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  1. Request to moderator - close this topic please. Devs fixed aiming, no sense to vote anymore. Thanks.
  2. Didn't play this campaign, but read a lot about night fighting over Kuban and Eastern Crimea. For red side for night missions only 3 aircraft are appropriate - A-20, U-2, B-25. The others (Pe-2, Il-2) flew at night very rarely.
  3. Strange questions... Right questions should sound like this: Are you ready to buy C-47 for $100? - 1) Yes 2) No. Or: Are you ready to change flyable "Typhoon"("Mosquito") to C-47? 1)Yes 2)No. Answer on any kind of questions like "do you want this plane in the game?" will obviously always "Yes" and shows nothing...
  4. HEAT shells have problems in TC in general. Try 75-mm and you will see it.. Useless ammo for now.. (imho)
  5. Which map you try to play on? If you bought TC only you can play offline only Prokhorovka, if I understand all the system right...
  6. Hmm..what this post is about..?
  7. Not sure devs saw my post on ru-forum. I'll post it here. Dear devs, do you have any plans to plant spruces and pines in Ardennes like on Moscow map? Please note, that for spruces and pines you don't need remove leaves in winter. Pls. see below how looked Ardennes in winter 1944/45 г - spruces and pines are everythere And here what we've got. Leaves on threes in winter. No spruces, no pines..: Moscow map looks much better...:
  8. I read in memories of a soviet WWII veteran about such aiming. But can't remember what it was - AT- or tank gun.. Anyway it was an extremal case..
  9. That would be a bad solution. With keys you can do only 2 actions - "1" (move) and "0" (don't move). But almost all WWII tanks had traversing speed control system one way or another. They weren't just 1-0 binary systems.
  10. Good news for those who have said "NO") "We're also starting the work on two other important things for the tanks (they won't be ready for the next update though) - improving the gun aiming (fixing the problem when the rotation marker 'jumps' too far) and adding the binoculars for tank commanders. "
  11. Do it 20-30 times and you will press these buttons automaticly with no look on keyboard in 1 second.. Now you are just bad trained tank commander)
  12. Don't know about this law. I remember big soviet "Atlas of Officer" (printed in 1984), there were maps with letters "СС" ("SS"). That was official book, printed by soviet Ministry of Defence and, as I know, nobody pays an attention on this.. I don't know what is the problem put these letters.. The game has more then enough problems with historical atmosphere even without this...
  13. Zoom out a bit and try - you'll get much "fun")
  14. You probably aiming at full zoom (max size of sight net on your monitor). Reduce it in 2 times and try again. You will get something like this (see below). I'm not swingig mouse left-reight-left or something as you can think lookibg at the video. I'm just trying turn my turret to the left as fast as I can! And what I get - my yellow pointer (vector) just haoticly turning around with huge step. My turret is out of control! I can't even stop it there where it is at the moment - it doesn't stop until reach yellow pointer! While I fight the turret, my enemy kills me with pleasure...(
  15. Crew get killed, different damages of systems. Tank can explode. Not always but not rare Average-Low. Several AT-guns and field artellery are in game. Other manned AT-weapon - no. Yet no infantry, trenches etc. Don't know what is hunter-killer team. Yes, I'd say it is mostly tank vs tank game (for now). Good enough, but little bit empty - no trenches, bunkers, anti-tank ditches... Playable. I'd say very good. You can shoot through minor buildings and trees. Ricochets are present. But there are several questions about tank damage models.. Now no, but as I know this will be in next update (should be out this week or so..)
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