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  1. Well My zoom was perfect before the update I still do not understand why now the Zoom is far more zoomed in ? hard to read gauges etc.. It was perfect and now too strong.. Anyway to lower the zoom I think it will help many. Thank you It's horrible now.. Dot despairing when zooming too much !!
  2. Is this interfere with the original or create a new name map ?
  3. Skins are not shiny.. something is missing
  4. Present!!! Come see us on FB This is great ! TX-SQUADRON on FB Come join in !
  5. GOZR

    Mod Wish List

    Be able to buy properties.. I want my little farm somewhere with a tent shop for the aircraft...
  6. This is so generous warm hearted.. Here., Thank you , I try
  7. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  8. GOZR

    [MOD] Vulkan

    Oculus nope doesn t even let you start
  9. Yes i see I have a brand new stick x52 but I never use I have another but use the throttle Thx to let me know
  10. Have you ever try to make the X52 Joystick alone work ?? Thx
  11. Looking just for the throttle but cool Thx "Bearcat" from IL2 like 15 years ago or so ?
  12. Yes Saitek Pro Flight Quadrant Dang !! Eureka! Ok all working now .. re downloaded the drivers x64 for wheel and quadrant now it work like a charm !!!! Thank you for this refresh
  13. Tried it and nothing no quadrant.. for mixtures pitch etc.. dammit
  14. 0k ok Wheel workd on stabilizator.. some how so It work.. yes and quadrant not at all It's a start )
  15. Ok super thanks going to try Ok i tried but no success.. nothing hmmmmmm
  16. Super thanks Bought it and In VR it's awesome !!!!
  17. I invested into Rise of Flight so much but with FC we have VR , Now is it possible to fly FC Biplanes next to an I16 etc? Thank you
  18. Hoooo Yes it did today this is great ,, Thank you jason!!! It give me the opportunity to fly with my son I wanted to say that in VR all looks superb so real.. so so much better it's insane
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