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  1. @hetstaine: the function's called adjustable stabilizer switch: pitch up (and pitch down) in controls menu and, as Yogi pointed, it can only be assigned to buttons/keys, like in real airplane.
  2. Art-J


    All stuff your computer downloaded is stored in these two folders ( plus "_downloads" sub-folder), hence my second suggestion. In theory it should work. If the installer managed to create ED-related shortcuts and Windows registry entries, correct files should be detected during repair process (thus updater would not download them again), incorrect ones should be removed during cleanup process and missing content should be downloaded. As for the version numbers, DCS is distributed in two separate forms: release version, which is standard, more stable and less buggy one and optional public Open Beta version for these players who want to have the latest, new toys inlcuded in it, but are OK with worse performance, much more bugs and glitches. It's up to user's preferences which one he wants to try (although some of the newest aircraft are compatible with Open Beta only for the time being). Latest relase build available is 2.5.5 dated december '19. Latest Open Beta build available is 2.5.6, updated last week.
  3. Art-J


    The "DCS World" folder on your 3rd screen seems to show correct folder path, but is clearly incomplete (lack of BIN sub-folder, which contains all executables needed for the game to run). "Downloads" folder from the 2nd screen does have "bin" in it, but lacks others, looks like some leftover from unfinished installation process and God knows what's in it. All and all, both are a mess. To be safe I would rather dump both of them and start form scratch, making sure first that I do have those free 250 GB available, but I guess as a last resort solution before doing so, you could copy content of "downloads" to "DCS World" (overwriting when asked) and then run repair and cleanup on "DCS World" (repair link should be available in Start menu > Programs > Eagle Dynamics > DCS World, if these links were created at all).
  4. Art-J


    First things first. You should run the game from one "DCS World" folder, whatever the bits and pieces in that "downloads" folders of yours are, I suspect it might not be a complete copy. How big are both of these folders? Barebones DCSW package with only free content in it requires about 75 GB nowadays. Full-everything install requires about 180-185. You want to try only a few modules, so you need something inbetween these values. I guess a couple of dozen gigs extra are needed for extracting archives during installation as well. Estimate how much space you have to spare on each drive and we'll think what to do next.
  5. Deferred shading means more light sources and shadows to calculate, however. When DCS implemented it, with elements of PBR, it took a hefty performace hit it never fully recovered from, despite later tweaks and optimisations. "There is no free lunch" - more eyecandy will require some extra umph to display it. If Jason's guys can choose sensible compromises to keep the fps at comparable level at least (and sounds like they believe they can), then hats off to them! Let's keep the fingers crossed. Natural metal finish on preview shots looks amazing already.
  6. I don't think OvGME needs zipped mods. I use it for both DCS and Il-2 mostly injecting unzipped, loose textures and such (unless the game specifically requires them to be zipped of course), just like I did in JSGME previously. The main two reasons why I switched to OvGME were: a) ability to have mods folder on a different drive than the game folder (saving precious space on game SSD drive); b) ability to have one mods folder injecting mods into multiple, separate installs of the game (SSD space saving again, that was crucial when I was using two installs of DCS).
  7. Art-J


    Yes, although as in the case of more recent ED-developed modules - not much of it. 8 training missions, 4 single ones, 7 instant ones for Caucasus map, 7 for Nevada, 4 for Normandy, I-don't-know-how-many for Gulf map, 'cause I don't own it. No stock campaigns, but there's one payware campaign available, titled "Kursant", based on elements of real life training syllabus of Russian Air Force cadets. Highly acclaimed it seems, universally considered well scripted, challenging but rewarding. Now that I think about it, I should pobably give it a try - bought it long ago, but never played it. Being stuck at home for yet another week might be the right time to do it. The module package contains two versions of the aircraft for the price of one: -C trainer and -ZA light attack. That's a nice bonus in itself. All and all, fun plane to fly around just for the F of it, especially when you remove the gunsight in mission editor and enjoy probably the second best forward visibility of all aircraft in DCS after F-16.
  8. Thanks for the quote, Zack. Bad news, but if there was some fishy signing off involved on those engines, that's the only possible outcome. How it impacts other operators and restorers, however, the way they'll be trusted and treated by FAA, is a mistery indeed.
  9. ^ Site cannot be opened in Europe. Anything interesting in the article apart from what we can see in the link header? Did they get ban on any passenger carrying no matter what aircraft they use?
  10. Just to be sure, from your initial post it's not 100% clear whether you would like to get back to the old Il-2 1946 series, or to get into the new Il-2 franchise, which is completely separate product from the old one (apart from the commercial name), made by different producer. That being said, If you bought the Stalingrad already, that will give you enough feel of how the new series works and if you like it or not. Joystick should be fine as long as its potentiometers are not worn out, but I can see it's not a USB device, so unless your new computer still has a compatible gameport socket in it, you'll need to buy a gameport-USB adapter to make it work.
  11. Art-J


    All on the fence should remember the series of two day free-trials still running. The one for 190A starts on April 5th. Two days is more convenient to set it up and try than two hours. Not being into German hardware all that much I quite like the plane actually (the only thing that draws me away from it nowadays are the new engine sounds for the Messer), but then I bought it for sightseeing flights, with a hefty discount during one of promos. Your mileage may vary.
  12. Oh, I usually don't bother with manual mode either. Just curious how programmers responsible for flight and engine modelling implemented these systems in both simulators, cause I've noticed one needs somewhat different power settings to obtain similar takeoff and landing behaviour in DCS vs Il-2. I play both these sims in mostly non-combat manner, so these modelling details are more interesting for me.
  13. ^ I know, I'm familiar with powerplant systems of both types after flying them every now and then for fun in DCS for a few years, I just didn't spend equal time in their Il-2 renditions. Knowing that auto systems yield somewhat different ATA&RPM combinations in both simulators, I might experiment with manual modes in Il-2 to see how they perform over here.
  14. Understood, thanks. I've been only experimenting with it in DCS 109 and 190s, not enough flying time in their Il-2 counterparts, though.
  15. ^ Oh, It's not anything against you, mate, but this forum just has its own official rules (like every other), so getting loose with language will bring moderator's attention quickly.
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