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  1. is IL2 ClOD part of 777 now? how does it work or will work? thx
  2. Ok so the basic will be released later .. ok .. And what about the Kuban we have now released for early access yet ? or later on too.. (I did not follow the forum to get some news in time) Thx
  3. I wonder when will the kuban map will be release as basic for less.. I have all the extra planes already and do not want the Spit. Any idea when ? Always checking in... Thanks guys
  4. The poor very limited management is a huge immersion killer in this Sim. Seat and watching the automatic take place .. it's impossible for me.
  5. Thanks yes it will be and it is very important to have the choice many of us would love to fly with nothing.. and forced to it. it is already super easy to fly those planes since everything is automatic or super simplified.. So forced to watch the gauges is a pure minimum.
  6. Is there away to have a server locking all labels , no icons nothing on screen at all ? Thanks
  7. I restarted the IL2 game after 8 months of absence and I got the same sound problems , engine sounds, gun sounds just not good . It's disappointing. and much more.. Flaps effect are inverted ..
  8. Running BoS with 2x R9 290x and it run perfectly super smooth.. all maxed.
  9. 2x 1070's should kill a 1080 at IL2 and Rise of Flight.. I am undecided..
  10. waiting for the FFB fix of the update.
  11. +1 should be able to mute the hangar sound. With out Tweak within Windows
  12. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20791-version-1107-first-quick-about-mig-3-and-f2-and-ffb/ FFB is just wrong at the moment .. this need to be fixed asap.. Cannot fly the sim on it's state.
  13. Tested new FFB forces on the 109's and it's not correct and bad. Who in the team make those FFB settings? I want to know which ww2 aircraft those settings were made from.. I never flew in an aircraft of a ww2 caliber that get it's stick center by itself like a spring..
  14. "Couldn't believe they threw in a P-39 out of the blue!!! Fantastic. " ?? ??
  15. They all are but again the great part is that we do have the "F-10" inherited from RoF that give you the chance to "correct" at your wish.
  16. It is a great thing that we do have the choice ON and OFF
  17. Ok here I loaded the game for about 4 minutes and it gives me a quick impression maybe some of you can clarify. Ok so 109 F2 geat!! we got lots of 109's by now in different variants but regarding variant of Lagg ? yak? nope noooo! noway .. ? For me variants of models are a super great sweet spot for immersion the defects and strong points are such pleasure to fly and scenarios. For example of a pleasure how many of you love after a battle to fly back home on a damaged aircraft and land successful .. it's not only the pleasure to shoot and kill but to feel the flight. A personal challenge. Now I went into the MiG and I was surprise to see the actual fix..? well didn't notice a change that is waooo to me. I still can see the tiny small gauges that are hard to read .. If you can see in real life MiGs the gauges take more space and are bigger even with the ww2 pictures as resource. Now the FFB.. well I was glad when I trough away my CH combat stick to be replace with a FFB one. I have now again the CH feeling back onto my FFB for the MiG-3 which is... a nightmare clunk clunk center and some more clunk for what ever reason... clunk! clunk ( I really hope that teh programmers realize that flying a ww2 aircraft require lots of pulling and pushing that stick. I know it's a hard work .. real hard ! work but it need some more tlc. I will fly and check the new fixes that I think are good , again and avoiding the MiG til later. Clunk clunk.. I love the grass effects and crash effects.. great job. and 3D in general , pilot design is very nice as well.
  18. Obelix your skins are beautiful but this is a tease and post the links for the downloads if you want to share them. Please there are also better downloads site than Mediafire .. super annoying.
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