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  1. Thx Luger1969, the life is it's continuous learning, and often we don't realize that we have the solution inside lucky people helped me a lot, but my body was at 57kg. in fact many friends of the Spanish Simulation, helped me financially and recently helped me assemble a pc, they gave me another gift IL-2 BoBP and Bf109G6. I am eternally grateful to both these friends, and to the world of simulation. kept my head active and excited. Draw and paint with pen and watercolor, representations of WWII aircraft to earn some money for eating.
  2. after see your brother, salute for my. your brother is a fighter man in the life. S! You level increase in create skin for all aicraft. I lost everything and i lived two years homeless. 29/07/2017 --- 28/12/2018
  3. nice work Julian. How is it going You Brother Kakuton? Much time no hear of your brother
  4. AFTER FINISH the Battle of Bondenplate, is not bad idea, create new premium aircraft. this simulator need some good warbirds, what no is represented in this moment. the example for this birds under my ideas: -Hawker Hurricane -Focke Wolf Fw189 uhu -Brewster F2A Buffalo -Consolidated PBY Catalina -Fieseler Fi156 Storch - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress if you like the proposal, you can give ideas of more planes needed
  5. ME ENUMERO!! El il-2 Forgoten Battles y todas sus criaturitas, junto a los primeros AAA All Aircraft Arcade, no siento que sea de los veteranos, pero emp'eze con 13 añitos con el B17 Flying Fortress de Microprose y el WWII Fighters de Jane's.. que horas mas bonitas Lothar29 des de mis inicios que por cierto, hoy dia 3 cumplo los 40 Saludos a todos y un abrazote enorme a mi gran amigo y ayuda Supo
  6. Just resave your files with the Mission Editor. Under tools. “Convert files in folder to binary” It takes about 4 mouse clicks and 5 minutes no understand mision editor yes, run now!! Thx
  7. zargos remeber this I remember I did some diplomas for the best skiners
  8. It is very necessary this plane to IL2
  9. After almost two years without being able to fly or make skins, I return with this beautiful painting. I hope you like it and I hope to finish as soon as possible
  10. Todo se resume en crearte un buen perfil en el trackir 4/5
  11. repack all in one 2nd Blue Squadron "2ª Escuadrilla Azul" My next work is trasllate to 4K link for all skins in one rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/reojym4e0jo9zyy/Bf109F22nd+Blue+Escuadron.rar
  12. new skin for this hs129 series, 16 red enjoy this HS129B2_16Rojo.rar
  13. big work my friend Julian..very impressive
  14. hi all.. this aicraft is one favorite for me. first job after a long time. http:// I hope you like this job .. HS129B2_5_blanco.rar HS129B2_10_blanco.rar
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