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  1. I did slow down a "lot" this past years with 3 kids now ;) .. I ride much more, my other passion ..  but Turbine Legend or the Staggerwing now with my friend and those are so much safer!

    No more Yaks or MiG-15.,. done



  2. Anyway I hope the Devs are listening and correct this problem.. IL2 BoS will be beautiful. I'm very happy to go back into IL2 and I'm sure all the oldtimers from IL2FB are too.

  3. Yes Sternjaeger but not on Yak-9's  Yak-3's yak's 11 flaps design at various landing speed smaller much lighter aircraft may differ greatly yes. The flaps on the 9 for example goes down fast by safety at lower speed you do not pull everything down at once but by increments. 

    Flew in Cal and Nevada. this is beginning 90's to 2004 were the last and best Yak-9U ( most powerful engine ) was sold to go to Europe .. .. and the new owner crashed landed there but the aircraft was OK. 

    From the Yak-9U #01 which became the "Barbarossa" all red to the #08 with Royal color theme .




    Here is one rare of the #03 in 1994 with me and a screw driver ( just a joke to notified the final of the construction )

  4. From IL2 original to this date aircraft on landing for example and using flaps generally on full flaps down... the plane is pitching up.. Actually on those type of aircraft and flaps it is preferable to trim the aircraft just before to drop the flaps..

    While landing I know that my plane will pich DOWN not UP having low wings and with those type of flaps, so I trim the plane than drop flaps but by increment not all down at once since the flaps in cases do not come down in total synchro. Now I can see the runway better ;) than piching up the nose just by carefully throttle in up.. and "fleure" it   :)


    Here below a video quickly poorly done that grossly will get you the idea.




    Very simple things of that order can be fixed and make the Sim much more realistic.


    There are more..

  5. It is important to add to the aircraft their correct complete model. Many variations of the Yak-1 with variations of performances same for LA-5 .. 


    Nothing better to have the same model aircraft with different variations as they were and feeling the very different characters. Flaying the fastest is not necessary the more fun.

  6. Just coming back down to earth with this news of the IL2:BoS... problem with the early access is the days, many I'm sure cannot like me fly test the Sim those days..  work and 3 kids .. 

    It would be so great if the access would be anytime.. I have no idea how the Sim is at for now .. but a very early online set with the minimum but 7/7 access would boost some serious $ and members quantity.

    Fly the Yak to me is very special since I am a specialist on those plane and flew and built the real planes. i see that la-5 and Yak series has no model names it is already a start of problems..


    The Sim in the screenshots I have seen looks fantastic great work! 

  7. In Real life you do NOT ear anything beside the engine/airflow so all the clicks, cracks, clacks and breath under G's are just movie material.. fatigue also I think as you already have fatigue, excitement stress etc..  when flying online for quite some time I suggest to be very careful with this . Visual blurs/vibrations can add some reality in various conditions. I voted "No" at it is described.

  8. Well maybe getting the Sim out with out clickable pits at first to please everyone and making the sales than as addon making a clickable pits wit a moderate fee could please many..  teh point is that making clickable pits will hurt no one.. people who are satisfied with out will have a blast and people that are more into hard core Sim will have a small fee as fieldmod within RoF.. this will generate revenue and please a lot of Aviation lovers are we are all. 

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