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  1. Also, I think P-51 manual mode for oil cooler shares the assignment with He-111, while coolant radiator shares the assignment with... something else. This info can be found scattered in recent forum threads, but since I'm not bothered with manual operation in the Mustang (auto regulators seem to be working well enough), I can't be more specific, sorry . Someone more knowledgeable will surely chime in.
  2. Especially when these blobs pretty much disappear 5-7 km from you, or when you zoom, because of botched scaling algorythm, no matter whether you're a 4K user or 1080p one. There's nothing either equalizing or realistic or immersive about that. Not to mention that these who own 4k screens of smaller size are actually at disadvantage from 1080p owners because of how pixel-related contact rendering is. The very few who own really big 4k screens are in better situation, that's true, but so what. The whole "higher end winning out" argument is silly anyway. Dates back to years ago. When wide flatscreens appeared some said they were "unfair" compared to CRTs, when HOTAS sets appeared some said they were "unfair" compared to simple sticks and keyboards, when TrackIRs appeared some said they were "unfair" compared to hat switches etc. Higher end hardware will always give some advantage somewhere and there's no realistic equalizing solution for that.
  3. Gun movement by mouse is tied to pilot head control bindings unfortunately, so you should never delete these. Been there, done that. Don't remember, however, if I had to purge the whole input folder or if copying some lines from the backup files was enough.
  4. @HHemi, whatever the obscure reason for reset is, why don't you make a backup of your settings then? It's literally one folder for controllers (data/input) and one file for gfx/sound (startup.cfg).
  5. You can't. Badges below the name are automatically given only to those who bought the expansions directly in the 1C web shop.
  6. Indeed, that's how it works at the moment. Whether devs are going to expand this functionality to multiple photo choice remains to be seen.
  7. Icky, in this particular example, you don't seem to know what you're talking about. What's being discussed are lines where one airframe metal sheet meets the other. These are result of layout of stringers, longerons and bulkheads in the fuselage, so yes, as long as the version is the same, they were / are located in pretty much exactly the same place on every airplane (within standard metal manufacturing tolerances). Not an issue for me, as I don't make skins, but I understand why it might be a problem for skin artists indeed. Since the official template is still yet to be released, now it's the best time to fix these mapping errors.
  8. Yep, heard that one too, but with the glitch being audible only in F2 cam in certain narrow range of angles, I guess most poeople either haven't noticed it yet, or consider it to be too low priority to be bothered about it. That being said creating a dedicated thread or post in bug reporting section of the forum might come in handy.
  9. Art-J


    I think it might be mostly a question of gfx engine used. After all, CloD cockpit textures aren't really high-res either (don't remember if they're all even 2k to be honest), it's just they sometimes look better than BoX ones in certain lighting conditions. My quality benchmark are 3 pits of DCS warbirds, which were retextured and converted to deferred-lighting compatibility this year (Mustang, Dora, Kurfurst), BUT it comes at a price of being resource hogs. Their BoX counterparts might look somewhat underwhelming for me, but with BoX still remaining the king of eyecandy-vs-performance ratio I don't complain. In this gfx engine they do the job. P.S. - one also has to remember, that cockpits in BoX are a mixed bag quality affair, with some older BoS crates lagging behind newest BoBP offerings.
  10. Some more info and footage here as well.
  11. ^ I recall in the other thread Tom Weiss said he wanted to convert all Mustang skins he did for P3D and DCS to Il-2. Very similar scheme (for B-Y2) is amongst them, so you'll get it eventually. Unless someone makes one faster indeed.
  12. It affects most, if not all planes of that era. You'll find 10-sec limitation in P-51 manual as well, for example. Dry sump might be suitable for much longer inverted flight, but the rest of the whole oil system usually isn't :D. Not that the feature is required or designed-in anyway - in normal combat situations pilots practically never needed 10+ sec negative G maneuvers. No idea how this sim's systems modelling tackles this issue, though (if it does).
  13. They came up, however, with A-36 and its divebrakes (I presume that's the one @cardboard_killer meant instead of P-51A), so it wasn't a complete subterfuge after all.
  14. Nah, If we wanted to count them literally, there are five radiators per each fuselage, but function-wise they work within only three systems (Intercooler, oil, coolant), so it's comparable to Thunderbolt from your hotas binding point of view. Even easier, as we don't have to operate turbos separately. I don't know all the detail of their operation in real A/C though, nor did I examine how they're implemented in the game so far (apart from limitation noted above).
  15. Not quite. Under each spinner you've got triple intake with middle inlet for intercooler and the outer ones for oil coolers. The ones on tailbooms are for engine coolant.
  16. Might be something selection-related indeed. I agree P-38 seems to be spawning with both engines selected allright (both throttles/prop levers etc move together when I operate them using Warthog throttle unit). I didn't even know we could start both engines together, that's why I always do deselecting/selecting mumbo-jumbo in all twins, starting the engines separately. Then RPM works OK during taxi and takeoff. Maybe it gets bugged when starting them together, though? More testing is required.
  17. ^ You're right about Centaurus, of course. By "the ones used on Typhoons and Tempests" I was refering to Sabres only.
  18. Just for the record, it's always been FMOD, we just got updated revision of it. Apart from known "windnoise-through-canopy" issue, I'm not quite happy about clearly asymmetric high-speed powerplant noises in P-38 (not by much, but definitely audible on my headphones). Haven't fiddled with other planes all that much, however.
  19. Same here. Got it off and on the ground on first try without using rudder trim, because I didn't know its recommended position anyway. I'd guess if the person is used to Spitfires with their catoring tailwheels (plus required rudder-dance) and doesn't crank the throttle up too quickly, the plane behaves pretty much like a Spit too.
  20. It's not a starting position matter anyway, at least not as the only factor. Both P-38 test flights I did so far were done in QMB, from cold-start, parked positions and I had none issues with throttle and RPM whatsoever (engines started individually, props in auto). For what it's worth, I have no automations/helpers turned on in realism options either, @Sputnik, maybe you do and they're causing these problems?
  21. I've never heard of non-24 cylinder Sabre version, nor do I see it mentioned anywhere on wiki page (?). The ones used on Typhoons and Tempests were 24 anyway.
  22. Thunderbolt has the same GE turbo unit, though, located even further from the engine than in Lightning. Yet, it doesn't have such a big turbo-lag, so Savage's question is quite valid, I'm curious about it as well.
  23. A screen was posted in the other thread with the same happening in P-38 in QMB, so it might be some more general issue. Further investigation is going to be necessary, though.
  24. New planes work with buttons, you just have to assign them again in the options (new control lines have been added in the patch, intended for analog axes, but buttons / keys have to be mapped there as well).
  25. If the real thing and its DCS rendition are comparable to BoX counterpart (haven't flown it yet), you have to move the stick forward to unlock the tailwheel (and steer with diff brakes), or pull the stick to switch the tailwheel to +/- 6 degrees steerable mode. Unless you're talking about issues with re-binding controls (some people are reporting that already), then someone else will have to help you, as I will be able to test the update only later that day.
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