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  1. I am looking for the infos about where can I find the notes of which Yak9's do we have ? like the specifications in the sim but where is the file doc? I want to print 

  2. Yes too close

    I cannot fly that way  ? 

    Well going to check for the file if it is similar than RoF as before it is possible to change it

    Or a slider would be ideal for all given a max but Zoom and VR I am not very happy about it.. 

  3. Well My zoom was perfect before the update I still do not understand why now the Zoom is far more zoomed in ?  hard to read gauges etc.. It was perfect and now too strong..  Anyway to lower the zoom I think it will help many.  Thank you


    It's horrible now..  Dot despairing when zooming too much  !!

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