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  1. My last job done. It is the well-known A6M3 type 32 [HAMP] from Tamiya at 1:48 scale. a mold from the year 1982 that despite being an old mold, has a high quality, a perfect assembly and good detail. If I have to put a problem, it would be the panel lines, which are positive / embossed, which adds some Negative paneled work overtime. but all this is a minor problem if we consider that it is the only negative, since Although its price is very good, in Spain it costs about € 15.00. a bit of History, about the Plane and the Pilot: manufactured by Mitsubishi on June 30, 1942. Painted in the Typical Green Gray "XF-76" color, With black fairing and delivered to the Imperial Japanese Navy IJN as type 0 / A6M3 model 32 with manufacturing number 3030. On the cigar we observe Japanese Cyrillic writing accompanied by the number 872. Meaning: Houkoku Gou (Presentation number to the Navy) Which indicates that it was paid by a group of Japanese civilians for what was designated as "Houkoku Gou 872" that is, it was the A6M 872 paid with civil funds. Assigned to the second Kõkūtai with queue code Q-102. During the summer of 1942 it operated from the Buna Aerodrome in Nueva Guinea. Assigned to PO Pilot Kazuo Tsunoda, on August 26, 1942 he took off to intercept an Enemy Bombardment Attack composed of 14 P-400 Airacobras escorting 7 B-26 Marauders, Kazuo Tsunoda with his A6M3, they closed against the P-400 but the Japanese pilot and his Zero were damaged and were able to land safely. later the plane was left in a state of abandonment. today being the only A6M3 TYPE 32 left and being rebuilt for flight status. The Model: used to Tamiya lace almost to the mm, it is still old, it does not fail, a very good price for a model that if you want to use all your static modeling arts you will achieve exceptional results. the bad. It has to be repaneled in its entirety, as it comes with an engraved or positive panel, on the other hand the mounting system of the cabin is somewhat messy, since you have to decide between placing the antenna mast and the cabin before starting to paint since the interior is in another tone. or not to mount anything and then manage to paint the interior. I chose the most logical one. To paint the interior, attach the antennas and the cockpit. But this decision can be costly during handling in the course of work by breaking the antenna mast. In the end, a great plane with a great story and a happy ending too. since the Pilot who occupies this privileged place KAZUO TSUNODA was born on October 11, 1918 and happily passed away on February 14, 2013. An honor to have managed to finish this shot of this young Pilot. I have had the great fortune of being chosen in a couple of modeling groups on Facebook, as model of the month and in another, selected as model of the day. I wish you like it, here are the photos of the A6M3 I leave here the hidden assembly process, in case someone wants to see some detail. Thank you all. To say that I really like this corner, where we show our love for plastic and the art of turning it into a plane, tank or whatever we like.
  2. espectacular Skin my Friend. is incredible chipping effects.. nice one
  3. my friend SARFlytitus ! I don't have any more words to show my amazement! Not only for the quality and good work, but for the quantity and the Search for History. The Italian Pilots, which are the great unknown by many aviation enthusiasts buried under thousands of writings, about American, German, English, Japanese Aces, and so many more. THANK YOU
  4. nice Skins. and beautiful your homepage.https://pozsgay.hu/tartalmak/il_2_sturmovik
  5. Friend Jason from Rise of Flight, Neoqb after 777, I'm stuck in this world that you managed to recreate, with a lot of effort and dedication. in addition to the dedication and love that Betas Testers also dedicate it, because we love this! I love this world that unites history, fun, feelings and conciliation! Waiting for the next Beta let's keep looking forward
  6. Nice wok, and good collection skins for Finland BF109 G6. Thx
  7. OMG! SARFlytitus My friend! This time, you have exceeded all my expectations. When I started in aviation, years later, I traveled to the United States, to New Jersey, being there they decided to take me to Washington D. C to see airplanes in the (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum), in those years my favorite airplanes They were from the First World War, although some from WWII, I also liked them, but when I got to see the planes that I liked from WWII, I no longer had film in the camera. so the only plane that I could photograph was the MC 202 FOLGORE, which they have hanging above a P51. brings back many childhood memories.
  8. my friend Barracuda! this Pe-2 is so beautiful. You have to tell me what camera you use to record. I try to use the phone, but it constantly blurs
  9. ACADEMY 1:48 Old mold that has its pluses and minuses! If you don't want to spend a lot of money and want to practice, it is a good option. A little history about the model. -BF109 G2 / Trop W.rn. 14256 "GELBE 14" Africa. Hptm Hans Joachim Marseille. At the time of his accidental death, September 30, 1942 in Sidi Abdel Rahman, Egypt he had 158 Kills all against the Desert RAF, he was only 22 years old. The Star of Africa, as he was called "Stern Von Afrika" was the pilot With impeccable clean palm groves, Undefeated was the word they put in the place where they raised the Little Pyramid, which still stands today in Egypt. bad luck came to him on September 30, 1942 when his brand new BF109 G2 had engine problems. when his companions saw his body hit the horizontal tail stabilizer, leaving him unconscious or killing him and he could not open the parachute. So here I show you the last Airplane, used by this great and young Pilot. the feat that made him famous was the one-day shooting down of 17 planes. I hope you like the plane.
  10. If you want, you can read it I think this thread is throwing balls out !! CoD many will see it as a wonder! but I see it with bad eyes! her FM is terrible! On the other hand, complaining about the visibility of this simulator is like complaining about the lack of Ambient Mode in CoD! it does not have any clouds. Has anyone seen a more beautiful sky than IL-2 GB? okay! Well this answers everything else. IL-2 GB visibility is a Visibility practically what you would find in a real flight if the planes used camouflage. For me, everyone who is here asking for more visibility in the simulator, is that they want to convert a WWII FLIGHT SIMULATOR, to a semi arcade ... I hope for the sake of those who seek reality, that nothing of realism is touched that this simulator has. many may need to go through the eye doctor? I myself need glasses, and I don't have them, and I see contacts constantly? on-line!! Offline in the same way! Greetings but this thread does not make sense, seeing the great effort that the team of developers have made to make it realistic! REALISTIC.. Perhaps, the only point that I would add is that the crystals, made bright reflections in the airplanes ... it is the only thing! By the way, I am not a military pilot, but I am an ULTRALIGHT pilot, and the little that I have been able to spend on renting a plane to make my exits I have enjoyed a lot, and of all current combat simulators, the one that is closest to the reality of vision, is this. I fly simulators like many here, almost three decades ago. Now there are simulators like this, which is the worthy successor of the IL-2 Forgotten Battles / 1946, we have the DCS, which is very real in the Start-up and manipulation of systems, but the FM of WWII aircraft is Horrifying, no, the following! So in my point of view, if someone finds it very difficult to see a contact "it is not my case" I think they should ask themselves if it is a problem with the simulator, or is it a problem of what type of product expected from a simulator .. I don't know ... I don't know everything in this life! But if I need glasses and don't wear them, am I able to see the contacts? I do not understand what people expect to see the contacts? That they are huge balls, as they go away? Many Pilots outnumber! they used a crazy dive and they used their camouflage, waiting for the enemies to lose sight of them ... and that are constant stories from many pilots. among them Adolf Ferdinand Galland. that on an outing with his FW190 he tried to evade some P51s, plummeting to confuse the colors! I did not succeed, because they followed them, until their own artillery began to shoot at him as at the p51s. What cannot be expected is that we have 6 simulators, and one of them does not like how the contacts look and we want it to be like the other 6! Sincerely! I just fly this simulator, I don't have more hours in my life to fly others, will my eyes have adapted to this? it's possible. But I hate comparisons I don't want anyone to be offended! but we are in a unique moment in the IL-2 GB simulator. Create for rOEN911 Antony..
  11. Right now is the most perfect moment of the simulator in terms of seeing contacts, it is my way of seeing. When you fly in the "REAL WORLD" reality, it is difficult to see contacts that are lower than you, even at the same level. So after the progress that the simulator has made with the issue of contact visibility in the last patches, my conclusion is that it is perfect!
  12. A BIG WORK, my best friend Julian!
  13. OMG! My hero for P-47 D22 Skins! incredible work in little time... Thx
  14. I'm sorry for that loss of that good friend of yours, Carlo. Unfortunately I have been through the same and I know the pain you feel! I just want to tell you that a big hug from Spain, and many encouragements to both the Family and you. R.I.P
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