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  1. These 4 are most interesting for me in following order Battle of the Bulge (most interesting) Eastern Front 1944/45 Battle of Normandy Battle of Berlin Voted for Eastern Front 44-45 out of chauvinist reasons BTW is Battle of Berlin also Eastern Front, isn't it?
  2. My God, I dream about it and hope on it already 5 years or so. Yes, yes, yes please make these bombs! This is not serios - do night missions without illumination/target marker parachute bombs! We can fly at night with no board radar, even with no radar at all, without ground radiosupport and blind landing systems, but we can't fly without illumination bombs.
  3. What should T-34 do with +10-15 km/h in clear battlefield? Sometimes it can help only die faster and that's all. If we talk about Pz-IV and T-34 imo Pz-IV has two important advantages. 1) Pz-4 has 5 crew members. Commander is separate person. No need to jump up (to look around) and down (to aim) constantly 2) Pz-4 has more powerful long barreled gun (43 or 48 calbers) while T-34 has short barreld gun (41,5 calibers) T-34 has also two advantages 1) Speed 2) Armor with large slope angles (teoretically more chance for ricoshet) So you can choose on
  4. What exactly advantage (except speed)?
  5. aha... very simlar. Even though T-34 can't penetrate Pz-V front armor at any distance while Pz-V can do it at 1,5-2 km)
  6. You must be jokeing? This is only possible balance set in the game. T-34 vs Pz-IV + Pz-IIIL/M. KV only has little better armor and 5th crew member - in other things almost identical to the T-34. Pz-IVF2s were in 4th panzer army already in july-august 1942 and fought in area south of Stalingrad. In december 1942 two companies (~30 tanks) of long barreled Pz-IV were in 6th panzer division (operation "Winter Storm"). Tigers never were at Stalingrad..
  7. I would be great to give player ability to decide how many crew members will do repair, which ones exaclly (gunner, loader etc), which exactly damage they will repair first. So it could be a little repair management system with interface alike we use to lock/unlock gunner positions on bombers. Just not to seat and wait but have some fun.
  8. Yes, but I don't think it's a big problem to do a desert map (or set of 2-3 maps) 100х100 ... 70x70 km with no villages, rivers and minimum of roads and plants..
  9. Yope, I also noticed that. Tiger exploded after regular soviet APHE hit. Definetely bug. Post it in bugreport section
  10. My personal list: 1) Infantry with AT-weapons 2) To get right balance in the fight "AT-gun vs Tank". Now tanks destroy AT-guns too easily. AT-guns can't disguise and dig in ground 3) Triggers you can pull at you will anytime (by swithing some switchbox, type some command or something like this). This feature need to call artellery, aviation, lunch attacks, deploy defense, command units and so on. 4) System that allows you to transfer parametres from oine mission to another in a custom campaign (for example - score (let to decide - "award" player or not in the end of campaig
  11. Hi all. Does anybody fly on WoL as level bomber, bomb from high altitude? If somebody does we could fly together. Or at least fly sharing general plan of battle. What I see now on server - blue pilots crawlin on ground and die like flies in dogfights. I find it pretty stupid while we have Ju-88 and can destroy most of targets (except tanks) from 4000 m.
  12. Same for me. Don't understand what 1.JaVA_KEBEN is talking about...
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