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  1. SYN_Haashashin

    Err, moderator?

    Hi all, Since it seems more than one person have this question let me clarify something here. General discussion subsection of this forum description clearly states: "Any discussion about IL-2 Sturmovik series that doesn't belong in the other specific sections". So its not about general discussion nature, for that its the Free Subjet section. Now, lets have a look at what topic got moved recently from that specific subsection: Me 410 and Mosquito Both planes are not in the plans or into BoX series at all. Maybe some may say, well it was at 46 and in the subsection description its says Il2 series..that doesnt belong in other specific sections. Old il2 series have their own subsection. SInce this topic was to bring attention to get those two into this series, the right place for it is in the Suggestion subsection. Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C? Just by the topic name is a question for the devs. Since the questions for developers topic is not longer in use, the only place the team can see you guys suggestions is there. So it was moved there. Sim Missing Critical Feature | Career Ruined This is BoX related yes, but nothing to do with general discussion about this series. Most like a bug report or complain. If the OP though it was moved to the wrong subsection and send me a PM saying so, of course it will be moved to other subsection. So a direct answer to OP now, General discussion nature (not BoX related discussions) have to take place at Free Subject. For everything else there is a subsection and about the guidelines, each subsection has a brief description of what its discussed there, no need of more guidelines. If someone do not know where to post something, can allways send a PM asking...and of course, do not think we have time to read all topics from all the sections, so some may slip under the radar and sometimes we let some get some visibility (like the Mosquito one) before been moved to their right section. And, to finish...of course no one is getting banned for this. I know what opinion some of you have of myself but are so wrong. People seems not to read whole rules and forgot one that its very important: 23. The forum rules embody the will of 1C-777 Ltd., but may be enforced at the discretion of the moderators or other forum administrators and punishment may be softer or more serious than listed in the forum rules. Not everytime you break the rules (like with this topic) you will get banned,saying otherwise its only a way to try to harm us. If you guys have any further questions, you can hit me with a PM. Locked. Haash
  2. SYN_Haashashin

    Where do we post?

    Hi, For now use this section: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/ Haash
  3. SYN_Haashashin


    Hi all, Please just do not get this topic into a SP vs MP discussion. Not about it. Haash P.S: Says the guy who spend his time developing SP stuff while only flying MP...
  4. Hey Vander, Tried it and opened the mission on the ME, works as expected. Haash
  5. SYN_Haashashin

    Russia plans to disconnect from the internet?

    Hi all, Sorry but its getting out of hand. No politics in here. Locked Haash
  6. SYN_Haashashin

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Hi Non English and Off topic posts were deleted. Haash
  7. SYN_Haashashin

    damage on the tiger

    Hi all, Accusations of bias by the devs wont be tolerated at all. 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game. Haash
  8. SYN_Haashashin

    Is the cockpit clickable in VR?

    Hi all, Has been discuted to death. Use search fuction to look for what the devs had say in the past about it. Not in the plans. Locked. Haash
  9. SYN_Haashashin

    Front line colors on in game Map.

    Hi, Known issue. The team is aware. As for the chart. I use this one from the WingWalkers, took it long time ago but still inuse.
  10. SYN_Haashashin

    Hype about ME262

    Hi all, Get back on topic which it is the Me262 or I will lock it. Will give it a chance but It looks to me that this topic run his course already. And again, NO politics/ideologies discussions in this forum. Will start to be very serious with that. Haash
  11. SYN_Haashashin

    How is DCS WWII?

    Hi, Use the DCS topic already open to discuss anything to do with it (yeah I know it’s called DCS news but it is what it is) Locked Haash
  12. No English topic. It will be deleted in 24 hrs. Haash
  13. Jason, We are using that method to play our Coops. We did fly this week after the version landed and also after first hot fix. We didnt have any trouble at all. You may want to contact Vander since we are using one of his computers for hosting. Haash
  14. SYN_Haashashin

    No doubt this'll be an idiot post...

    Hi, Sorry, wont happen. Different engines (which include new terrain technology) its enough for them to not spend time porting the RoF maps. Last DD said Tank Crew map is done so, one less to go. Haash
  15. Guys, Report the bugs at its section, not here. This topic is not for that, even if its a new bug. Haash