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  1. Explain to me then how a Jumo-004 B1 Jet Engine just "flames out." You can't. Because its impossible.
  2. No he doesn't. Because its not there. Get him to sickbay.
  3. Thank you very much to Shamrock and Panthercules! Sporting a shiny new BoBP badge. 😎
  4. Could I get in to the drawing for the 25% code? I Still need BoBP and Tank Crew for the collection.
  5. Cpt_Cool

    DCS news

    Wait, it must have been the dyslexia, but I could have sworn that all LW pilots had bra issues.
  6. Well....yes. At least I would argue its more immersive, especially when it highlights some of the differences between airplanes and their operating procedures. But it is bores you, or perhaps you find it overly-tedious sure. As for me, 3 seconds to adjust mixtures etc at the beginning of a sortie (where I may very well spend a half hour without seeing anyone) is easily worth it.
  7. I have been too busy to play any games at all lately (and sort of stuck with the career and campaigns when I would get the chance to fly), but when I finally did have a free hour last night, this post inspired me to saddle up. I am exhibiting the classic symptoms of having "caught the bug."
  8. I don't think it is possible in game to avoid the "ground contact explosion" but still kill the pilot (like ROF where the pilot would die but the airframe would remain intact relatively speaking) It would be nice to have an in-between instead of strictly either Survived, or Crater. Leave the "Death" Gforce threshold where it is, but increase the "airplane fireball" Gforce threshold. But this should be a low priority improvement if you ask me.
  9. I know they have been mentioned here before, but I am about 9 deep into the Aubrey/Maturin series and boy it just keeps getting better.
  10. If you release an update on a Tuesdays, the team can immediately address any bugs which may arise. If the update comes Friday afternoon, and the devs take a (well deserved) relaxing weekend away from game development, they are subjected to a weekends worth of exasperation and complaints Monday morning.
  11. Nobody gets to choose how they go, but if I could, that would be a contender. RIP
  12. Cpt_Cool

    Game NEWS

    not as good as BOX campaign portrait generator.
  13. Compared to other game genres, the anecdotal evidence tells me flight sim crowd is way less bird doggy around girls. I think the biggest reason is the older demographic. Much higher percentage of married simmers complaining about the ol' ball and chain. On some of the shooters I play, mix in some youthful hormones with the anonymity of the internet, and (lets just say) inconsistent social skills of those who play too many videogames, not to mention voice chat, and if a girl is playing it can get very pathetic very fast. Long way of saying "I don't think ickyATLAS meant it like that." But I wouldn't be surprised if everyone's favorite ace-in-a-flight maestro has had to turn down her fair share of half-baked flight simmer marriage proposals anyway.
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