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  1. Thanks for the info! Hopefully the balance will tend more towards 50/50 once the P-51 becomes available...then again the 262 is also coming. This has been a problem since IL-2 1946. The axis planes really are extremely good on paper and it seems that it was supply logistics (especially fuel late war), training, manpower, and other unmodeled details such as strategic and mechanical breakdowns that gave the allies the edge. I'll give your server a shot!
  2. Hello All! I was just perusing this server's thread and it seems like a good time. This might seem like a silly question but does this server have AI planes as well as ground targets? Also, how is the latency when connecting from the United States? I admit I'm used to a more casual style server and have played a lot on coconuts Normal. Also, do the admins make an effort to keep teams mostly balanced? I used to play 1946 MP and team balance was a huge focus for admins/mods there but weirdly it doesn't seem to be focused on in many Great Battles servers. Nothing ruins fun more than being the only allied pilot against half a dozen axis, especially when you're first learning. My friend's an I have been hunting for a good server to play on since coconuts went down so hopefully KOTA will fill that role!
  3. Yeah I'm surprised you can set analog axes for trim, am I missing something?
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