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  1. Great update, thank you so much for fixing the micro stutters in multiplayer it is so much better than 1.105!
  2. I am also experiencing about 15-20 fps loss since 1.105 as well as stutters and lack of fluidity of Trackir and joystick inputs. Devs please hot fix asap. Was so much more fluid in 1.103. I5-4690k @ 4.1 Ghz, R9 280xOC 3Gb Vram, newest drivers, win 10, 8 Gb 1833 MHz Ram. In msi afterburner max gpu usage only hits 60%, max cpu usage only hits 60%, but fps staying between 25-40 when enemies around, used to get 45-60 before 1.105...
  3. My opinion is that it is has been a drastic improvement to the game to have friction and ground bumps modeled. It incredibly added to the realism factor while on the ground, taxiing and force landing/landing off strip. The friction settings seem to be pretty perfect, the bumpiness seems a bit too high, maybe reduce by 10-20%, and the aircraft flip and pilot kill might be a little bit too frequent now. At first I thought the plane nosing over and pilot being killed was way overdone, but after getting used to coming down slower and With more nose up at touchdown, it hasn't happened as often. I think I was too fast with not enough nose up when it was happening frequently. The bumpiness does seem a bit over-modeled at the moment, especially on the Autumn map. Of course speed is a huge factor and taxiing should be as slow as humanly possible when on unimproved ground, but even then it just "feels" a little too bumpy. I know this is very subjective and no real facts for any of this, but it just "feels" about 20% too strong. Overall, though, tremendous update, there have definitely been more people flying online since winter finally ended which is great to see, and I am sure these things will be looked at by the devs and might be tweaked in future updates.
  4. A huge thank you to all involved! Looks great and I love finally having a reason to use a skin other than white!!!!
  5. Wow is all I can say, can't wait for summer!
  6. I also use fps limiter 60, no vsync, and TIR 5 works fine with no tearing, but I play on a 1080p hdtv through hdmi... If that matters.
  7. Thanks for the tips. I was amazed at how easy the setup was and was really happy that i could download a profile and drop it right in. I went with requiems right away, figured I might as well learn on the one I am going to use. So far it is going great, just getting used to the head movements in general and also on keeping my eyes where they need to be on screen while moving my head around. The standard track clip works just fine from what I have seen, and at this time I have no worries about not getting the pro clip. Background lighting has not been any issue either. No problems whatsoever with BOS, didn't need to change a single setting, I just need to get used to it a little more.
  8. Just to wrap up the story, I ended up buying a new Trackir 5 on eBay for $125 with free shipping. It looks like it was delivered today while I am still at work, can't wait to get home and check it out. Any advice for a first time user? Any BOS specific setup I need to worry about? I will do more forum searching when home from work but if anyone has any links handy that might help with first time setup I'd appreciate it. Thanks, I am excited to finally take this step up in hardware and see how much it might improve the overall experience and my skills.
  9. Thanks to everyone who responded, I appreciate the input. So my choices are TIR 4 PRO for $100, TIR 5 for $130, or TIR 5 PRO for $170 (same price on ebay or natural point website). The Pro thing by itself is listed at $35, so it seems to make the most sense to me to go with the TIR 5 for $130, then I can always decide to go PRO at a later point. How much of a difference does the pro make? I don't think lighting will be a problem, they are all off to the sides of the room, except for one lamp behind me which I'll just make sure not to have on. Based on this I don't see the lighting being a big issue for me, anyone else have experience running TIR 5 without the pro clip? EDIT: I am not even considering oculus or other VR anytime soon (maaaybe 3-5 years from now), based on the anticipated pc specs required as well as the cost of the unit itself so I am not too worried about that.
  10. I am looking into purchasing trackir. On eBay I have found trackir 4 pro new for $100 and trackir 5 new for $140 both with free shipping. Any advice for me from anyone that has experience? Is 5 worth the extra $40? From what I have read it seems worth it based on the specs but is the extra resolution even that noticeable? Money is tight, but I can pay the extra $40 if it makes sense to.
  11. Agree that constructive criticism should be and is welcome. The devs have tried to prove that they will tweak things based on feedback with the addition of a way to bypass unlocks and the improved 190 FM that IMO is so much closer to being "right" in relation to other planes now. Also free map was a good change of scenery, and the DM tweaks feel really good to me and put an appropriate priority on landing hits with well placed bursts now and way less lucky one round engine kills from spray and pray. Lets hope they continue to make good decisions and changes as this series moves forward. Also lets hope that some of the posters here that hold an obvious grudge or hidden agenda, or are just always looking for an argument with whoever about whatever, decide to be less vocal and let the rest of us use the forum as a place of intelligent discussion and support for new players/questions.
  12. Several of us have brought up the question of how multiplayer will be treated once BOM is released in other threads. I for one am very curious, and am awaiting an official answer before putting any money into BOM.
  13. I don't know if this will help with the issue you are describing, but maybe try reassigning the axis to the stick itself, not in BOS settings, and use the custom mapped preset instead of the default stick mapping. I had to do this because my throttle was inverted from the way I wanted it to be (push full up for 100%) and the default mapping had pull down for 100%. I described my issue in this post from a few months back:
  14. @ Herrmurf: Thanks, I do what I can with what I have, which due to space (live in a small studio apt w/ a gf and a cat) and money, is just a simple desktop throttle and stick w/ twist rudder (thrustmaster t flight hotas x)... no pedals, no headtracking.. I saved up for a while and built myself the best PC I could put together for around $1000 about 6 months ago (i5-4690k, Z97X mobo, R9 280X OC, 8 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 cas 9 RAM, 256 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD, windows 8.1) so I am playing on a very current system, just not with the full complement of peripherals. I am able to run BOS on ultra at 1920x1080 using my girlfriends 36" HDTV as my monitor, as we use my 48" as our main TV. I still need another few months of saving again before being able to splurge on better peripherals, but even then I don't think I will have the room to do the full pit setup I would like to build until we decide to rent a bigger place, hopefully with a spare room that I can attempt to claim . Thanks for the tips about the snap views, I do have them setup, but I find it way more intuitive for me to stay in pan view. I have tried to get better at switching between pan and snap, as they are only one click apart it is not so bad, but when I have to go from snap back to pan it is 3 clicks, then pan to locate the target again which is just long enough to throw me off in a close combat, high maneuvering setting. I will have to see if I can get better at staying in snap view only and get used to flying that way, but my brain just wants to be able to pan more from that snapped view to make that final little adjustment to keep the target centered. I do pretty well for now though staying in pan view 90% of the time, using snap to only look straight back or on the back 45 degrees like you mentioned.
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