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  1. I have looked everywhere for this problem..  if I run VR in best performance in W10 Mixreality settings my left eye has a different fov .. very weird but when i load native 4k both eyes are ok .. I wonder how to adjust this?  anyone with the same problem?  Also DCS run better on VR then IL2 in any rez with out this problem .. only IL2 has the stereo messed up..

  2. Same pilots in the past that were refusing the Track IR option over hat switches.. the best we can do now is that " they " are the one to adapt not the way around. it's simple..  the way of the future is VR,  i am sorry for the one that have no idea what it is,  but VR is by far the best that can happen to any Sim..  It's time now to not listen or even conciser their inputs..  there is hats switches.. there is Track IR 6dof for them.. we fought to have this implemented in the past..  now if the sim want a future even before fixing or doing new map or aircraft  they must implement VR. 


    In VR you take any aircraft and it is a pleasure to fly any and this is the next level.. this is a sim not War Thunders.. 

    Time for VR most priority .. 

    Speaking sincerely..  no need of any Africa map or new airplane or anything if VR is not implemented.. it will be a waste .. 

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