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  1. Seen this skins for a P47, http://www.fw190.altervista.org/P47D-Bullpup.html
  2. P40 Warhawk, is the first Brother in the P40 family.
  3. Great work Team! in your Line!.. thanks new damage model
  4. Hi! how much time do you calculate this Campaign is Ready for a release for all users? It's a dream for a offline'rs, jejejej Thx for this beauty job
  5. Hi All Here I present, this great campaign completed. I can only say that for me, it is an excellent Campaign. I've completed all 17 missions, and it's really great! I will not reveal anything, I just leave here the link in case some curious wants to know a little more about the campaign. Sorry for my bad speak english. i am no remember the words in the just moment. enter in spiral to stuttering. hahahaha PS: Remember that if you are subscribed to my channel, every 500 subscribers, I do a raffle of products from the store, for IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. from airplanes, to expansions. I will advance this draw to the 850 Subscribers and will raffle 3 products. Two planes. an FW190 D9 and an Hs129 and an IL-2 Battle of Kuban standard edition. I do not seek fame. I am doing this, because I know that many people still cannot pay or would like to have, or know someone who needs it and cannot. I only put the requirement to be subscribed to the channel. Subscribe it's Free. Salute and go to the Raffle 👁️
  6. Really!? is so beautiful!!! the first impression is... is the L-2 GB?¿ Nice Work
  7. The RED TIDE Campaign By Jade_Monkey DOWNLOAD Watch the episodes of each Mission, if you want to discover the beauty of RED TIDE. Here Remember that if you subscribe to my channel, we make sweepstakes of collector's Planes and IL-2 Expansions /BoS/BoM/BoK/BoBP/BoN, that happens every 500 subscribers and is done live. Best regards
  8. Hi friends! Let's all reach out to the 1000 Subscribers on my channel, to the next draw! and the biggest People who subscribe to my channel, let them communicate it here. When we're reaching 1000 subscribers, I'll let you know with a video, just like the BF109G6. ************************************* In this draw of the 1000 Subscribers. the draws are as follows: 1/first prize: IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban - Standard Edition 2/second prize: Fw 190 D-9 Collector Plane 3/third prize: Hs 129 B-2 Collector Plane ************************************* The only thing needed to enter the draws is: First: Subscribe to The [ Lothar29 ] Youtube Channel: Click here Second: Answer three questions, always on airplane themes. these three questions are included in the Special video of the draw. As you know, subscribing is free. This initiative is especially so that everyone can have the option to fly around! and on the other hand, I win subscribers that makes us move on to a new sweepstakes. I hope you like my channel! In particular, that you participate many Virtual pilots, in the draws. PS: In the last Draw, we were few people. I hope in this, let's be many more!! And see many more comments in the channel videos. Let's go! Encourage! only 200 more subscribers are missing and I can make the draw! for everyone's enjoyment
  9. The best screenshot sequence, in one of the best Static Campaigns, created for free by Jade_Monkey [RED TIDE]. It is worth mentioning, the great immersion offered by the new clouds, combined with the skins of the campaign and the perfect training that they had, my AI colleagues with the La5_FN.👁️‍🗨️ Thanks to 1CGS & 777Studios and the creator for this great Campaign Jade_Monkey.👁️
  10. waaaauu! Best Team Work! Thx Jason and Team Gooo!
  11. 👁️The little Details, which make great, IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. little Details.. Small big details i Love this Simulator The TEAM and community 🙌
  12. No se tiene esa opción. pero yo siempre recomiendo llevarla un poco subida, por lo de las fuerzas G's, que hacen que el piloto se agache y pierdes la cruceta por debajo del capó del motor. Me alegro que te funcione, nos vemos en el aire. Aprovecho para advertirte sobre el sorteo en mi canal de un BF109G6. aunque se piden unos requisitos, no son muy difíciles de cumplir. 1er- Estar suscrito a mi canal 2o- Comentar en el video tres cosas tecnicas que tubiera el Bf109G6 que otros aviones BF109 anteriores no tuvieran. El sorteo se cierra mañana a las 22:30h, hora Española. el Sorteo será en Directo. aquí el enlace del video del sorteo: Te recomiendo que estés suscrito, porque se van hacer bastantes sorteos de aviones y expànsiones, y lo único necesario será estar suscrito a mi canal y lo que en el video especial del Sorteo se demande. Saludos Lothar29 "Los Bastardos de Lothar"
  13. Si usas trackir, primero de todo apreta la tecla que tengas para bloquearlo en vista fija, por defecto F9. Luego simplemente usas las teclas INSERT / INICIO / RePág / AvPág / DEL / Fin Después de esto, y que lo tengas centrado a la distancia y en el punto justo, te recomiendo encarecidamente que aprietes F10 que es salvar las Vistas como las configuraste. Faena hecha.
  14. i love this aircraft!! is very necessary for this simulator. The Hurricane, fight in all Fronts! i love you Hurri, Jason.W and This Big TEAM 1CGS & 777Studios! Art by one of the best artists, both Rise of Flight and IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles and aside, a great Pilot and Friend! rOEN911 Thanks
  15. Well, like I said, we start with the draws. here you have the collector plane that will be for one of my subscribers! Do not hesitate to comment on the video, it is also necessary to enter the Draw, it is also important to name 3 different things from the Bf109G6, from its younger brothers. You have 3 days. The Winner will be informed in my first live video on Sunday 26 at 22:00h. Spanish Time Good Luck!!👁️ Bueno, como dije, empezamos con los sorteos. aqui teneis el avión coleccionista que será para uno de mis suscriptores! No Dudéis en comentar el video, además es necesario para entrar en el Sorteo, es importante también nombrar 3 cosas distintas del Bf109G6, de su hermanos menores. Tenéis 3 Días. El Ganador será Informado en mi primer video en Directo el Domingo 26 a las 22:00h. Hora Española Buena Suerte!!👁️
  16. yo hice regalos de módulos de DCS as un compañero de Venezuela allá por el 2016 y no tuvimos ningún problema. yo compre el modulo y se lo regale. ya esta, es lo unico que necesitas alguien que te lo regale.. entra en mi canal de Youtube que hago sorteos del IL-2, AVIONES Y EXPANSIONES. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9f8GPYgH-KzKOm0pQrYriw?view_as=subscriber Sorteo del G6, subido hace unos 40 minutos
  17. I LOVE your Works!!! in special for this aircraft!
  18. Pic.1-real, Pic.2-real, Pic.3-2D, Pic.4-3D, Pic.5-3D, Pic.6-2D, Pic.7-3D.
  19. Best Work JULIAN!!! i Love VVS Skins and the first aircraft skins.. the all guys forgotten the first aircraft for the serie of this BEST Combat Flight Simulator of WWII
  20. I Love this history. waiting for this skin job 💢
  21. Thx for all Skiners, work Skins for G6 and G14, Historic only.. Thx Gustav your Work is Welcome for me!
  22. Thx Julian!! Haleluyah for all create skins for the old aircraft!
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