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  1. Adger, I have edited my post (dont know What I was thinking) not a DD but still, no AI changes so you can ask by posting about it at different topics about it. The answer is clear and said múltiple times, AI will be reworded when possible. Haash
  2. Hi all, AI changes are not part of this version. You can discuss AI at all the topics open about it. I will repeat the same as last week at the DD topic, All future offtopic post will be deleted without notice. Haash
  3. SYN_Haashashin

    Tactical Air War

    Guys, I suggest you keep this issue to PM or prívate forums.If you insists in bringing it up again I will hate to but will have to get involucred. Haash PS: Probably all off topic will be deleted later.
  4. SYN_Haashashin

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Hi all, DD topic is to discuss the DD, all off topic posts will be deleted. Haash
  5. SYN_Haashashin

    Should the Po-2 pilot and gunner be (selectable) female?

    Hi all, Do not bring other games controversy into this forum. Not much to discuss about it here since its historical correct to have them. Haash
  6. SYN_Haashashin

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Huh?? As said in this very same topic last week: all new off-topic posts will be deleted without warning, tired of people derailing topics to get their "agenda" across. Keep it on topic, or do not post and if you cant control yourself, I will. Haash
  7. SYN_Haashashin

    geneva convention

    Hi all, Please keep it to what Inprogress need for his bachelor tesis, some answers about the GC and thats it. My understanding is that they are indeed covered by GC. Spanish army use the armband for all medical personal as far as I know since we mostly participate in humanitarian UN missions. Also not only Red Cross is covered but also the Red Crescent (people seems to forget they exists as well) All other discussion about if GC is/was respected wont take place here. Haash
  8. SYN_Haashashin

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    You did right. When I speak about the devs I am allways talking about 1CGS devs, not 777 Studios, DED Squadron or any other squadron/member developing stuff for Il2 Great Battles. Sorry if I caused some misunderstanding. Haash
  9. SYN_Haashashin

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

  10. SYN_Haashashin

    Key Steam in site

    GermanWolf, I see you gave a like to this post I quote. Well, he gave you the right answer along with others. You can not buy on Steam and use it with the launcher, anything else is simply misinformation. Due to your questions having a clear answer now, I am locking this. You are more than welcome to send me a PM with any questions regarding this. Haash
  11. SYN_Haashashin

    Let’s see your pets!

    Tao is the man (almost 2 years old Labrador) The day I got him and with his older brother Nublo, no longer with us RIP. Funny fact: We share birthdays!! maybe thats why we got such a special conection since day 1. Haash
  12. SYN_Haashashin

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    Hi all, Be civil or do not post. @DeadMeat0383: That kind of question should be asked via PM to the devs if you are interested in using the tools. Otherwise if you do not express your interest in using the tools, do not expect a public explanation of why you have to sign a NDA, out of good will they may answer but they are not obligated in anyway. Haash
  13. SYN_Haashashin

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi all, I had to delete a bunch of offtopic posts. This is a server topic, everything else not related to this server should and will be discuss in its right subforum. Next one to post offtopic or another personal remark will take a break from the forums and of course it will be deleted without warning. Haash
  14. SYN_Haashashin

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Hi all, I will only say it once, no politics at all..past or present. Haash
  15. SYN_Haashashin

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Hi all, Second time in 2 days I have to edit this topic. I highly recommend to all involved to take it to PM. Personal remarks are not welcome. Haash