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  1. It has been a few years since i last played IL2. Is TAW balanced, or it has the same problem of numbers not being even like other servers?
  2. So, i am a new flight sim player, and i am looking for players to play with. I have like 30 hours of il 2, and i played war thunder before, but i disliked it, cause it is really arcade style, and in the "realistic" battle, people fly with mouse, and it is way more easy to fly with it. So, i bought a joystick and il 2, i had some problems with the controls, playing the campaign right now, i dont have any problem to play with allies or axis, i can play with both. My gmt is -3:00 but right now we are in summer time so it's -2:00. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Hey CPFarias, i am a brazilian, and i am a new flight sim player, trying to find some people that can teach me how to do it. Your squad looking for new pilots? If yes, how do i join?
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