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  1. Just resave your files with the Mission Editor. Under tools. “Convert files in folder to binary” It takes about 4 mouse clicks and 5 minutes no understand mision editor yes, run now!! Thx
  2. zargos remeber this I remember I did some diplomas for the best skiners
  3. It is very necessary this plane to IL2
  4. After almost two years without being able to fly or make skins, I return with this beautiful painting. I hope you like it and I hope to finish as soon as possible
  5. Todo se resume en crearte un buen perfil en el trackir 4/5
  6. repack all in one 2nd Blue Squadron "2ª Escuadrilla Azul" My next work is trasllate to 4K link for all skins in one rar http://www.mediafire.com/file/reojym4e0jo9zyy/Bf109F22nd+Blue+Escuadron.rar
  7. new skin for this hs129 series, 16 red enjoy this HS129B2_16Rojo.rar
  8. big work my friend Julian..very impressive
  9. hi all.. this aicraft is one favorite for me. first job after a long time. http:// I hope you like this job .. HS129B2_5_blanco.rar HS129B2_10_blanco.rar
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