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  1. Hi all, Political discussions are forbidden, been past or modern politics.. 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. When and if the laws change in several countries then you can call for a change, until then its not happening unless you simply want a change on what we already have. Haash
  2. Buenas tardes Renius, Contacta con soporte (en ingles aunque sea de google), solo ellos pueden realizar el cambio de correo. https://il2sturmovik.com/support/ Haash
  3. Hi all, The Syndicate can be found here: http://www.syndicatesquadron.org/index.php Haash PS: We fly both sides but due to having so many Jastas around we usually fly Entente.
  4. Hi, Delete the update folder inside your IL2 installation and give it a go. Haash
  5. Hi, Delete the content inside your update folder at your instalation and try again. Haash
  6. Blitzen, Select tools, of those 15 options click on "Resave all missions in folder" and then select the folder you want to resave from the windowns that show up. For example for the Life series you have to resave the campaign folder inside Campaign folder of your installation. Haash Edit: I think you can even select the main campaign folder to resave all in one go but I guess that could take a long time.
  7. Hi all, Merged both of those topics. Haash
  8. Hi all, Nice article Shamrock. To all complaining that someone else are using the 262...well people have been flying it for at least a month now!! Its a Beta build I am sure. Also my mistake, I should have wait for Req or others members present there to post something of them flying it, wont happen again seen how people took it..lesson learned Haash
  9. Hi all, This is a DCS news topic. Do not use it to compared with BoX and even more, do not use it to say that the FM are balanced in here...common sense. As a matter of fact, try to do that at DCS forums and see what happens to your topic. This topic stand in this forum as a matter of courtesy, if you do not believe it jsut check rule 8. DCS discussions are forbidden at the Russian side. Keep it on topic or it wont be a topic most important rule of all in this case: 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game Haash
  10. Hi all, Out of respect for Kwiatek family and friends I have deleted all pics and videos. Lets make this topic one that his beloved ones can visit to see how respected he was in this community, nothing else. Thanks RIP Haash
  11. I have you guys covered SYN_Vander has a lot of WWI info cus of our Vintage Missions so I will be using that info and my own resources to send out some free content. Haash
  12. 9. Willful duplication of topics and excessive branching of topics is prohibited (i.e. placement of similar meaning posts and content). Before starting a new topic in a section, please use the search function to find similar posts. This will help make sure the subject you are interested in is easy to find by others. Topics that needlessly duplicate other discussions may be closed without notice and subsequently removed. 23. The forum rules embody the will of 1C-777 Ltd., but may be enforced at the discretion of the moderators or other forum administrators and punishment may be softer or more serious than listed in the forum rules. Locked
  13. Hell yeah, I played that game like it was not tomorrow!! hehehehe (Found my CD copy right now) B-17 has been my favorite WWII plane since...ever. We need a B17 sim yes or yes. And this one even earlier... Haash
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