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  1. UPDATE !!! Dear friends, although I have just changed the position of the three colors under the wings, now my dear friend SARFlytitus, with great patience, corrected both the parallelepipeds of Spad XIII by B. Costantini, aligning them in the right position, and modified the Alpha layer for all three models. So I hope you like them more! (Let me know!) Here you will find the new links to download them, which you will also find in my previous publications of the three Italian Spad XIII. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xcsgzqf2rk62lg/Spad13_FRdC_SG.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0eno2hjxnyc1m8t/Spad13_Baracca_SG.dds?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2sc5bylr9up44f/SPAD XIII B.C._SG.dds?dl=0 Always thanks to ICDP for the fantastic template! ... but also to SARFlytitus which made these three even more historically realistic, correct and beautiful models. geraki9 & SARFlytitus
  2. Amico caro è una questione di onestà, personale e storica.😇 Dear friend, it is a question of honesty, personal and historical.😇
  3. Dear friends, having noticed late that I had made a big mistake on the three skins of the Italian Spad XIII published on page 1 (the red and green under the wings were inverted!), I proceeded to invert them and eliminate the wrong screenshots. I also corrected the new links where to download them, which I also attach below. Francesco Baracca: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0eno2hjxnyc1m8t/Spad13_Baracca_SG.dds?dl=0 Fulco Ruffo di Calabria: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xcsgzqf2rk62lg/Spad13_FRdC_SG.dds?dl=0 Bartolomeo Costantini: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2sc5bylr9up44f/SPAD XIII B.C._SG.dds?dl=0 Excuse me ... geraki9
  4. 909. IAP ok! But...do you like?
  5. The skin published above by SARFlytitus must be put in: IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad \ data \ graphics \ skins \ Yak9s1 Hello everyone!😉
  6. Bellissimo Rap!!! Bellissimo!!! And..great staf!!! Thanks!!!🥰
  7. Già ci sono degli spit italici, qualcosa penso di aver fatto anch'io, ma senza filtro anti sabbia, che, purtroppo, manca nel template. There are already Italian Spit, something I think I did too, but unfortunately without sand filter, which is missing in the template.
  8. Dear SARFlytitus, by now you have entered the community of Masters Skinners, I can just stay close you. My age, my sight, my spine that gives me sensitivity to my hands, they don't allow me to do anymore the much loved skins ... or at least as before. I thank you not only for your moving words, but also for this beautiful skin that you dedicated to me !!! I hope in the cockpit of this "my" P51, you put the ashtray ...😊 Galland also had it in his Me 109 ... THANKS!!!🥰 geraki9
  9. It will be done, it will be done. For now, start downloading these, if you haven't already.😉 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/59229-p51-swedish-airforce/
  10. Italian Mustang!!! WWWWAAAAUUUU!!! Thank you big szelljr !!!!!!!!😊
  11. Dear RaFiGer, more than the "LIKE", they are words like yours that give us the right stimuli for continue and improve, both technically and historically. Thank you teacher! geraki9 (Roberto) My big friend SARFLYtitus will also thank you, who made the most of all this work!
  12. If I defined the previous video "BEAUTIFUL", for the latter I have to say "FANTASTIC"!!! Thank you!!!
  13. Rap!!! "Without" the 20mm. !!! You are a wizard!!!😲 Bellissimo!!!
  14. Beautiful video, as usual! However, after downloading the Stuka, I will take it to the dentist for one thorough tooth cleaning!😁 Thanks Rap! Always make beautiful videos !!!
  15. Here: ttps://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3797-il-2-p-51d15-usaaf-dallas-doll-lt-frank-bouldin-jr/ 😉
  16. Hi szelljr, don't worry about your english, your english is like our, that is: Google Translate! Thanks for what you do and how you do it!
  17. Thanks Pat! Hopefully everything will end soon!😷 However, we check our skins before publishing them! 😉
  18. Pagan, this Me Bf 109 K4, of pure fantasy, will be dedicated to you by SARFlytitus and me. We never make non historical skins, but for the sympathy and for the pleasant contact with you and your friends, the rule has been torn. If you like it, say it! It's almost ready. Ciao! geraki9
  19. After consulting with SARFlytitus, we decided that if you only want the links of the three skins above, you have to send us the first and third of the group of your girls above. If instead we have them send them all, we do all the skins of the Swedish Air Force.😊 Efter samråd med SARFlytitus har vi beslutat att om du bara vill ha länkarna till de tre skinnen ovan, du måste skicka oss den första och tredje av gruppen med dina flickor ovan. Om vi istället har dem skicka dem alla, vi gör alla skinn från det svenska flygvapnet.😊
  20. Beautiful Pagan! But what types are they? Let me know that we do them, if they are historical!
  21. Beautiful SARFlytitus! But tell me: is Kleopatra the third from the left?😇 Vacker SARFlytitus! Men berätta: är Kleopatra den tredje från vänster?😇 Bello SARFlytitus! Però dimmi: Kleopatra è la terza da sinistra?😇
  22. SARFlytitus! Thanks also from all of us!😊 SARFlytitus! Tack också från oss alla!😊 SARFlytitus! Grazie anche da tutte noi!😊
  23. Have you seen Smeggles! In this forum there is always someone who helps you! Thanks = BLW = Tales!👍
  24. I also use Photoshop, when I tried GIMP ... I got a headache ... Rap, however I must say that our dear Smeggles, has a great rear!😜😊 Sorry Smeggles, I can't help you either.
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