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  1. Cpt_Cool

    DCS news

    haha I like the mig 28 one (speaking of best looking migs)
  2. Cpt_Cool

    No credit for a Taran kill

    It would be good for career mode, bad for MP, and probably a can of worms not worth opening to split the two. Maybe there would be an easy way to add an appropriate medal to career mode for it which would be cool (even if it doesn't add a kill to your score).
  3. No you are supposed to remain seated, fly one handed, and take careful aim.
  4. Cpt_Cool

    New Players start here ...

    If you like Ground attack, Any IL-2 is really easy to get started with (and if you are a total beginner, I would recommend IL-2 for getting the basics down). For fighters, I would say yak, lagg, spitfire, or 109 are the easiest places to start. But if there is an airplane that interests you especially, there is nothing wrong with starting out on a "harder" airplane. For example, I have a soft spot for the P-40 and even though it is not the simplest plane out there, I found it to be very rewarding to get the hang of it.
  5. Would it be within the realm of possibility that the first pacific installment covers the Coral Sea, Midway, and Guadalcanal? Seems to me it would be ambitious, but the team has no shortage of ambition. I think the biggest hang up would be extra research and map making, but the plane set would work correct?
  6. Cpt_Cool

    Rear view mirror broken?

    You have to turn your mirror setting up to get the plane.
  7. Cpt_Cool

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    I've never heard of the song or the band. BUT - special appearance by busdriver's favorite redhead I will have to add a screenshot later, and it looks like BOBP is all tapped out anyway so happy viewing. Us Minnesota boys have to stick together.
  8. Between the two campaigns and the U2 it looks like my BOBP and TC fund is about to get wiped out again 😀. This campaign looks awesome
  9. I think you are right that most of us prefer historical accuracy, but because it is an optional modification, and it was easy to turn on, having the choice will satisfy the greatest number of customers. If you prefer to fly historically, please do not check the box to fly with the glass headrest. If you prefer to have glass headrest (even though it is not strictly historical) please check the box. Having this option turns the Great Battles series in to War Thunder you say? I..uh...beg to differ.
  10. Cpt_Cool

    DD today?

    i'm just afraid
  11. Cpt_Cool

    Model Pilot

    Thanks @Feathered_IV and @Semor76. You've set me in the right track 👍
  12. Cpt_Cool

    Model Pilot

    This thread is great. I appreciate everybody sharing their work. Its hard not to get inspired, so I have a question to ask. Any recommendations on a starter airbrush? I have never used one, but I think I had better start.
  13. Didn't you guys ever play around with potato guns?