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  1. Those are actually regular sized drop tanks in a miniature model of a blimp hangar. The matchstick used for scale is cropped out of the photo.
  2. Reminds me of a Beatles song Cry baby cry Make your mother sigh she's old enough to know better so cry baby cry The king was in his Dora Looking for a Po-2 to boom and zoom But his dive was too steep it put him to sleep Racing toward his certain doom Cry baby cry etc...
  3. Has anybody got a screenshot of flames inside the cockpit? I am curious how it looks, but have not caught fire since the update.
  4. Did you hear the joke about the midget with the 40 lb testicles? they say he was half nuts 🤪
  5. This gets 11/10 on the irony scale.
  6. Those units are just placeholders in the QMB for an early access map. In other words: working as intended. In other words: No hotfix needed.
  7. Is it any less "tasteful" then making a "game" out of their war?
  8. You think its shady to "take advantage of hype" by not discounting their products? Thats asanine. Whats the point of improving the quality of your product if not to proffit by it.
  9. Those who are already sharpening their pitchforks for midnight September 30 need to chill tf out.
  10. No way it comes this week. My money says Oct 1.
  11. The portrait generator technology is what sets BOX apart from lesser games.
  12. I think that the question is interesting, but the main conclusion I come to is that the munition that the plane carries is moot. The .50s and the 20mm don't have wildly differing capabilities as modeled in game. In capable hands, they will wreck soft ground targets. Perhaps, if there are no enemy fighters, the P-47 is slightly better because of its ammunition count. Perhaps if there are enemies present the Tempest is better able to defend itself air to air. But these factors are so subtle and random, they are impossible to plan for.
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