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  1. Just what I was looking for, thanks! 😃
  2. Looks awesome! I'm very much looking forward to trying the new aircraft and especially the new campaign system.
  3. Red Baron II and European Air War. So yeah, pretty much spot on 20 years...
  4. So, if a constantly inflating earth is the reason for our gravity, do I also have to travel a greater distance each time I drive to work and back? This theory would explain increasing fuel prices and earthquakes at the same time. I like it!
  5. My edit came a bit late, I see. Time will tell whether it was a wise decision but that's a discussion for another topic.
  6. I think they believed up to the last moment that "people can't be that stupid" - which appears to be just too optimistic. (-> before this is received negatively: it's probably being thought on both sides) I find comfort in the fact that, regardless of today's results, we have people here who are making IL-2 great again.
  7. Oh carp, I should have posted in here again back last year, sorry. The issue on my side was: CPU overheating My CPU fan stopped working and so the CPU was running hot thus slowing everything down. It also began affecting other games after some time but since simulating AI and stuff in IL-2 is quite heavy on the processor(s), it was very prominent and appeared first here. After replacing the fan and renewing the heatsink paste, the game ran normally again and does up to this day. I now edited my OP.
  8. No more must-achieve mission goals If ranks and medals are still dependent on some kind of (visible or not) XP-system in the envisioned career mode, please loosen the 0 XP failure states which in the current campaign mode come with things like: - crash landing in friendly territory (or even landing damaged on a friendly airfield) after killing 3 enemy attack planes (yes, the plane needs some major repairs but the pilot is alive and has done a lot of damage to the enemy - no reason to come out with 0 "XP" for that) - not shooting down at least one enemy attack plane but coming home with 4 fighter kills (again, pilot alive, aircraft fine and damage done to the enemy - just not that particular flight of attack planes - no reason to come out with "0 XP" because "misison failure") Sure, losing your entire flight including your own aircraft after bailing out should not be rewarded (quite the contrary) but the conditions/definitions of "mission success" should be re-evaluated for the career mode.
  9. Guess it's like in some cars which will get very loud about not having the seatbelt fastened. Apart from being off-center, the landing itself looked quite good though. Being halfway through my flying lessons I can say that getting the flare height right when not being used to a particular aircraft is one of the trickier aspects of landing. So well done.
  10. Nice video. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and ... Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope! Glideslope!
  11. Alright, the prospect of a RoFl-like campaign and an AI overhaul + some very interesting planes are convincing enough.
  12. Windows 10 eh? Does anyone here know a guy at Microsoft who could leak us information on the next Theatre from Jasons computer?
  13. I'm sorry to tell you that you'll hardly find any active pilots among us these days.
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