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  1. appears suddenly! 4:07 Min OMG
  2. Here at last I present to you the Finnish racing BF109G6 in 1950. It is not finished yet, because even though I did two or three years ago, good Skins, today, some things I do not finish remembering. so very soon they will have this preciousness that I do not participate in the war with these colors. Even if he did participate in the war with his Original registration. I wish you like it Bf 109G-6, MT-508, flown by luutnantti (Lieutenant) Arvo Arima, HLeLv 31, Air Race, Utti, Finland, June 1950 Regards and Thx for This Template.
  3. I love for this packs. and sorry for my old post...
  4. welcome to the best community around the world, dedicated to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. The best Pilots is here. Welcome friend
  5. take the download site, Create for @III/JG2Gustav05 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x1cspm6mxap1g63/Bf109F-2_JG51_Kommodore_Werner_Moelder_v1p1.dds
  6. very few 190 used Spanish shields from the Blue Squadron
  7. Supersample it is better to remove it, take the test, go to a quick mission, set sunrise, and on a map of stalingrad, cities with smoke or any explosion, you will see what supersample does! I do not advise it, supersample is not good for this simulator. On the other hand, if you have a decent PC, always use MSAA, Never FxAA. FXAA is the one that brings the pixels and the saw teeth on the edges of things, the NVIDIA control panel for now, in the application only activate VSync and maximum power. the rest will not do you any good! Sharpen OFF HDR ON SSAO ON ****************************** Salute!
  8. same here! It is a plane with his brother I16 who at the beginning of the hostilities fought alone. I would like to see it in the simulator someday.
  9. something I miss in the simulator. It is the failure of the hydraulics system of the landing gear, and that the leg of the landing gear falls down due to the oil leak. This would be something nice and realistic.
  10. uninstall is only solution. or go to a server that is allowed Reshade I've used reshade all the time, from Rise of Flight DCS and here. and I've never done it by cheating, I just give the color tone I want. Cheats will always be everywhere! You can do one thing: Copy the entire folder of the simulator and paste it with another name, and clean the Reshade, you will have two installations, one with Reshade and one without.
  11. If the reshade is used for what it is made of, it is not a trap. But a certain character, SPANISH! made a video, combining Reshade with Migoto, hence the problem. But I use usual Reshade and I fly Live, and you will never see that I have advantages over anyone, I simply color the Simulator. standard is the colors are muted in a GRAY shade. Even if it touches the Gamma, it still looks Gray. For my part, I will fly where the Reshade is allowed. and you can see all my videos Live on YouTube with the Reshade, like 99% of the Pilots, we use it to make the simulator have a better color. There will always be a Cheater, and he will use the tools he can, it is the same reshade migoto. If people want to cheat, they cheat ... a disgrace in the Simulation World. because something like that never happened.
  12. No es tu problema, es del último parche, ellos ya saben sobre el problema. También he notado una caída en el rendimiento, algunas paradas similares a la tartamudez. y la tarjeta gráfica también es una RTX 2080 for me the simulator has taken a step back. Before the last patch, everything was more beautiful, now if you choose FXAA, you get saw teeth. antennas are made of pixels, when before they were well defined lines. The clouds have lost quality, now it seems when you throw a stone in the water. and many more that pass me by and I have forgotten and I want to forget to fly again. Now it is impossible to fly online! cloud cover is no longer good for nothing anyone who flies a little higher than you, already detects you for many kilometers! also that when you arrive at the site, until you are on top of the plane, at a very short distance, you are not able to distinguish if the plane is friend or foe .. Salute
  13. Hi All Today I show you the second plane at 1.72 scale that tries to continue improving the technique of hairspray. as you can see! It is easy to see that I still did not control the technique well, since on one side it turned out perfect, but on the other side, I spent taking paint. Even if it's not bad, don't be satisfied. I hope you like my models, even if they are for testing. It is useful to learn a technique. The Model is.. P40N Warhawk [1.72 Hasegawa]
  14. Hi all Here I bring you, one of my test work. It is a well-known model, from the Japanese manufacturer Hasegawa. as is normal for me, when I want to test some new technique, I buy planes at scale 1.72 Well, here I leave you with the plane, and the base I painted for it. the base is the typical wooden plate to eat "OCTOPUS Galician style". sold in stores for less than € 1 (The technique) The technique that I wanted to try here was the skipping of the paint, with fixed hairs for women. Come on, hairspray It is based on painting the entire plane, with some metallic paint, it is fixed with shiny varnish. now comes the important step. the hairspray is used, throwing it in a pot of TAMIYA paint that is empty. it is transferred to the airbrush, and the areas that we want the paint to come off later, we pass a coat of hairspray. 😆😆 As you can see, the model is very simple. The good thing is that it has perfect lace. Ki-43 II Hayabusa [1.72 Hasegawa] I will upload all the ones made to 1.72 completely finished, even though this one already is, but the photos are small. I want to be understood well, since I have had to help myself as a translator. sorry
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