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  1. Hi all, Jason said already but I will repeat it. Test discussions somewhere else. I will start deleting such posts. Haash
  2. SYN_Haashashin

    Alberts life. A BOM Mig3 Scripted Campaign.

    Hi Mike, Albert´s Life should be at the "Campaign" folder not Missions one. Also take into account that there is another folder called Media as well. Haash
  3. Please no more off topic, I was part of those so...my mistake. Haash
  4. Allways loved B-17´s, those beasts can take a good beating and get back home..even a no defended one as the one in the video (MGs are not moving at all) But that´s totally off topic, please keep it on topic. Haash
  5. SYN_Haashashin

    Brazil Server Berloga

    Hi guys, I know is a pain, but you need to post all this in English in this section. I will apreciate if you guys add an edit with the English translation, even from google traslate, if not post will be deleted. Haash
  6. SYN_Haashashin

    Unable to play "Flying Circus"

    Hi, Contact support:https://il2sturmovik.com/support/ Haash
  7. SYN_Haashashin

    You really need to do something about extraterrestrial gunners

    Hi all, Keep it civil. The fact that this is a complain subsection doesnt mean members are allowed to complain with false statements and accusations. Rules still apply in this section. Haash
  8. Do not think the limits shown in the ME is the problem. I and others are more than use to not take them into account, for the most part. Most probably its the new DM model for ground units. I have not seen any degradation of SP performance but people keep reporting bad online perfomance (Devs are aware). That said, saying to dump a game for a temporal problem of optimization is just wrong. Given their track record, they will optimize the new DM or do something about it. Sorry but I have to say it: This team has a proven record of underpromissing and over delivering. This right here makes no sense when talking about this team. Haash
  9. SYN_Haashashin

    the Moscow map and how to use it

    This guy, called Zeus, Its already part of the dev team. He is in charge of the map team so most probably already have a list to work on. Moscow map offer lots of possibilities to build missions/campaigns either historical ones or fictional. Haash
  10. SYN_Haashashin


    Hi, Sorry but this is not a discussion topic. Use the format given in first post to post in this topic. Recommended form: The topic is under strict moderation rules. Any message that does not follow the guidelines will be deleted without warning. This topic is for bug reports. Haash
  11. SYN_Haashashin

    Kurfürst fans?

    Hi all, I will lock this one until we have time to review all posts. As far as I readed, Several PMs will need to be send. Haash
  12. SYN_Haashashin


    Hi Ojisan, Contact support: https://il2sturmovik.com/support/ This topic is going nowhere. Locked.
  13. SYN_Haashashin

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Hi guys, This is a DD discussion, if you want to discuss about fuel types and all that, do it in an apropiate topic not this. All futher post off topic will be deleted without notice. Haash P.S. And do not get personal, I already see people doing such a thing in here...from both sides of the discussion.
  14. SYN_Haashashin

    109 elevator effectiveness

    Hi guys, Ok.. one more try, lets see. Haash
  15. SYN_Haashashin

    Lost in Translation?

    There is no problem to post partly in another lenguage if there is no other option but add the translation to English since we all want to know whats going on and because this side of the forums is for English posts. My previous post was to those that post only in French, or any other lenguage. Haash