It i sinteresting but it's like some models are better and made by an other team..
  4. I think the 3D Gauges diameters and stick are too small.
  5. ok here a question for you guys.. are the MiG-3 gauges are at the right size ratio in the cockpit, are the colors correct?
  6. Assuming you only fly one simulator good stuff. will be good to add this to a shortcut of the game/Sim not Track IR
  7. We use flaps for landing and some time on short fields takeoff but rarely the best is taking off clean... .. never for turns IRL ( In game the flaps use is used way to many time and the Yak in RL do not need it ) Flaps create a pitch down that is controlled with throttling. Here some old video back in 2004 and the last time I touch a Yak, I filmed with a small bad video take recorder for my very good friend Jim. Basically at the time the only 9 Yak-9U's in the planet are from there. I played and left my mark on all of them since very early 90's. I never touch a Yak9 or 3 ever since, This video's was the last time and a good bye to our best Yak the latest and we just mounted a new rebuilt engine and the most powerful of all the Yak9 flying today a first start of a two years work. This aircraft maintain the same royal air guard colors today but with a different number on it's fuselage overseas. You can see some flaps activated New owner starting our baby... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H40_AovSQOc
  8. LOL yes Finkeren I thought the premium was out.. Serious need to update my reading January price down would be Nice @West Thanks for the link
  9. @ FinkerenHow many store do price dumping in January ? Many of us paid 94$ for it is now 79$ and was shortly for 49$ ( I guess ) a week ago. 94$ and still no skin unlocked yeap!. ( But having a Xmas sale price lower I am sure will generate more blood ) Always good to ask and have an answer.
  10. (411) Any chance for a Winter Xmas sale soon ? A good way to make gift for Xmas. Thanks
  11. Alright ! Thank you " Community manager" Very good to know
  12. I am at lost and just came back to see this along the price tag .. What exactly mean in today's therm Unlocks Included ? in the Premium Stalingrad edition.. I do have the premium Edition and nothing is unlock.. Thanks
  13. Well I started and updated my IL2 I didn't turn it on for a long time but I have noticed the "Old style" RoF red eye made it through when we get shot .. well this is not really good. Flew a bit and so far looks pretty good .. And Looking forward to fly virtually more. I made this as a proposal on my Beta days and it did give some ideas but it came back.! This was in Mid 2009
  14. Oui Rama biensure mais 7 km c'est bien trop court. Check this 101 basic. Now in relation of a monitor I don't know and this is a good thread yes. http://www.faa.gov/pilots/safety/pilotsafetybrochures/media/Pilot_Vision.pdf
  15. You mean 7 miles.?. and 7 miles is when you can see clearly the aircraft not unclear if you have a good vision . I remember in the military telling us at night a cigarette red can be seen at 7km.
  16. Terrain visibility is now much better.. Good find! Didn't test more but how are the far away aircraft dots visibility ? Meaning visibility range of actual moving objects ?
  17. I do have an other question that got into attention.. While gaming The Dev are receiving data from your computer.. but what exactly are they receiving more than we want to give? We need more clarification on that subject. Thx and investigation. I'm a little bit worried .
  18. The Beta was great because no locked was there.. talking of a trap.. LOL
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