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  1. I just got my throttle from GVL, and a couple of days in, it is really sweet. I can definitely recommend it.
  2. Not just being a fanboy, but I actually think this sum has the best dm for flipping bugs. The elastic/plastic deformation is really good in low speed collisions (being a different category than weapon inflicted damage which will be debatable for eternity).
  3. Cpt_Cool + BON Thank you for this most generous opportunity.
  4. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy MN.
  5. Also its totally possible to run vr and keyboard. Just feel for the bumps on the F key.
  6. My first instict was to find somthing Rose Leslie related but in the end this was too good.
  7. the upcoming "1917" has my attention. I heard an advertisement on the radio this morning with the clip: "If anybody wants to back out, now is your chance....We all want to fly sir" 🙄
  8. I am curious but fine. I will not probe.
  9. I had the same issue a few years ago. They set me right up through my new email address. 10/10, would forget to update profile email accounts on time again.
  10. How did this topic slip to page #2? For shame. We almost certainly will get no DD this week now.
  11. Are you saying that: "You would be just as effective (spotting, tracking, aiming,) through a parascope vs a firing station with unobstructed views " Or "Its not worth addressing (due to the subjective nature of relative turret effectiveness or other reasons)" Because I agree with statement number 2, but it still seems like you are arguing statement number 1. Which is ridiculous. Sure the crews had radios - but - have you ever been with somebody who points out, shall we say, a deer in the woods? Only you don't see it. Your friend describes where it is, points at it, you have an unobstructed view and the exact same viewshed. But it still takes you an embarrassing amount of time to spot it? Imagine doing that through a parascope (which, incidentally, disoriented people to the point of sickness), with the stress of battle, with only auditory help. No way in hell would it be just as easy to spot, track, and aim. Not a chance. I have an idea. We will put you in a blindfold, give you a gun and a headset. Then a crew will call out apples for you to shoot off of imaginary heads. Don't worry, the apples can't move or shoot back.
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