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  1. Agreed. Static infantry (sitting or lying with AT-rifles, AT-grenades, bazokas or Panzerschrecks) - that's would be enough for now for more realistic ground battles (Tank Crew). Btw, we have now Schurzen for german tanks - these shields, as I know, were used to protect tanks against AT-rifles. Now they don't have much sense.. Something like that:
  2. I would like to test Tank Crew. Only afraid about my English skills. Video guides - No (because of my weak system - only something like PDF if you need it)
  3. If I remember, blocks have adjustable damage durability or smth like that. Still can't understand - does it work properly now or not.. Needs some tests I think..
  4. Last time I tried to destroy a house it required ~ 20-30 tiger's HE-shells (88-mm). Unpleasant thing is that after visual distruction is the fact that physical model remains the same. You can see but can't fire through it Never trired to do this for detailed (destructible) blocks.
  5. It seems like this guy never heard about rear armor bug... Never saw it when his teammates use it. Never got dozen 88-mm hits at poit blank 200 m and stayed alive. PS - and now another surprize - bugged old Т-34 can easily keep up with Pz-IVG at long ranges. Though Pz-IVG has more powerful gun and thiker front armor! Miraculo!)
  6. Both, I think. 70% - bugged DM of "free" T-34 30% - MP game problems. mho
  7. Yeah! Noticed the same several times in single mission! My gunner fired at will at every target that was in sight. Though I did not give them any orders. Btw, I have no idea how can I order something to some crew member or how to swich this "command mode" on. It just switched somehow itself ) I suppose that's some parts of new features infiltrated in the release..
  8. They all use this bug. Navigator62, RIVALDO, XoBoT and so on. They use it and "teach" others. Same story was with HE shells against Tiger's front armor (Т-34 could kill Tiger at 1500 range with HE hit in roof) until if was fixed. There are a lot of questions about DM of "free tanks", mainly T-34_Stz. Don't know why devs do not fix it with highest priority. yeah, such experience - when tanker uses rear armor like it's a front armor - can give very intersting information about the TC... ( Very interesting and unusual experience, I'd say.. ( Already made. Han said - "so what? Engine is dead, kill yours. What else do you want? It's ok" Tryed to explain that it is NOT ok several times. Had no answer... Maybe this will be fixed one day (in bright future). Don't know...
  9. Lofte


    As I know, germans widely used additional caterpillar armor for Pz-IV (even for roof armor). Wrote about it several times on russian-speaking forum.. We need such ability in the game.
  10. Pz 38(t)? Hmm)
  11. Not really difficult) Just don't try to keep up with russian tanks head to head on Pz III. Аnd always use APCR shells at distances <= 500 m.
  12. Well, thaks for feedback, @Flashy) I'm glad you enjoy it. Operation "Winter Storm" is one of the most interesting subjects for me, so maybe one day next mission about it will see the world..)
  13. Semi-historical mission for german tanker on PzKmpf. III Ausf.M, dedicated to operation Winter Storm (Wintergewitter) Source of inspiration - the book by H.Scheibert "Bis Stalingrad 48 km: Der Entsatzversuch 1942. Dokumentation einer dramatischen Panzerschlacht" Works fine only with FullHD resolution (1920x1080). Doubt about others (that's about custom pictures in mission). Mission description below (see hidden text. sory for google translation from russian language) Download here >> http://bodenplatte-45.narod.ru/WG.rar Deploy in C:\IL-2\data\Missions\  PS - this is my first mission in BoS. Any comments, bug messages, language corrections etc. will be appreciated.
  14. Word "commander" has no sense in this case. Don't know why it was used in the manual (maybe for some prestige reasons?). This "commander" had no subordinate persons.
  15. Loader-commander? That's was impossible. Never heard/read about that.
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