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  1. There are some settings that shouldn't be changed .. Dots distance visibility for example should have the same distance at any settings, and others  to ovoid "Cheats" like lower a settings to see thru clouds etc.. Simplified quality lods yes but not off sight. We saw this in the first gen IL2.

    having setting with a reality and competition in mind would be great imo.

  2. HagarTheHorrible For a Tank yes maybe but engine sounds and airflow sound caused by different sources are very different in RL  now you steal hear some variation of pitch but in no way you can hear the pumps, crackles, squirk sounds .. while flying .. i would prefer a a great work sounds quality and details of engine (rpm+props pitch settings variations) to hear every change you do in managing the engine in accordance with the atmospheric physics. Wind props and buffets are very very important.

    I would say by experience that if you want to hear more what it is in an aircraft you should try not on a tank but get a load motorcycle got into the freeway (autoband) go fast !!! and listen the sounds around you wearing an helmet. You can hear some variation through your body too which is great but no crackels and squirk !

  3. Please we had a lots of talks in RoF in the Beta about sounds while flying, please no clicks no wood cracking sounds no gas pressure sounds..  Buffets winds sounds, winds, props, engine that about it.


  4. Well lets say that an Alpha version of the sim is mainly a little windows that dev give you to be able to snick in and watch, test and give some feedback.  Looks very promising to me atm .. Hopefully the dev will listen to real pilots facts this time.. :-)  

  5. Yes or cold..  and yes the interior is very luxurious .. I know and we were early 2000's  in Spain at the small factory  ( Son and father ) of the Jungmann. ( great plane ).

    You should know EcoDragon a friend  pilot in aerobatics pitt etc.

  6. And you ?

    Yes motorcycles :)


    The Stagger is fast and very stable just pop an eye every 30 seconds on the cooling gauge ;)

    Yes the MiG-15 is like a rigid rally car on a country side road. :)

    Here my friend (famous pilot 80's and 90's) the world own him all the Yak's 9   ;) and many MiG-15's as well back then and me on left .. we are doing a cross country run and relaying with the Stagger



    A long ride  ;)


    Here the pit.. 



  7. I did slow down a "lot" this past years with 3 kids now ;) .. I ride much more, my other passion ..  but Turbine Legend or the Staggerwing now with my friend and those are so much safer!

    No more Yaks or MiG-15.,. done



  8. Anyway I hope the Devs are listening and correct this problem.. IL2 BoS will be beautiful. I'm very happy to go back into IL2 and I'm sure all the oldtimers from IL2FB are too.

  9. Yes Sternjaeger but not on Yak-9's  Yak-3's yak's 11 flaps design at various landing speed smaller much lighter aircraft may differ greatly yes. The flaps on the 9 for example goes down fast by safety at lower speed you do not pull everything down at once but by increments. 

    Flew in Cal and Nevada. this is beginning 90's to 2004 were the last and best Yak-9U ( most powerful engine ) was sold to go to Europe .. .. and the new owner crashed landed there but the aircraft was OK. 

    From the Yak-9U #01 which became the "Barbarossa" all red to the #08 with Royal color theme .




    Here is one rare of the #03 in 1994 with me and a screw driver ( just a joke to notified the final of the construction )

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