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  1. Thank you!! Those noobs huh, some times they do things like that (take off accident) but could happen IRL so.. He probably got mad at you for jumping on the line ;). As a rookie with the GIAP you are always last in a row. Enjoy the rest of the campaign. Haash
  2. There is a mix of it, for bigger formations it better to start on the runway... On some missions music has to cover other sounds so its placed at full volume, sorry for that The skip button should desapear if you move the mouse to top of the screen, it will show up as soon as you move the mouse and will stay for "x" seconds. To all, please use the release topic at General Discussion section, that way we keep all related stuff together. I will delete this topic soon enough. Haash
  3. Everyone... Cheats accusations are very serious, as said in this forums rules; 7. Comments containing profanity, personal insults, accusations of cheating, excessive rudeness, vulgarity, drug propaganda, political and religious discussion and propaganda, all manifestations of Nazism and racist statements, calls to overthrow governments by force, inciting ethnic hatred, humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation or religion are not allowed and will result in a ban. First offense - 3 days ban on entry Also you all should read this: Haash P.S To server administrators: If you need any info of the deleted posts, let me know.
  4. Hi Azdack, As long as the pilot survived, mission should be a success. In case it doesn’t work send me a PM since there is a trick to skip missions. Haash
  5. Everyone, Keep it civil and do not get personal, not one bit. Haash
  6. Hi Azdack, Do you have the HUD turn off?? Did you wait for the picture once landed? If the answer to both its Yes, please send me a PM. Haash P.S Edited the info about the campaign to refect the importance of using custom difficulty to leave the HUD on at all times.
  7. I tried VR over at SYN_Wolf home in the Netherlands couple of months back...been saving for the needed changes to the PC and for the VR set since then. With a lil luck after Xmas... Haash
  8. Its depends which browser you are using. This kind of content in a XXI century browser as latest Firefox wont autoplay the audio...nor it does my Iphone. Haash
  9. Are you using the Skip function to stop the diary and let the camera roll? Don’t know the consequences for using “ESC” key to bypass mission logic. Haash
  10. Ohh same as last one we started for RoF...sounds good. All I need is access to the spreadsheet 😉 Haash
  11. I can help out with that, building I mean...no interesting ideas so far Haash
  12. Hi Keeno, Will contact devs about it if its not already reported at Beta forums. Haash
  13. Hi, First off, Thanks!! About your problem with mission 9. Mission should be accomplished if landing/crashing, basically surviving. It’s correct that logic it’s tied to the pics, will take a look at the timers of mission 9 just in case. To be sure, when landed and before exiting, open the map and you should see the mission accomplished text. Can turn ON the HUD once landed to check. Also Tapi, and all of you guys, if you do not want to fly a mission again cus somehow it failed, send me a PM and will tell a little trick. Haash
  14. I though about it when building it. I tried several options and I think this one is the best one to cast as much people as possible. It let you exit once image is gone or you can taxi all the way to the hangar. Note that the pics are connected to finish mission logic so for example if I apply your option, which I did during testing, player will always have to taxi to the hangar even if they just want to click finish mission as soon as objective is complete to proceed with next mission. Haash
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