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  1. I see this is getting even more of a mess day after day... Still no chance to change pilot's name. You guys really have a lot to learn... Go back to 1946, that's the best we will ever get in ww2 simming. This guys just can't deliver.
  2. I agree with MACADEMIC. The field was quite misleading, it asked for "name", not for Pilot's Name, and so I entered my real name there. Not interested at all to appear online with my real name, naturally. If you send a support ticket or something won't they change it now that the game has gone live?
  3. Well, as you might notice from my avatar, I take my country seriously... As I'm sure many other guys in many other countries who are just not represented do. We are living in a time where internet is very far reaching, hope the dev team acknowledges that and adds the rest of the world to their "flag database". I know it's not a hard thing to do. Nor is it a top priority, but it's kind of a let down to see neighbouring countries in the list and not your own (and don't you tell me you haven't heard about Uruguay lately).
  4. Very interesting really. Now would some of the new AI features be ported to RoF? It would give new life to the Single Player in that Sim.
  5. Mebers, then to the upper right "More Search Options". There go down to "Status", and select "Founder". Or else at the botton of the filters section you can select "Founders" where it says "Show All".
  6. Having it as an option would be a step ahead in inmersion from the old Il-2, without taking the startup procedure to a full simulation setting, which many people dislike. I, for one, like the idea of starting the mission pretending you just climbed on to the cockpit, but it gets a little boring to warm up the engine every sortie you make. So, optional is great. Of course if it doesn´t delay development and release schedule too much.
  7. I have also, and I'm a software developer myself, so I kinda know what it's like to get a software product to the final user. My post is not intended as a personal message for you, much less was I trying to undermine your previous message. Regretably, the English word for singular and plural is the same. I just intended a simple reminder for everyone in the forums, that sometimes it's not so good to get the product too early.
  8. Live streams are interesting to show that development moves on. And to attract those that are still over the fence to come to the dark side (or the golden side like most of you). Of course that playing would be better, but if you play a grossly unfinished product you may get a very wrong idea and flood the forums with complaints about what you paid and what you get, so the course of action of 777/1C on this matter seems right to me.
  9. That looks promising, and as hardware improves, so will the limits I believe.
  10. It's official. Planned release date though, not sure if final. I guess it will all depend on the results of the beta testing.
  11. As always, thanks for taking the time to respond Jason. Now we have an official view on the matter.
  12. With all due respect, in the matter of "Mouse Aim" vs Joystick, hardware determines your kill tally. A Joystick player is in serious disadvantage against a mouse/kb player in War Thunder. That dream is not going to come true with the "Mouse Aim" implementation War Thunder features. Also, there are really cheap joystick options, much cheaper than a mouse/kb, and very effective. Hardware cost is not something to base your arguments on. My opinion is: Mouse vs Mouse, Joystick vs Joystick. No discrimination, just join the arena where you will fight in even conditions. There's no better or worse, no upper/lower class, just players with different preferences.
  13. I guess I'll fly a little bit of everything I can buy . What would I like to fly the most? Ju-87D and 109F. What do I picture myself flying due to lots of people flying for the Axis side in every server? LaGG-3 and Il-2. It's just no fun flying all the time for the "easy side". I like to be an underdog.
  14. Interesting progression in the last weeks, maybe RoF in Steam has something to do with it?
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