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  1. Yes, and I am thankful for that cus of this... The reason I stopped publishing my work in the public forums.. I know but I have different things that are WIP and this do not break the campaign so It can wait. Anything else not related to this campaign, send me a PM, leave this topic for Acthung Spitfire campaign talk only. Off topic will be deleted. Haash
  2. Hi all, Sorry for the late post but as of new version, mission 15 should work no problem now. Thanks! Indeed, the smokes plumes have the "old" logic before the team introduced the looped one. Its a task, change them, I have listed in the "To do" list but it means going thru 20 missions...no ETA for that, sorry.
  3. Hi guys, I thought I wrote here but I didnt...sorry. The problems with the AI taxing and other issues have been reported to the team, they will look at it. Yes, there is a random logic for what enemies you will encounter. That way mission are more replayable . Haash
  4. Hi all, Sorry for the late posting.... In name of all Il2:Great Battles Forum administration team and myself, our deepest condolences to his squadmates, family and friends. Personally, I never did met him (nor spoke with him) but remember dogfigthing with him over RoF skies, mostly me going in a spiral down short seconds after we met. It was an honour. S! Chunko
  5. Hi all, Chutekilling is a delicated thing so, at least try not to get personal with each other...no need of it and of course not welcome in this forums. Haash
  6. 5. Los moderadores supervisan las diferentes secciones del foro y tienen el derecho de editar o borrar mensajes o cerrar el hilo entero sin explicaciones. 6. Esta prohibido discutir ,en cualquier forma, las acciones de los moderadores y los administradores de este foro. Todas las preguntas al respecto deben ser enviadas via "mensaje privado" al administrador/moderador.
  7. Even at the complains section there should be some respect. There are better ways to complain about the .50 ammunition, maybe not been insulting... Locked.
  8. Footprint memorial if you ask me Beautiful work. Haash
  9. Hi, No conspiracy theories of any kind in this forums. Thanks. Haash
  10. Hi there, I think I found the topic about the linkage of Steam and GB accounts. Didn’t read it all but let me know if that it or not and will do another search.
  11. Hey, I never got to read those articles. Very nice read, specially Meet the Squadron one (no Bias here hehehe) Haash
  12. Hi Enialis, You good to go, no worries. And yes, first post of any new account need to be approved. Easy way of getting spam accounts not to even post, among other things. Welcome, Haash
  13. 5. Moderators oversee the different sections of the forum and they have the right to edit and delete posts or close the entire topic without explanation. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator. Locked
  14. New terrain isn’t out yet. You have been landing and taking off in the untouched pre-updated ground.
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