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  1. Good morning from Spain. Here I bring you the promise, the skins from black 1 to 8, but in this case it's the winter ones. All you have to do is unzip the files inside the skins folder. I have taken the opportunity to put all, that is, the summer, autumn and winter, which are the New ones. Remember, these skins aren't historic, I'm just based on the template of a JG52 plane I saw in a photo, next to Oblt's plane. Johannes steinhoff in December 1941 Link Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vft8n9qsl42pob/BF109F2-4_JG52_Num_1_to_8_Summr_and_Winter_in_4K_for_Carrer_Mode.rar/file Screenshots from this skins Video for JG52 Winter Skins 1 to 8 Black
  2. Hello everyone, yesterday I was the victim of the mistake of almost everyone here. I've followed in the footsteps of 1/JSpan_Guerrero -and I've managed to keep my pilot alive, but, I keep all my medals, I keep my rank, but I can't fly any mission, because it's as if I already knew everything that's been gone day after day, that is, when the day of my death comes , even if I'm still alive, and i'm in "service" I'm dead for the squadron and I'm not assigned any flights. please tell me that I am doing something wrong and that you have a solution. save the initial cp.db file so that you had no problems and could work with it as many times as you want 😥
  3. My Friend! First! Your skin is Beautifull and very Real! and Second! WONDERFULL "free poem" im like also write poem when it comes the inspiration.. I'm glad he had this inspiration. Salute my Friend. I studied higher grade fine arts. in painting, drawing and sculpture. but, I always realized that writing poems was something that hid and turned out to be the most artistic part of my mind. I love this simulator Community, same with the Rise of Flight in 10 years ago, For many reasons, but the one I like the most, is that The community that Jason Williams and 1CGS, have made and created, we are a united community, with very different goals, with very different problems and from all the countries of the world, and we are all happy to enjoy the work and the common history, which makes us an exemplary community. Thank you all, wherever we are from, for being who we are and creating things as beautiful as the Poem, created by our partner and friend Flowbee_603 PD-I know that many will find my answer strange, but I have some very bad time in my life, and the simulation community was my family, it was the force that pushed me to keep fighting and not give up and stop fighting. It was two years, that my life was like an old rope, with 100kg hanging, about to break and never come back. and it was things like these, memories, that made me never give up. I like to see, love in jobs, companionship even if we're never going to see each other for real. but knowing that. we form a unit, which we advance together by the passion to the history of some planes and pilots. That after suffering years of struggle and agony, they became friends with their enemies. because they saw each other at the wrong time and place and were born in a moment that only allowed them to do what we love today and that makes us unite as people. Enjoy
  4. here I leave you from number 1 to 8 of the JG52 Generics, they are not Historical, it is simply to add numeral to the planes and give more realism in a flight. at the moment they are for the BF109F4 and F2, Skin of Summer and Autumn, the next will be of Winter with some more numerals until reaching 10. In career mode when you are the squadron commander you can add paintings to the other pilots, or in PWCG. it's something we need from a long time ago, to add numerals on planes and their badges, but since it's not available, we have to use creativity Donwload Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/1s8bwvemfx54z9z/BF109F2-4_JG52_Num_1_to_8_in_4K_for_Carrer_Mode.rar/file Salute and enjoy
  5. P51 D Mustang. this is "Captain. Donal R Emerson", served at the 336 FTR SQ Link Download With Mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/file/fobn1kp4z5bhnxx/P51D15NA_CAP_Donal_Emerson.rar/file History: CAPT DONAL R EMERSON . Salute for this Hero CCG_Pips I can also provide you, if you need the full plate with all right numbers i am donwload your USAAF stencils pack used in this skin for the name of Pilot and the tail Serial Num
  6. ok, job Finished. here the first screenshots from the P51 CAPT - Pilot Donald R Emerson for 336ht FS 4th FG. In Little time, uploading the skin in mediafire for download
  7. all the extra planes, you will be welcome in my Jason Williams simulator. Be Russian, Finnish, French, American or German. also to maps tanks and planes of Flying Circus. everything will be welcome to me. What is true, that the de Havilland Mosquito, the B 239 Buffalo, and some German aircraft, such as the Bf109 G10 and the Me 410 Hornisse and many more, are necessary to go further also in other countries that participated as the IAR 81A of Romania. planes needed: -de Havilland Mosquito -B239 Buffalo -Bf109 G10 -Me 410 Hornisse -FockeWolf Fw189 uhu -IAR 81 A/B
  8. Thank you, even if my skins are not at the level of those I published two years ago
  9. Thanks for this AK colours. i am create how hobby WWII aircraft 1/48 scale, and use Tamiya colours and AK
  10. Yes, I know, it's a work in progress, I have to do a lot of things, like making the alpha layer special, for the painted parts. thank you for commenting
  11. Hi all. I'm going to present here, my first skin of P51 D Mustang. this is "Captain. Donal R Emerson", served at the 336 FTR SQ. WIP there's little work left to do "A little bit of reading" In 1942 Donald Emerson was a 19-year-old North Dakota boy who chose military service over farming. One year after graduating from high school in Karlstad, Minnesota, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Just as he was finishing up training as an armorer, the age and education requirements for aviation cadets were lowered; he immediately filed his application and was soon classified cadet/pilot. By the end of 1943 he was ready for combat flying as a fighter pilot in a P-51 Mustang.In January, 1944, he sailed on the Ile de France to England where he was assigned to the Eighth Air Force's elite Fourth Fighter Group on March 9. (This premier fighting unit had been formed around the earlier "Eagle Squadrons" of American pilots who voluntarily fought with the British before the U.S. entered the war. When Donald joined the group it was under the skilled leadership of 26-year-old Col. Donald J.M. Blakeslee--one of the finiest air commanders in WWII. These men were about to make history as the highest scoring group in the war. Two of its top aces--John Godfrey and Don Gentile--were fast becoming stars in the media, with PR tours looming; another--Jim Goodson--the commanding officer of Donald's 336 squadron was being dubbed "King of the Strafers" by the press.) For more reading click here:https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/55822459/donald-r-emerson Its a hero. RIP
  12. Here I present a non-historical collection, for the Career Mode or PWCG mode, of the JG52, goes from the number 1 to the 20 black. are in 4K. Black 7 Black6 Black3 Black4 Black2 Black5 and more pictures very soon I'll finish with the summer and autumn skins, then Start with the winter ones.
  13. It's not really a mod, but it temporarily replaces us, with the MOD enabler, the photo files in case we have any updates like yesterday's patch, which left us the photos in default. Problems for those who do not use mods, will be welcome for those of us who fly offline and use some mod to do the race mode or offline missions. I hope it's to your liking Instructions for use: inside every folder of each plane, you have to have your custom photo with the default name which is as follows: custom_photo.dds You create your photos and put them inside the folder of the plane you want. the "Cockpit Photos" folder goes inside the MODS Folder, if we are using JSGME, this solution is so that you do not delete each update the photo that you already have. negative point, you have to have mods turned on. DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/file/8tozfll5521f5ew/Cockpit_Photo_MODS.7z/file
  14. Creating a photo for your plane's cockpit, customized with Photoshop cs5, in this case I used the photo of a Child, of the Hitler Youth. I've done a setup to have my son inside the plane. I LOVE YOU, MY SON. the route where the photos are is next: your SSD or HDD:\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\Planes\Bf109E7\Textures you can take a different photo for each plane, just take the photo another plane, for example, BF109G6 or FW190 A8, in my case is Bf109 all models. in the place of the default photo, don't overwrite it, just add in front of the name, any sign that doesn't allow the new photo to be overwritten. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_dUeQ0cyn8
  15. Reinstalar el simulador? Instalas las veces que quieras, no hace falta desinstalar. eso si, cambia el directorio de instalación o cambia el nombre de la carpeta para que no te lo instale encima del viejo. yo tengo 5 instalaciones del IL-2 GB
  16. I decided to pass my skins to 4K. My first contribution to 4K Download in 4K http://www.mediafire.com/file/mck7ua8ndpdm4pf/Bf-109F-2_Werner_Pichon_Kalau_Von_Hofe_4K.rar/file
  17. the black square of the alpha channel, I've removed it and it doesn't work. by the way, it's for the skin of the G6 effectively el cuadrado negro lo he quitado yo del canal alpha y no ha funcionado.. no recuerdo como lo hacia antes.. Por cierto, es para el skin del G6 efectivamente
  18. Julian need help for this https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1jyia80wlwyq6l/no recuerdo como quitar este cuadrado de la rueda.jpg?dl=0
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