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  1. Could you upload mission sample here?
  2. The second ("old") New Year is informal holuday (14th January). So 1st working day in Russia is 9th January. And yes, first news in 2020 we'll get, I guess, in February, not earlier. Devs will need to recover after long holydays, you know..)
  3. @namhee2 , these large letters - it's a breaking of the rule N11, isn't it? hmm?
  4. For me everything is changed. Now at miniamal zoom I can aim with no problems. Yellow pointer does not turn like hell now.
  5. Which "submodification" of Ausf.D you mean? Or...?
  6. Does anybody have such forest-type map for Rheinland map?
  7. Request to moderator - close this topic please. Devs fixed aiming, no sense to vote anymore. Thanks.
  8. Didn't play this campaign, but read a lot about night fighting over Kuban and Eastern Crimea. For red side for night missions only 3 aircraft are appropriate - A-20, U-2, B-25. The others (Pe-2, Il-2) flew at night very rarely.
  9. Strange questions... Right questions should sound like this: Are you ready to buy C-47 for $100? - 1) Yes 2) No. Or: Are you ready to change flyable "Typhoon"("Mosquito") to C-47? 1)Yes 2)No. Answer on any kind of questions like "do you want this plane in the game?" will obviously always "Yes" and shows nothing...
  10. Lofte

    SU tank

    HEAT shells have problems in TC in general. Try 75-mm and you will see it.. Useless ammo for now.. (imho)
  11. Which map you try to play on? If you bought TC only you can play offline only Prokhorovka, if I understand all the system right...
  12. Hmm..what this post is about..?
  13. Not sure devs saw my post on ru-forum. I'll post it here. Dear devs, do you have any plans to plant spruces and pines in Ardennes like on Moscow map? Please note, that for spruces and pines you don't need remove leaves in winter. Pls. see below how looked Ardennes in winter 1944/45 г - spruces and pines are everythere And here what we've got. Leaves on threes in winter. No spruces, no pines..: Moscow map looks much better...:
  14. I read in memories of a soviet WWII veteran about such aiming. But can't remember what it was - AT- or tank gun.. Anyway it was an extremal case..
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