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  1. Binoculars in the game now have no sense because of current FOV's adjustment system for gunner and commаnder. Field of view for gunner is unrealistic wide and zoomable. Same with commander's FOV. I could even say that now we can fight without commander at all - that wide and zoomable now gunner's FOV is. First of all devs should narrow FOV for gunner and fix zoom settings accroding to historic data. For example T-34 had gunsight TOD-6 (fixed zoom x2.5, FOV angle 26°) Pz-III-M had TZF5e (5cm KwK39, zoom x2.4, FOV angle 25°) On the other hand such extreme modification will totally change whole gameplay and should implement only after evaluating every pro et contra.
  2. Confirm. But there are another tiger's vulnerabilty issues (in MP game). For exaple - imho too often penetration of frontal armor and player's death at range > 500 m. Also unrealistic death of all crew member except tank commander. + there are some problems with 88-mm tiger's gun. I'd say its shells are pretty weak. Or maybe T-34's armor too thick, I don't know.. Very often just can't knock out T-34 even after 5-10 shots..
  3. What else should they do if T-34 with its 76-mm short gun destroys Tiger in frontal armor at 1 km? You just have to say "thanks" to Axis players who continue this beta-test.
  4. Brief description: In Tank Crew now (07.01.2019) "Tiger"'s damage model is unrelistic. Or unrealistic T-34's gun armor piercing ability.. Detailed description, conditions: In multiplayer game T-34 can now destroy "Tiger" at 700-800 (or even at 1500!) m with frontal armor hit, or side armor hit (45 deg angle). This is totally unrealistic because T-34's 76 mm gun could not pierce 110 mm armor at any range with any shell. Additional information: Just watch these multiplayer examples Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): see above
  5. Axis side still needs 4-5 tankers.
  6. Hallo all Axis side needs 7-8 tankers on Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. L for the event. If you have interest in ground battle please sign in. Minimal requirements: - desire to play BoS's tanks - minial communication skills in English or Russian language - readyness to hear and comply commander's tasks Here is brifing (RU) -> CLICK ON ME In short - we have to capture flag in nearest village (Abganerovo). There will be 11 tanks Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. L vs 9 T-34 + defence line We will have to communicate with Luftwaffe commander and coordinate our efforts. Most important picture from brifing - see below
  7. Hi all Could anybody explain where is problem here (see below). Stock missions start fine, internal server starts my missions fine.. What could be wrong with DServer? dogfight.rar
  8. oops.. after you I checked engine control buttons and - omg! - I found it ) Default keys are "LShift"+"B". I wonder why there was no word about this system in DD, and also no mention about it in ingame plane description. So, as I see, A-8 has 4 engine modes: 1) "cruise" (up to 80-81%) 2) "combat" (81-87%) 3) "starting" or "emergency" (87-100%) 4) "emergency boosted" (100% + С3-Einspritzung) Btw, in "emergency boosted" mode engine overheats like hell, so you have to open cowling flaps pretty much and it eates most of you "boosted" speed...
  9. Will we get someday 10 min fuel injection system ( C3-Einspritzung) for FW-190A-8? I mean not only ground attacker, but also standart (fighter) versions. Some info about MW50 and GM1 for A-8 also would be great to read
  10. Brief description: In multiplayer game sometimes other players can see my thik black smoke trail, though I - can not. Detailed description, conditions: Server Wing of Liberty, Stalingrad winter. Aircraft - FW-190A-3 Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See tracks and screenshots below. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7, 64bit, CPU - i5-2400, RAM - 12GB, videocard - MSI 750Ti. SmokeBugTracks.rar
  11. Hallo guys Could you drop in PM a link to discuss game plans, please? I heard something about Skype..
  12. That was Wize. I don't think he did it specially. Watch this moment on the footage below. btw - I wondering - where did he lose his canopy?))
  13. Couple of screenshots from last bombers raids 27-28.10.2017 more here
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