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  1. http://youtu.be/ZcVwkdkia6U http://youtu.be/2ZKVUyvKRrQ http://youtu.be/uvnagXeqfOI http://youtu.be/V9AZymISk20 http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/291-female-pilots-vvs/ http://jpgleize.perso.neuf.fr/aces/ww2fem.htm Rank First Name Name Country Ww2 Victories Sources Detail Air Service Units Death Note Other Sources mlLt Lydya 'Lilya'Vladimirovna LITVYAK USSR 16 [12+4] T. Polak (1 balloon) PVO & VVS 586 IAP, 437 IAP, 6 IAD, 296 IAP, 73
  2. Hard to believe what some of you are writing. In the real world women are one of the toughest and fantastic pilots. Plz do not need to sexualise or diminish what female pilot are and need a serious respect from Virtual pilots . I really think this can bring new comers, new souls and a great tribute to so many courageous women we lost during the war. Thank you.
  3. And last I redesign the model of a Yak-7UTI with same pilots but one not wearing glasses, Just look more fun.. Voila!
  4. If I had the pilot 3D file I could transform it into a female(s) version.. Years ago I did change the pilots of IL2:1946 the origina, l I couldn't bare to look at them anymore, wrong posture and just not quite right.. Here some examples of my corrected 3D with a good pilot posture. == Here the English pilot in ILS:ClOD .. not quite there.. Here my English one , respecting the polygons number which was the same just re-arranged from the same model and same textures. I'm please on what DCS of designing the pilots as well of the new release. When I
  5. And painting will require to load as "Mod" which many wont use unless it is into a pack. Yes the shape of the 3D model should defer for sure. I see that there are in the IL2's team devs women that work there, I wonder what would they feel about it. Good question to ask. Making a 3D female pilot(s) choices with small different facial shapes and textures is quite fast to do and not really time consuming.
  6. Foobar +1 Yes "playing about making my own custom character was one of my favourite parts of MassEffect 2", So true I really hope that the Devs could consider this.
  7. GOZR


    Edited:LOL yes Pedal sounds squeaks shouldn't be there at all..
  8. And many other aircraft late 7 and 9 etc.. anyway This would be such a great addition and fun tool.
  9. For Stalingrad? not only Yak-1 Yak-7 was very early in production and the Yak-7 tainer was a final training tool for a passage to faster fighters like the Lag-3, Migs and Yak-1s from other trainers.. The Yak-7 trainer did so well that they produced it as a fighter.
  10. Yes in Stalingrad An option "NO" ? Inconceivable that someone wouldn't want a dual seat . But plz if you are against it state it why.. Cannot edit it anymore
  11. La-5UTI was reequipped into photographic reconnaissance aircraft at the Leningrad front Yak-7UTI and V. FW-190 S-5Schulflugzeug ( later in date ) Bf-109 Trainers In my opinion having a Yak-7-UTI in IL2-Stalingrad make very much sens and my favorite of the lot. The Yak-7-UTI earned his place and give birth to the new well known fighters series. Having a trainer with option Recon (V) would help a lot the squads and as a teaching tools. Flying with someone in the same aircraft is just a blast. Adding an aircraft like the Yak-7 UTI would have plenty of use in IL2
  12. Type of improvement : Yak-7UTI 186 built in 1941 / Yak-7V 510 built in 1942/43 , Dual seat Recon or trainer . ( Can be other forces ) La-5UTI 1943 can be added later on. Detailed description: Recon mission dual seat, Trainer dual seat to learn with a more experienced virtual pilot. Benefit: Learning and Missions that add a lot in the game play and for Squads. great tool and learning experience. ( Great marketing as well )
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lydia_Litvyak Litvyak flew her first combat flights in the summer of 1942 over Saratov. In September, she was assigned to the 437 IAP, a men's regiment fighting over Stalingrad. This would be such tribute never done on Combat Flight Sim
  14. Would like to see an option to have the choice of females pilots in IL2 WW2 ? I really think it would add some spice realism and great details to our long lasted Sim. This would be a good point to have as sale point for new comers and a great implementation to a genre that always had one gender. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_Airforce_Service_Pilots
  15. GOZR

    The motion blur effect

    As an option YES great.. Wanna make a movie , pictures etc.. perfect !
  16. GOZR


    LOL yes Pedal sounds squeaks should be there at all..
  17. In the IL2 series the Engine Management is quite simple but this doesn't mean that the mixture should be, Since now the engine respond to the atmosphere and which is great ! The mixtures should be well detailed tuned ( sounds as well ) to give the Virtual pilot the tools to be good or bad with his skill of tuning his own aircraft, Heat/Cold/Dry/Humid/High or Low etc.. Thank you to the IL2 team to do their best for this great sim and theater. == http://flighttraining.aopa.org/students/solo/special/mixture.html Interesting read for Virtual pilots that want to know more about Air-Fu
  18. GOZR

    LaGG vs Yak

    Basically all Yak's up to the Yak-3 had a wing area of 17.15 m² Not really exact .. It's more complicated than this.
  19. Yak-7 and Yak-9 and MiG-3's also some UT like trainers to be able to teach someone or fly with a two seaters which make the sim so much enjoyable. Yak-7 trainer would be great or 9
  20. You can see quite far in RL so since we will and are using more monitor with higher resolution I would prefer to be able to see the dots far with some glance of reflections that attract your eyes like in real . Problem in for example IL2 or DCS is higher resolution and your starting to get blind.. and this shouldn't be .. Higher resolution should be bigger and lower well lower. This is and was a big problem for a long time and still is.
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