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  1. 4 hours ago, RaFiGer said:

    @SARFLYtitus & geraki9


    What a fantastic work for these planes 👍 👍


    I really like to way you did it as a rview of the ANR as such :) 

    It would be nice to have a map covering some of the used Airfields and have missions available, as thee are already planes which was used over Italian sky's. I like the maps of IL2-1946 covering the Med, but unfourtunatly there are not direct useable in our new sim.


    I have lost a great uncle of my german part of my family over the mediterrainian  sea, flying Bf-109 for JG 77 by mid 1943 so there is a personel interest in a Great Battle Italy and of course a Bf-109 G10 ;)


    Thank you very much & keep up the fantastic work!

    Dear RaFiGer,

    more than the "LIKE", they are words like yours that give us the right stimuli for
    continue and improve, both technically and historically.
    Thank you teacher!

    geraki9 (Roberto)

    My big friend SARFLYtitus will also thank you, who made the
    most of all this work!

  2. 4 hours ago, Raptorattacker said:

    For anyone who likes EARLY Spitfires, here's a Mk1, flown by the notable Geoffrey Wellum in the Battle of Britain. A bit of an experiment and, well, the description in the Spit MkV section on page 1 tells it's story (and has the download link as well)!...


    Rap!!! "Without" the 20mm. !!! You are a wizard!!!😲 Bellissimo!!!

  3. 56 minutes ago, Raptorattacker said:

    Junkers Ju87 'Stuka'



    Ju87 Stuka

    Made for one of @meplanes1969 missions.

    See video description for the story behind this machine...




    The skin (censored and uncensored) can be got HERE

    and a huge thanks to @6./ZG26_5tuka for the template!!




    Beautiful video, as usual!
    However, after downloading the Stuka, I will take it to the dentist for one
    thorough tooth cleaning!😁
    Thanks Rap! Always make beautiful videos !!!

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  4. Pagan, this Me Bf 109 K4, of pure fantasy, will be dedicated to you by SARFlytitus and me.
    We never make non historical skins, but for the sympathy and for the
    pleasant contact with you and your friends, the rule has been torn.
    If you like it, say it! It's almost ready.

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  5. After consulting with SARFlytitus, we decided that if you only want the links of the three skins above,
    you have to send us the first and third of the group of your girls above. If instead we have them
    send them all, we do all the skins of the Swedish Air Force.😊


    Efter samråd med SARFlytitus har vi beslutat att om du bara vill ha länkarna till de tre skinnen ovan,
    du måste skicka oss den första och tredje av gruppen med dina flickor ovan. Om vi istället har dem
    skicka dem alla, vi gör alla skinn från det svenska flygvapnet.😊

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  6. Beautiful SARFlytitus! But tell me: is Kleopatra the third from the left?😇


    Vacker SARFlytitus! Men berätta: är Kleopatra den tredje från vänster?😇


    Bello SARFlytitus! Però dimmi: Kleopatra è la terza da sinistra?😇

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  7. The A.N.R. goes on...
    I am attaching two other screenshots of the models published today by SARFlytitus.
    They are very particular because, provided that being the same plane, see the serial number,
    3-17 was modified in livery and marks on the field.

    Ah! if you like flowers in the meadows, as I have seen that many like them
    pilots, download them from here:



    SARFlytitus created them to cheer up bad landings and take-offs...😁

    Thanks SARFlytitus !!! And thanks to all of you for your encouragement which helps us to continue
    with more conviction and security.

    ANR 209.jpg

    ANR 3-17.jpg

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  8. By associating myself with the beautiful presentation of SARFlytitus, and with his great patience, culture
    and indispensable collaboration, I hope you enjoy this initiative.
    We are always awaiting criticism and ideas to improve this A.N.R. project.

    Thanks SARFlytitus !!!!!

    Associandomi alla bellissima presentazione di SARFlytitus, ed alla sua grande pazienza, cultura
    ed indispensabile collaborazione, spero che questa iniziativa vi piaccia.
    Siamo sempre in attesa di critiche e idee per migliorare questo progetto A.N.R.

    Grazie SARFlytitus!!!!!


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  9. 20 hours ago, SARFlytitus said:


    Still about JV 44, on some of my books (ModelArt No.336 Focke Wulf 190D & Ta152, ModelArt Camouflage & Markings of the Luftwaffe Aircraft Vol. 1 Day Fighters ) I found some profiles concerning a 190 D9 white 1 of which I have not found anywhere any photographic evidence. I've found only images of a decal sheet of the Dragon/trimaster kit from a few years ago, photos of model kits built in various scales, 2 or 3 profiles, a generic caption that would attribute it to Waldemar Wubke on Apr. 1945, München-Riem  and ,last but not least, a very nice skin released some time ago by a forum member @geraki9.

    Just to satisfy my curiosity and hunger for knowledge, is there anyone out there, artist or history enthusiast, who has seen some photographs of the real plane ?   by the way, have I already told you that I have a compulsive disease towards Focke Wulf 190 D and Ta 152 ?


    In the meantime I thank you for the attention you have given me and for reporting to me the wonderful skins already in place related to Sachsenberg Schwarm.  I am proud to belong to this fantastic community !  Thank you all, Grazie Mille!

      Reveal hidden contents


      Reveal hidden contents


      Reveal hidden contents


      Reveal hidden contents



    This skin was inspired by a DRAGON 1/48 model I made in 1992/3.
    At that time I had no Internet, I could only pick up airplane details on books, some
    very expensive. I trusted the instructions and decals included in the assembly box,
    choosing this 1 White with the Winged Wheel.
    Before creating the skin, I searched the Internet for news, drawings and photographs of this model,
    but besides what I published, I didn't find anything either, but I liked it and I did


    Questa skin mi è stata ispirata da un modello della DRAGON 1/48 che realizzai nel 1992/3.
    Allora non avevo Internet, potevo raccogliere particolari degli aeroplani solo su libri, alcuni
    molto costosi. Mi fidai delle istruzioni e delle decals incluse nella scatola di montaggio,
    scegliendo questo 1 Bianco con la Ruota Alata.
    Prima di realizzare la skin, ho cercato in Internet notizie, disegni e fotografie di questo modello,
    ma oltre a quello che ho pubblicato, non ho trovato niente neanche io, ma mi piaceva e l'ho

    Fw 190D DRAGON.jpg

    Fw 190D DRAGON Decals.jpg

  10. 1 hour ago, 9./JG54_Skywarp said:

    The problem adding an emblem over the flatten template (dds file) is that you paste it over the smoke exhaust, dirt and other weathering details.... when the correct way would be pasting it under these elements.


    Curiously, I see no Alpha Channel in that Tempest dds image. How come?

    I do not know. I downloaded the MEGALAX skin from here:

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