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  1. yeah, I know it wasn't all too much fighting/bombing going on over Moscow - yet here we are in the Battle of Moscow and, aside from infantry reports that they could see the golden kremlin roofs in their 'Feldstecher's, this is all the German side got. I, for one, would gladly use the feature of bombing targets in Moscow extensively. And, after all, who would have been okay with not modeling Hawaii and Pearl Harbour in the old Il-2 despite there having been only one major battle? While I'm mostly okay with all the other decisions, here, I believe that sometimes, you gotta do things for prestige value.
  2. Well, as stated above, I'm quite the realism buff, but in this case, I think that a Moscow with the layout of the 40s, but consisting mainly of generic buildings along with some special ones, just like London in CloD, would have done for me. In the otherwise-pretty-uniform landscape west of Moscow, this would have been the one refreshing sight. I do not concur with the stated cost-vs.-usefulness calculation made. So, for now, sadly, we have to make do with the lame statement: "Well, we play BoMoscow without... Moscow! tee hee..."
  3. I am nowhere near being any kind of authority in fighter combat, much less in a FW-190, but when you always hear the same stuff about not hitting certain speed thresholds, I start to wonder: Do they even care about the basics? Like trimming the plane? Or taking care of slip? Et cetera. There are videos around that show the FW performing quite well, when used properly. The "informed" consensus seems to be that it is okay, but violent stall behavior seems to be a little off still.
  4. Deeply disappointed as well At least we could bomb London day and night in CloD. And not to forget the famous flight path that leads beneath Tower Bridge :D. Though, sadly, HMS Victory was missing from Portsmouth...
  5. Hmm, I'm thinking about applying; your profile looks quite nice to me. Would you consider a German guy that has somewhat advanced texty-text english skills, but had way to few opportunities to actually speak english? I could compensate with extensive Knowledge about WW2 stuff (I'm somewhat of a history buff)! Also, my flying skills really need improvement, something I'm working on right now . My fave is the bomber role in the Pe-2 right now. As said, reading the OP, I'm thinking this would be the best fit for me right now... provided I'm allowed to learn at first
  6. yeah, thats probably the thing... just yanking the stick back to "get this looping over with" doesnt seem to be taken well by the FW...
  7. Thanks for your opinions, guys and guyettes! So, the majority opinion seems to be that the FM is indeed good enough "in comparison" to the historical situation. Fair enough; So, I'll have to practise a bit more - or probably a lot more! Again, thanks for your answers and carry on - good hunting everybody!
  8. Hi, granted, a looping is not the very best air combat maneuver, but still, I don't seem to be able to do one in the FW-190. I tried at different speeds, throttle settings, altitudes, pre-diving but it won't work. I always stall shortly before the apex of the looping and this is pretty well-reproducible. Does anyone have some guidance about what I'm doing wrong? Or is this, probably, historically correct? If not, I think this should be fixed, as not being able to loop around is certainly a handicap.
  9. okay, lets see what I got there, by klicking on that first pic: -an article page about the FW190 -a pic of muscle man, topless -a pic of terminator, topless -a pic of an angry granny -a pic of a toilet (!) -a pic of a beautiful girl in bikini This is just disturbing, just wrong, just wrong!
  10. Thanks for the Tips... yeah, elevators will be black. As for the side skulls-that would be awesome, lets see if I can do that...^-^
  11. Wow... being a hardcore historical guy, I'm normally not too much interested in fictional skins. Those, however, are bloody fricken' awesome! They look modern, yet are totally fitting for the planes - the very best I've seen resp. fictional skins since... well, just the very best! By the way, I've been also thinking of making myself a personal skin for MP purposes, probably starting out with the La-5. Chief distinction will be my personal arms on the empennage (tailfin and rudder), which I use on the Internet for a long time now - the Jolly Roger of Stede Bonnet, visible here as my Avatar. Leaving out the VVS Star/swastika there, of course. Now, being heavily challenged both graphically and creatively, I thought I might just ask one question for now: What would you suggest for the elevators to go with the mostly-black tailfin/rudder?
  12. Meine Erfahrung in der Il-2 sagt bislang folgendes: Spezielle Befehle sind erstmal nicht notwendig; die Flügelmänner richten sich ebenso wie du nach den Missionsvorgaben. Allerdings muss man den KIs anscheinend erstmal "vormachen" - sprich: erst nachdem man ein Ziel erfolgreich ausgeschaltet hat, werden auch die Flügelmänner aktiv. Nicht so ideal, da stimme ich zu; in der Il-2 isses nicht so das Problem; in der Ju87, wo man gleichzeitig aufs Ziel stürzen soll, ist das durchaus ein Haken. Da sollte man noch etwas patchen...
  13. I agree, so far I'm pretty satisfied with the flight dynamics - with one exception, though: Has anyone else had the problem that the La-5 generally feels a bit 'wobbly' in the air? If I'm going below 300kph, due to tight turns or when climbing, the La-5 always feels that it's damn near stalling - I went into a spin more than once when doing just a mediocre turn; especially when going starboard, against the engine torque. And, when climbing, I am often in the situation where I'm stalling but am able to keep the plane straight, with the nose still pointing up (Yes, I know, I should put the nose downwards to gain speed etc. etc. - it's the principle which feels a bit fishy). Then, I literally go ballistic, dropping like a stone - just like that RL-accident of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_France_Flight_447. That happens even when I'm still going between 230-250kph. That's not too fast, sure, but still, I should not stall at that speed! Is it just me? Or has anyone made the same experiences? As said, I feel that the La-5's Flight model needs a bit more tweaking.
  14. I hear (read) what you're saying. Maybe you're right about having some manual for the specific BOS Interface where things like the above-mentioned bullet colors etc. are explained. But still, manuals which start out with: "rudder->yaw; elevator->pitch; ailerons->roll" are pretty much redundant in the age of the internet imo,
  15. humm this seems to be a tougher issue than I thought...
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