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  1. This is a great update. 👍 Really looking forward to the P40’s in North Africa. The Martletts are a bonus! I’m gonna have to study up on North Africa...a lot.
  2. That was my original reaction, but I understand that the meaning was lost in translation. Perhaps "guys" or "fellows" would be a more accurate translation and certainly makes more sense.
  3. Definitely possible. I use Voice Activated Commander (VAC) when flying CLOD offline for the very limited commands that the AI actually respond to. Works quite well. What would be fascinating is having a Siri-like utility built in.
  4. I've been flying CLOD since April '11 online full switch and never needed to use the mouse to click anything in the cockpit. Every control is mapped to a button or axis. The same applies to RoF, DCS P51D, and A2A Wings of Power 3 Spitfire 1a/2a.
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