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  1. Hmm.. No, I think.. Only single-player mode.. PS - Btw, what is coop? When you play with a friend on one side?
  2. @Yogiflight, have you tried to use orders same way like for airgunners (pressing F1)? Was there any effect? When I tested my mission I noticed such gunner's behavior (and also was surprised), but thought that just additional funny feature and there are no big problems with that (except unintended shells wasting in some cases). PS - It would be much better, of course, if gunner would act like you described. Think something like that will be done by devs in future..
  3. Made poll Feel free to correct my language mistakes if they are there
  4. You can discuss it here - All tanks using M4 style gun aiming, Good or Bad ? Here is just poll.. Yes - you think new system is better than old one No - you think new system is worse than old one
  5. I also don't like new aiming system. But I think we will get used to it.. About problems in general - honestly it seems after last update DM of free T-34 is fixed. At least now I can destroy it with only one 75-mm round at point blank range. And I can be wrong, but rear armor bug with free T-34 is also fixed now..
  6. @gabuzomeu, thanks for feedback! Unfortunately It's impossible use definite flare color in mission, there is no such option in editor. You can fire any color, there is no difference. About lagging - yes bots can't keep up with you if drive at max speed (maybe this beacuase of that fact they are "simple" tanks, and your tank is "detailed" tank). But you can reduce speed using gearbox (z/x). For example, at 10 km/h (3 gears down from top gear) formation is ok.
  7. Wow, E-Front has tank web-statistic? Could somebody drop the link pls?
  8. Main problem of german side - no communications between players. They attack one by one, with no chain or battle line. That means each german tank has to look around and control 360 deg around itself. While normally each tank has to control only sector 90 deg max (from 10 to 2 o'clock or so). So even tigers easily get killed by more fast Т-34s, perish in ambushes and so on.. We just have to communicate better - that's all we need to win. MHO. (even bugged free T-34 could not help red side in this case))
  9. Some time ago found the great video about operation "Winter Storm". Description says it is a private footage made by a german officer.. Made it little bit brighter and added subtitles
  10. Perhaps this because you don't have BOS and for this reason unable to play on Stalingrad map in single missions..
  11. Topicstarter forgot put one zero in number 200?)
  12. When I tested the mission I was also surprised. Turret gunner act like MG-gunner on airplane. I think it's a part of some new feature infiltrated in current version of BoS...
  13. To the attention of TC amateurs, I present another historical single mission for the German side, dedicated to the events of December 1942 - the battle for the farm Pohlebin December 4, 1942 Feature of the mission - the player controls the tank company Pz-IVG. Control is made by signal flares, four commands are available: 1) column 2) line 3) stop 4) continue driving. The historical information that we managed to collect about the battle in the Pohlebin area on December 3-4, 1942 - see the PDF link (Russian language, sorry - no time to translate to English properly). But if someone really needs the translation - I can try to do that. Mission briefing (see spoiler bellow and sorry for translate.google.ru widely used): Some screenshot (sorry for low quality of pictures) Download link >>> Prelude to "Winter Storm". Pokhlebin, 4th dec.1942 Set up: deploy archieve to ....\IL-2\data\Missions PS - can't guarantee proper work for all resolutions except FullHD (1980x1080)/ Any feedbacks, comments etc. - will be very much appreciated.
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