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  1. There are two great soviet movies about WWII tankers 1) "На войне как на войне" ("In war as in war"), 1968 2) "Жаворонок" ("Lark"), 1964 There was a short period in 1960s-70s in soviet filmmaking when they did great and honest movies. Can't find english subtitles, sorry
  2. Thanks. I created info-thread on RU-forum about the Tank Battle - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/13614-танковый-эвент-com-форум/?tab=comments#comment-785299 Maybe somebody will be interesting too..
  3. I would like to participate. Axis side. Bad broken English and even much worse German attached) @SCG_Neun, could you provide some detailes please (map, historical background, tank set)?
  4. Can't reproduce, but maybe you should try to press Ctrl+T or Shift+T?
  5. This should be added on top of whole Tank Crew thread with marking "BREAKING NEWS".
  6. It's allusion to a very famous (in russian-speaking world) song.
  7. Well, there is no some special explanation of it. I guess this is just dead soldier who is going away to the skies..
  8. Yesterday, a monument to soldiers who died in the Battles of Rzhev was unveiled in the Tver region of Russia. Personally, I didn't know anything about it until yesterday (although I live in Russia) and I was struck by it. And your thoughts about the monument? Does it look great, strange, maybe unfinished or even ugly? What do you think (or feel) about it?
  9. @Anton_Hynkel - thank you, I'll try to fix it Hope fixed it (see start topic)
  10. What tanks? AI, manned, static? Which place exactly?
  11. Zoom for binoculars? There is no zoom for it, magnification for binoculars is constant, like it was before..
  12. Hi, thanks for this report. What localization (languange) is in your Il-2 client? Maybe you could post some screenshots?
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