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  1. First thing which comes to my mind - make sure TIR is unpaused already when launching the game, otherwise it will not work indeed (unlike in DCS where it doesn't matter if TiR is paused or not).
  2. Very nice guide with lots of interesting points being made. I personally would not recommend turning HDR off, as it first and foremost controls lighting of a cockpit, and without it, some pits turn almost pitch black for some reason (P-47 being the worst offender here). Not a big deal for players using technochat messages, but much more problematic for the rest who rely strictly on watching instruments, indicators and levers all the time. That's from 0.8-gamma user's perspective, though, you use higher value so it might not be an issue for you.
  3. Art-J

    DCS news

    It's probably more related to new EDM files format rendering numerous custom mods incompatible with 2.5.5. They either don't work well, or don't work at all, or cause various issues. I had to disable some old favourite mods of mine as well, but otherwise, haven't experienced any CTDs really. However, I've been testing warbirds only so far...
  4. Geronimo, maybe if you expressed yourself clearer from the get go, there would be no further argument at all. Because you initial reply (about CPU not being important) and the further, more thorough one (about multicore CPUs not being fully utilized, which is obvious for anyone playing combat sims for the last decade) convey two completely different and unrelated messages at first glance, even if you thought they meant the same thing.
  5. It only means your GPU is bottlenecking the rest of the hardware. With all FM, DM and AI calculations being strictly CPU dependent in this sim, as soon as one wants to play campaigns with lots of units, or go to heavily unit-populated server, or even spam quick mission generator with bombers shooting their guns all over the place, the single core CPU performance becomes primary concern. Il-2 is not all that much different than DCS in this regard (sadly).
  6. As per Mk IX Pilot's Notes, Part II, para. 33 (ii), it seems they were indeed supposed to wait till the engine starves: "When the fuel pressure warning light comes on, or the engine cuts, turn OFF the drop tank cock and reselect the main tanks", with additional note - "When it is essential to use all the fuel from the drop tank its cock must be turned OFF and the throttle closed immediately the engine cuts; a fresh tank should then be selected without delay. The booster pump in the newly selected tank should be switched ON, or the hand wobble pump operated, to assist the engine to pick up but in addition to this it may be necessary to windmill the engine at high r.p.m, to ensure an adequate fuel supply"
  7. As if the British pilots didn't wear headgear? C'mon.... One could also argue that exhaust stacks are higher in Spits than in Mustangs, making them aim more "in the face" of the pilot, and thus being louder for the Brits. That being said... ...nothing apart from paired stacks on early Spits & Hurris vs individual ones on later Spits & Mustangs, but I wouldn't expect it to make much of a difference. At least there doesn't seem to be any major difference when you watch them live on airshows.
  8. When ED were developing DCS Spit, they used MH-434 as the main (though not only) reference airframe for building their model, and, as this particular famous plane is a one giant clusterF mash-up of early-late-post-war features combined with numerous somewhat sloppy (or should we say liberal) restorations it went through during its colourful operational life, the DCS Spit inherited some of these features.
  9. Pitch down question caused by flaps was discussed numerous times in the past, including feedback from the devs. If I recall correctly the reason it works in BoX the way it works is because, with majority of folks using non-FFB joysticks, the only way to simulate stick forces vs hinge moments vs pitch response is to either have more realistic relative stick displacement (but unrealistic plane response), or more realistic plane response (but unrealistic relative stick displacement) - never both. So in the end, for the developers it's alway a question of which half-right-half-wrong implementation to choose from. Petrovich chose one of them, while Yo-Yo of DCS chose the other. Neither being inherently better. I wouldn't expect anything to change in BoX then, as it would be just replacing one half-baked solution with the other. Well, OK, I personally would actually prefer DCS-one, and consider it slightly better, because with exactly the same simulation problem affecting trim tabs, we would at least get coherent and equally half-wrong modelling of flaps and trims response in BoX, unlike now, where trim response follows one implementation logic, while flap response follows the other...
  10. Art-J

    DCS news

    Discussing any other video game on ED forums is against their forum rule No. 1.15, so whether it's Il-2, Minecraft, Strip Poker or whatever, doesn't matter, posts will be removed or threads will be closed. Simple as that and I can understand the good ole "my house my rules" principle on their part, even though I don't always agree with it (and have been sitting behind the bars, temporarily banned for some months because of it :D). Being booted for actions outside their forum, however, is a hamfisted move to put it mildly. Back to the planes - I consider DCS to be an excellent cheap alternative for P3D and XP11, for guys like me, who got bored with combat sims and prefer non-combat piloting of highly interactive and detailed warbirds and early jets in VFR conditions. Lack of period-correct "background" content is a pity, but not a dealbreaker then. I have to admit though, I bought all my modules during various promo sales, some of the with -70% discount, so in the end for me - they were worth it. I wouldn't recomend paying the full price, though, at least not with the current state of Normandy map and WWII assets pack. Normandy is a lost cause - Ugra Media, which apparently created some good content for BoX franchise, dropped the ball completely on their DCS addon and don't seem to be bothered with supporting and improving it further in any way. Peculiar situation. Well, In that case I'm glad to read next two WWII maps are going to be ED-built. Whenever they come, and when more WWII content is available, the platform might become fully relevant WWII option, to complete BoX franchise on my PC rather than compete with it.
  11. Just to clear things up, the tests were done on Blenheims, not Wellingtons. Geodetic structure + fabric on "Wellies" wouldn't be bothered all that much by any HE shell exploding inside.
  12. Art-J

    DCS news

    Keep in mind the guys behind the DCS I-16 started making that plane 5 years ago, and given the clusterF the BoS was under Loft's "command" back then, I would've probably perceived DCS as a platform with more promising future as well. It's also important to remember they come from FSX/P3D modding scene, so the question of the plane "fitting" the rest or not was/is most likely the very last thing on their priority list.
  13. Art-J

    Racing Sims

    Still playing heavily modded GPL every now and then - CanAm cars and '67 prototypes + period correct tracks are too fun to pass on them, also with a handful of exceptions, they're just not available in newer sims, sadly. Same for historic cars & tracks in Assetto Corsa. In my case it's mostly about hotlapping leisurely, however (or lukewarmlapping I guess ), rather than "racing" per se.
  14. DCS manuals are a mixed bag, they explain some systems in great detail, while being incomplete and confusing in description of others. The radiator info belongs in the latter category. These are the posts in which FM-coder for DCS Dora explains how the flap control works in their sim: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2188375&postcount=31 https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2565748&postcount=69 I haven't flown BoX Dora much, but the system modelling seems to be similar (if not the same?). In either case, radiator knob is something you shouldn't bother touching at all in normal operations.
  15. a) The hole is flush with the external fuselage skin, so without a ram intake (like the one for supercharger) there would be no wind blowing into the pit. Actually... b) ... there might even be a bit of a suction created by lower static pressure caused by airflow outside, as neatly demonstrated on this infamous video:
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