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  1. Slats don't necessarily help in low speed turn fight. Slats just delay a stall. The slats being on the outer leading edge in front of the ailerons allows for more control at slower speeds. Not necessarily a tighter turn. Yak would still out turn it due to wing loading and a whole bunch of other aerodynamic forces, but might have less control at slower speeds due to it's wing shape.
  2. Was booted 3 times tonight. I don't think it's a latency issue from me. Has anyone else had this trouble?
  3. Casual pilot looking to join squadron. On flying most nights after 8 PM PST.
  4. I did a little testing since I recently got this plane. I was able to run the engine for 40-45 mins at 2800 rpm and i kept the throttle at the second green mark. I think that's around 37.5''. I don't know if that's a better power setting than whats been posted already for military power. Would appreciate any feedback.
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