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  1. Happy New Year Rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. …/IL-2 Sturmovik/data/graphics/Planes/La5FNs2/Textures/😉
  3. This skin was inspired by a DRAGON 1/48 model I made in 1992/3. At that time I had no Internet, I could only pick up airplane details on books, some very expensive. I trusted the instructions and decals included in the assembly box, choosing this 1 White with the Winged Wheel. Before creating the skin, I searched the Internet for news, drawings and photographs of this model, but besides what I published, I didn't find anything either, but I liked it and I did made. Questa skin mi è stata ispirata da un modello della DRAGON 1/48 che realizzai nel 1992/3. Allora non avevo Internet, potevo raccogliere particolari degli aeroplani solo su libri, alcuni molto costosi. Mi fidai delle istruzioni e delle decals incluse nella scatola di montaggio, scegliendo questo 1 Bianco con la Ruota Alata. Prima di realizzare la skin, ho cercato in Internet notizie, disegni e fotografie di questo modello, ma oltre a quello che ho pubblicato, non ho trovato niente neanche io, ma mi piaceva e l'ho fatta.
  4. I do not know. I downloaded the MEGALAX skin from here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54922-megalaxstempest-v-skins-now-new-and-improved/
  5. I attacked this little icon directly on this beautiful and historic DDS skin. The result seems to me pretty good ...
  6. Hi Zimon, sometimes I added customizations to some skins as a game, without using the temlplate, but directly on the DDS, with excellent results. I use Photoshop. I'm not a great skinner, so you better wait for other answers too ...
  7. Fantastic!!! My Virginia Maria !!!😍This is a gift !!!Thanks!!! Where can I download it?🤔
  8. Hello everyone! I am very pleased that we started talking about the forum, because it is since the arrival of the templates of the new Bok and BoB planes that I see a certain confusion and disorder. First for each plane there was a specific one threads where we found everything published, including skins, without having to go look elsewhere. Couldn't we continue as before? From now! Each plane a thread, where to publish skins, comments, requests, opinions, but just for that specific aircraft, in short, as before. I don't think this is expensive, but for good organization of the forum, it would also be worth donating something, not only in money but also in physical and temporal help. I can easily see that a certain antagonism is being created between skinners, delicate, but antagonism. This, although highly stimulating, should not lead to one hermetic division, but an improvement of the fantastic jobs you do, to the exchange of ideas, documentation, tactics for the realization of increasingly faithful skins to the historical reality of the various models. I don't know if Google Translation translated well what I wrote in english, I hope ... Roberto
  9. ... and four grandchildren ...😍 Thanks for your wonderful skins !!! Ciao Roberto
  10. Yankee_One! I gave my daughter the names Virginia Maria ... I love that skin !!!🥰
  11. I can not believe it! No one has yet made this beautiful skin of the P-38J-15-LO "Virginia Marie"! If I could I would do it, but I don't see more well ...
  12. I see that nobody is preparing the "P-51 Petie 2nd" ...🤔 You do not like? I could do it, but I can't see good anymore, it would take me too long!😔
  13. As you read about the posts, I think nobody has ...😊 Όπως διαβάζεiς για τις posts, νομίζω ότι κανείς δεν έχει …😊 Γεια σου!
  14. Maybe! But it's too early ...😌 (Magari! Ma è troppo presto…😌)
  15. Let's not forget the "Big Beautiful Doll"!😉
  16. Excuse me! I didn't delete the swastikas from the screenshots ...
  17. Hello everyone! I tried to make this skin of the Fw 190 D-9 JV 44 White 1 of Hptm.Waldemar Wubke as the 1/48 model of the Dragon that I did many, many years ago. I hope you like it, my view is not the same as before, so there could be several errors ... If there are any, let me know! And if you want to do it again, I can give you the "wheel with wings" already ready and hard to find. However, if you want it, the download is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/un5fwxgp4h51y38/Fw 190 D-9_White 1_4K.dds?dl=0
  18. Il a été tué par la mort qui fauche ...😠 He was killed by death with the scythe ...😠 😊
  19. Bellissime skins Pat!!! Bravo!!! De belles skins Pat !!! Bravo !!! Όμορφα δέρματα Pat!!! Μπράβο !!! Beautiful skins Pat !!! Very good!!! 😊
  20. PatCartier, I'll do that too... I'll let you know. Thanks!
  21. Dear PatCartier, first of all thank you for your kind help and for the good advice you can give me. I use a panel finder, but align the three parallelepipeds in the right position it is not easy for me. That piece of upper fuselage it's making me "angry". They will also be my 62 years ...😌 And even more it makes me angry the same skin in 2K in RoF that is perfect!🤬 However I do not give up, sooner or later I will succeed, I hope! Thanks again!😊
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