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  1. Julian, Link For Download this Skin Please? Nice Job
  2. Hi All... -It is the first time I shot down an airplane, I see how it is slowly falling, and when it hits, it hits a house, leaving a perfection of image and breakage, which I have never seen in another simulator. JU88 Crash zone.. In capturing these images, no soldiers, no animals, or any computers were injured. Salute all
  3. We see, i have discovered how to live the Pilot The mode is as follows, with the program that we have downloaded, and following the instructions of @1/JSpan_Guerrero of this link. the only important thing are the following two things. The first is to throw back in time, if they killed you on the 15th, in the program put that you start on the 9th. and the second is the most important: -Watch the video that I created for you @jetsimace Suscribe to my Channel if it works for you. hehehehe 😁 sorry for my English Salute!!!
  4. no he visto el vídeo, pero si es tal cual lo escribes, es que te han impactado con algún proyectil y te han roto las barras.. asi de simple. para que no ocurra¿? muy fácil, practica, mas practica y aun así de vez en cuando alguno te dará y con ,mucha suerte solo te romperan las barras-
  5. I am happy with another expansion of this great simulator, of which all of us who make this great community, surely we will accompany as we have done today, all the works that you decide to do. thanks team of 1CGS and 777Studios, Jason Williams. -please, consider making this plane for the Germans Fw189 UHU Salute Lothar29, Love This Great Battles Series.
  6. Thanks @samson . @durruti send the all files for the translate to spanish. in this moment four files.spa for the four first missions is translate. Thx for this great Campaing
  7. Hi @samson I would like first of all to congratulate you on the great work of this Campaign. As I could see, the same mission has several different beginnings, and also, according to whether the same mission has to fly again, many things also vary. that is, never fly twice, the same mission. I add an image, where you can see that on my PC I cannot see its type of writing. I get question marks. ????? i wanted to thank you for the opportunity the flight this Campaing but, I would like it to happen to me, all the texts of all the missions. My interest is only to be able to make a translation in Spanish as accurate as possible (MCUs "Traslation Subtitle") .. I have already tried accessing their missions but since their writing is Cirilica, I get the MCUs Trslation Subtitle 15276 from the first mission If you can pass me a writing in .TXT with the MCUs Trastation Subtitles and next to the mission that it is, I would be very happy. because as I said, your campaign is spectacular I don't know if I will be able to translate well, since I don't use the mission editor well. But what you could do if you failed to do so is pass the translations done, so that you add them. Thank you for everything, and I congratulate you again for this nice Campaign
  8. OMG! You see the video? you flying with this stuttering and freezing? Good Dance with Bf109K4.
  9. After almost 73 missions, which tomorrow, already will be 74, I decide to show this here, for the interest that people may have about the Carrer mode of the simulator. In my view, it's the most interesting section, outside the online world, it's dynamic, and if you decide to start from 0 you're slowly climbing in the squadron, in my case I'm with the II/JG52 that I create skins to wear to my pilots and always have them in sight and controlled. Because that, I encourage people to go through my channel and follow the Carrer mode missions live up to day. here I leave you the link of the life of Keith Bauer Commander of II/JG52 enjoy this career mode as if it were a TV series. when I'm done with this, I'm looking forward to starting with The Battle of Stalingrad, but in IRON MAN mode Thx to Devs and team for this best System
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