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  1. I see no reasonable adequate criticism here. Only biased slander with no facts or reasonable arguments. I think all of this is based on constant fails to succeed. You better to find reason of your fails in yourself. Not in a server, admin or somewhere else.
  2. Yeah, probably you really shouldn't play on E-Server..) Every time you get killed always anybody will be guilty - except you. Rude russian admin, wrong tankset, unfair map, vulchers, chiters, bloody Putin, KGB, martians etc. It's easiest way to excuse your fails - to say that server is crap..
  3. No, it tells only that admin has bad manners and some time ago condoned some jerks. It doesn't tell that there are some problems with maps or ballance. You don't have to speak with him every time you play) BTW - As you maybe know, all admins of WOL get banned on official forums because of they manners. Everybody. Only because of their offencive talks to devs. It doesn't tell us that WOL is a crap server, right?
  4. I don't know what map do you mean exactly, but if you tell that mission maker deliberately did some advantages for red side - you should present something more significant than just words. I can recall 4 maps of E-Server with bridges and no one side has some significant advatages there.
  5. That's really unfair, untrue and biased statement. I didn't see any map with some signful advatage for one or another side. Btw - have you ever try to play T-34 or KV? Or SU-152 against Tiger or Ferdinand? I did. And I can say that good axis tanker instantly becames average or even bad riding on red tanks. All that teardrops about "advantages of red side" make me really laugh.. The red side have only one advantage - IL-2 with rockets under wings. That's the only real red advantage. Oh, really? Then why you spawn on base under attack, not on base in deep rear?) On E-Server you always have the choice where to spawn (exept of some rare hopeless situations). If you have no choice - probably you should not to spawn at all, your team is already defeated in 90% cases.
  6. It's obvious that our definitions of "fairness" are differ. I don't consider vulching and respawn killing as something unfair or bad. As I said before, it is major, key part of MP game. It makes the game more interesting, enjoyful and more dynamic. I would not advice Finnish server because of several reasons 1) huge distanses between bases (but if you have a lot of time - there is no problem of course) 2) small number of tankers 3) only 2 tanks per side (T-34 + Sherman vs Pz-4 and 3) 4) it's a primary air-battle server, tanks are secondary, Nobody cares about to create some special various tactical situations for tanks. You have 2 bases and long road between them, that's it
  7. @JG27_Steini - I'd say - very very strange complaints. Capturing enemy spawn point (base) is the key part of MP game. Blocking it before caprturing by tank fire from ground or airstrafe from air is major part of it. If you get instant kill right after spawn it is not just "force major", this is partially your own choice. The game itself show you when your base is under attack (that little sword sign over base). You can also request teammates in gamechat about combat situation near base. And again - nobody force you to spawn again and again under fire..
  8. SU-122 had hull from T-34. They say about it even in Pantherfibel..
  9. If we talk about Panthers it was planned to equip Panther "D" with AA MG Mount from 1 Aug 1943. But these plans were failed by tank plants. So these mounts appeared in combat units much more later, I suppose in late 1943-mid 1944.
  10. As an old soviet expression says - "If motherland will order - then tanks will fly" ) Родина прикажет - танки полетят))
  11. Strange reticle. Never saw it before. Doubt it is Tiger's main gunsight...
  12. "Tigerfibel" "Pantherfibel"
  13. Sorry, I didn't know that...But AI only and PvE missions - not too good idea for me. Honestly to say I like to play versus alive people. PS - btw, I think there is possibility to link quantity of player spawns to activation of bots. For example: Red Side has 8 spawn events and blue one - 0 => bots will be activated, if less than 8 - than no. Or if red side have 12 spawns and blue 5 - then also no bot activation. Something like that. It could help to balance map (roughly of course)..
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