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  1. Hi, Please note this line here from Jason post: "You must also be able to follow directions and not make this a campaign for some issue you feel passionate about. This is about finding bugs so the sim works for everyone. " Haash
  2. Hi Patrick, It hasnt change. If you use high priority their priority would be to get there no matter what. Not a bug, hopefully with the AI been work on they can take a look at that. Haash
  3. Sorry, 19 actually 😂. Player will be using 3 and the rest are for squad mates and leaders. I suppose they will be made public/added once the campaign is released but do not take this as a oficial/sure thing because it isn’t. Haash
  4. Hi, Check first post for newest version. I did only try first mission but its loads no problem. Please take into account that this is the firts SC I released almost 3 years ago. Some similarities can be found between all of them but for example the number of IA, objects, etc..has greatly improved since then. Have fun and do not forget to try Fritz Life and soon Achtung Spitfire!. All of them share structure. Haash
  5. Hi, Sorry I didnt see this before, you still not been able to play it? Let me know so I can take a look and publish a new version. Haash
  6. Hi all, Let me thanks Jason and the team for allowing us to work with them and produce this Scripted Campaign. Also thanks to all colaborators and members of The Syndicate squadron that made this work possible. Without them it would have been impossible. Couple of details... Not only for pre-orders but...this campaign contain 20 exclusive Spitfire 4K skins made by E69_Julian57. Also the scripted campaign will be avaliable from release in: Spanish, English, French, German and Russian. And as I have said multiple times now, you did an absolute awsome work!! And thanks for including that final scene Thanks all for the support, Haash P.S. Thanks for the coverage on your blog ShamrockOneFive (https://stormbirds.blog/2019/08/07/actung-spitfire-campaign-announced-for-il-2-battle-of-kuban/)
  7. Hi all, Campaign is on pre-order as of now...go grab your copy Haash
  8. Hi all, Tppic was deleted again by OP so It’s known what happened. Locked Haash
  9. Hi all, Keep it on topic, do not try to derail it to push for your agenda. Last opportunity for this topic and those whom derailed it. Haash
  10. Jason, Author of the topic was who deleted it. Haash
  11. Hi all, As far as I know this is an update topic, if you want to discuss CloD, 46 or whatever else do it elsewhere. Off-topic posts will be deleted without notice given. Haash PS, Some people need to get the facts straight before saying certain statements.
  12. Hi all, If you guys want to use spanish, at least use google translate to place it in english as well since this is the international side of the forums. If not, there is a spanish side of the forums. Haash
  13. La produccion corre a cargo del Syndicate ;), es internacional...colaboraron miembros de Holanda, Inglaterra, EEUU, Irlanda y España claro. Sin olvidar a todos los demas colaboradores...en total 16 personas. P.S. Te diria algo de como son las producciones 100% de platanolandia pero creo puedes opinar de primera mano Haash
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