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  1. Pic.1-real, Pic.2-real, Pic.3-2D, Pic.4-3D, Pic.5-3D, Pic.6-2D, Pic.7-3D.
  2. Best Work JULIAN!!! i Love VVS Skins and the first aircraft skins.. the all guys forgotten the first aircraft for the serie of this BEST Combat Flight Simulator of WWII
  3. I Love this history. waiting for this skin job 💢
  4. Thx for all Skiners, work Skins for G6 and G14, Historic only.. Thx Gustav your Work is Welcome for me!
  5. Thx Julian!! Haleluyah for all create skins for the old aircraft!
  6. let's hope it was empty, or it was just the storage room 😂😂 Merry Christmas and Happy new Year, @The_Babayega
  7. just one year ago, I was thinking when I could reassemble a pc to go back to the virtual skies, with all the friends and acquaintances I've done around the world, thanks to the community in these 10 years of the Rise of Flight Creation , to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. came from living two years as a homeless man. and Thanks to the Community, I get my life back and now, looking back, I can only say and wish everyone....God Bless you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  8. zeebra!!! My BestFriend!!! in your line! jajajajjajaja
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