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  1. Hi, Moved here so you may get more answers. Haash
  2. Will notify Vander or will take a look myself. Added to the list. Thanks. Haash
  3. Hi all, As per rules: 5. Moderators oversee the different sections of the forum and they have the right to edit and delete posts or close the entire topic without explanation. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator. Even if it was the OP the one whom decided to delete the topic..not us. Haash
  4. Hi Jollyjack, I am fully aware of this campaign needing to be updated due to new changes. I will do it when I find the time for it. Haash
  5. SYN_Vander is the master here, ME guru I say, he knows whats he is talking about And of course, he is right!! It took me hours of work to make everything work properly, taxing too. Note that there are some missions where I couldnt make it work as I wanted so those ones got runway starts Haash
  6. Hi all, This topic is not dedicated to discussion but to present your suggestions. As stated at the OP, I have deleted all posts that didnt follow the format asked for. Any posts not following the above format will be deleted to avoid clutter and help to stay focused. Please don't write here questions. I will not gather and process this data. Thanks for understanding, Haash
  7. All missions main objective is getting back alive. Killing one plane is only a secondary objective in mission 4. Next mission will unlock if you survive the sortie. Speed is already set lowest I could. It’s an AI on take off behavior since when it’s get to a cruise alt player shouldn’t have any problem to catch up. When player is the leader, not in this campaign, you can also see the AI lagging behind at first before catching up. Haash
  8. Hi guys, There is nothing I can do with AI behavior. Please leave this topic to the discussion of the campaign and discuss AI somewhere else. Thanks Haash
  9. Sign me up for it! I player X wing Tie fighters games a lot so I wont mind something similar.
  10. Guys, Please add the English translation to Your post as we all want to know what You ask/answer. This is a English section of the forums. Google translate is better than nothing. <————————-> Señores, Por favor añadir la traducción al inglés de sus post, que todos queremos saber las dudas/respuestas. Y sobre todo esta parte del foro es en inglés, para preguntas en castellano hay una sección especial. Usad el traductor de google, mejor eso que nada. Haash
  11. Hi all, Hope you enjoy it if its the first time you try it and if you did try it in the past, remember there are new missions!!! So give it a go again. Please leave any comments and/or bugs here so Vander or I can take a look. Enjoy! Haash
  12. Enough with the conspiracy theories. This aint the time, and most important, place for you to spread such things. Locked Haash
  13. Never seen it before but you can report it at the tecnical issues and but reports: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/ There is a report there about this happening to the 262 so probably not related to the campaign per se. Will test later today but if its sounds like a IA related issue but will check. Haash
  14. Again...not related to the values given for ammo. Nothing to do with that as they are the same in MP as in SP as well of the DM. Again, ammo damage values are the same for MP and SP If you see differences between SP and MP most probably is due to something else, not any value of anything since they are the same for the whole sim. And no matter how many times you turn the argument around, it wont change one bit of that simple, clear fact. If the Lead Engineer is telling you, read above post, to test everything in SP before you do nothing in MP, there is a reason and a good one. You dont want to listen to what the person responsable for all this is telling you and you think MP tests are more important...?? there is nothing I can do about it nor anything else to say from me. Haash
  15. I really dont know whats so hard to understand really. This topic is about the efficiencie of ammo in MP right? Well, its has the same values for SP and MP. Most of all tests are conducted in SP, and it has been done like that past 8 years!! (not counting ROF times of course) It had been said multiple times. Where did I said SP test arent completly useful? Dev team test are performed in SP with their tools and thats for a reason. After SP test they try it in MP, no one saying MP is not tested... If someone dont want to see it, there is nothing I can do. Haash PS: As you see it not my word but the teams and its lead engineer as Kendo translated.
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