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  1. 2080 AMD is very fine.. I have in my other system I love their Drivers and tweak style very stable here..
  2. Yes it does fix it but at coast of FPS .. waiting for the 6000 and 3000 series..
  3. OBS take lots of resources. I given up on it..
  4. Yes while at native the eyes are good no deformation.. sadly only in IL2 the HP do not work well at other resolution Thanks for the help reminder..
  5. I have looked everywhere for this problem.. if I run VR in best performance in W10 Mixreality settings my left eye has a different fov .. very weird but when i load native 4k both eyes are ok .. I wonder how to adjust this? anyone with the same problem? Also DCS run better on VR then IL2 in any rez with out this problem .. only IL2 has the stereo messed up..
  6. HP Reverb Second Generation is the G1 pro.. G2 is basically gen 3
  7. Thanks guys but alas my WIndows10Pro is 2004 Argh!!!!!! It's probably the right path but what I do not know .. trying to looking everywhere this setup// Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Beta Updated - 1.2.395
  8. Only with IL2 .,. left eye wide angle.. right eye regular ok.. make impossible to fly IL2 for a week now no solution !!! Thanks
  9. All game or DCS work well.. just IL2 i have this fish eye effect .. impossible to play IL2
  10. SO strange I have one eye somehow wide angle and the other normal.. best IPD is 0 Reverb Pro G1
  11. All is updated but my right eye in IL2 is wide angle some how and the right ok.. I wounder if there is a eyes settings somewhere.. Thx
  12. Still have no solution for the G1 HP on IL2 .. DCS and others are magnificent with the G1 and resolutions scale is great!
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