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  1. Happy Birthday, I should throw my hat in the ring. April 6 1017 the United States declares war on Germany and enters WWI Legend has it that the Hostess Twinkie was invented April 6 1930.
  2. I just got my throttle from GVL, and a couple of days in, it is really sweet. I can definitely recommend it.
  3. Not just being a fanboy, but I actually think this sum has the best dm for flipping bugs. The elastic/plastic deformation is really good in low speed collisions (being a different category than weapon inflicted damage which will be debatable for eternity).
  4. Cpt_Cool + BON Thank you for this most generous opportunity.
  5. Also its totally possible to run vr and keyboard. Just feel for the bumps on the F key.
  6. My first instict was to find somthing Rose Leslie related but in the end this was too good.
  7. the upcoming "1917" has my attention. I heard an advertisement on the radio this morning with the clip: "If anybody wants to back out, now is your chance....We all want to fly sir" 🙄
  8. I am curious but fine. I will not probe.
  9. I had the same issue a few years ago. They set me right up through my new email address. 10/10, would forget to update profile email accounts on time again.
  10. How did this topic slip to page #2? For shame. We almost certainly will get no DD this week now.
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