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  1. Promo Codes EXTENDED!! - 50-75% Off Select Items ? April 16

    I missed it after years absent.. Any chance to possibly extend more til the end of April ?  many did not see this and it would be so good for the confinement at the moment and boost a bit the sale  etc..



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  2. Ok so the basic will be released later .. ok .. And what about the Kuban we have now  released for early access yet ? or later on too..  (I did not follow the forum to get some news in time)   Thx

  3. Thanks yes it will be and it is very important to have the choice many of us would love to fly with nothing.. and forced to it. it is already super easy to fly those planes since everything is automatic or super simplified..  So forced to watch the gauges is a pure minimum. 

  4. I restarted the IL2 game after 8 months of absence and I got the same sound problems , engine sounds, gun sounds  just not good .  It's disappointing. and much more.. Flaps effect are inverted  ..  

  5. Tested new FFB forces on the 109's and it's not correct and bad. Who in the team make those FFB settings? I want to know which ww2 aircraft those settings were made from.. I never flew in an aircraft of a ww2 caliber that get it's stick center by itself like a spring..

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