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  1. There's always two sides of the story. I' like to point out only two things: a) it seemed most likely even from the initial posts of yours in those other threads that the problem was related to some corrupted MS Windows stuff rather than files from the game itself. And since support guys' job is to know how their software works and not someone else's, you can't really expect them to become "general-PC-matters-helpdesk". To some extent, yes, but there's only so much they can advise, not knowing what's going on with someone's computer on the other side of the planet; b) I don't know how much of written English they can understand well, and how much they have to use use google translator for when dealing with submitted tickets. In either case, you have to keep in mind that your lousy typing you've become known for around here makes parts of your posts difficult to understand for non-native EN speakers (or even literally half-impossible to decipher IF these guys indeed use aid of online translators). That might be a factor in resolving more complicated technical problems. Just saying. Still, good to hear you've got your issue sorted.
  2. Yes they do. The tab shows up in the briefing screen, after clicking "[your plane] setup" button (bottom right).
  3. I suppose the devs might have misinterpreted the doc Luke posted above then. The doc says there is not "mixture lever" in the quadrant, and that's true. However, the lever which was removed from the 3D cockpit in the BoBP release update was referred to as "idle cutoff control" in those old manuals and handbooks. It's a different thing and I'd hazard a guess it shouldn't be removed after all.
  4. Zach, with all due respect, you seem to be getting into confused/off-topic mode whenever You try to help in this thread 😄. First You tried to explain the original poster things he actually acknowledged in his very first post and thus didn't need to be explained (while not answering the main question he asked); now you're writing me about the lever and the ring while we're clearly discussing the quadrant layout without lever and the ring :P. To rephrase OP's and my the question - if Merlin 66/70 engines we have in BoX Spit did not use the ring, but used the lever, and at the same time this very lever was removed in late '44 according to the document Luke posted above, what device in cockpit was used by the pilot to inject/cut off the fuel mixture then?
  5. Thanks Luke, although that page doesn't explain how the engine with such a mod was started and stopped. Does anyone have another page from that leaflet which explains it?
  6. Google for pics of "Il-2 BoS menu", there's quite a few around. An airplane rotating in the hangar is indeed the main game screen, further options should be displayed on the right, similar to any video game nowadays. If you don't see that on your config, something's amiss with your screen/resolution settings. Now that I think about it, one step back - when you click the launcher icon and the small launcher window shows up (the one with red "play" button), I recall there is a "settings" button somewhere in that one as well. I would start there with setting up the screen resolution before doing anything else.
  7. Adding to what I wrote above, Bodenplatte has just hit Steam today, so you can get at least this one, with a bit of a discount as well.
  8. ^ Nope, it's quite bad, It struck me when I was looking around from the cockpit during my first flights in BoBP. Seems to be much more noticeable on Rheinland map compared to Kuban, where it was almost a non-issue. Maybe because the trees on the former ar darker than on the latter, so they just blend worse?
  9. a) there are two distribution channels - direct by publisher's e-store over here and non-direct by Steam; Off top of my head, someone will correct me if I'm wrong: b) E-store offers early-access pre-purchases, which allow us to use parts of the DLC/expansion already created by developers, i.e. single airplanes or maps even when the DLC is technically not complete yet. That's why even though Bodenplatte DLC was officially released two weeks ago, people were already flying relevant planes months prior that date. Sadly, Steam doesn't offer the same functionality - content is available only when feature-complete DLC is officially published on Steam store. This is where the source of both of your problems is - Bodenplatte, even though it's considered feature complete, just hasn't been released on Steam yet, while the tank-part of the game hasn't even been completed and ready for "our" store, let alone Steam. There is some form of combining e-store account content with Steam account content available, but I've never used it so you'll have to do more searching on the subject.
  10. There's a pilot's head movement section in the key assignments options menu. You can un-bind the mouse over there. Mind you however, when you do so, you won't be able to operate gunner's stations in bombers.
  11. ^ Yes, 48 is the upper tank and it just gravity-feeds into the lower 37 one, which feeds the engine.
  12. Fuel amount was measured by the means of a float. Don't know where in the bottom tank it was located exactly (don't want to go through drawings), but obviously it was higher or lower depending on the airplane attitude. Thus two scales on the gauge - upper is used while the airplane sits on the ground, lower is used while it flies level. Button being pressed turned electric gauge on, depressed turned gauge off just for the sake of minimizing current draw from electric system.
  13. Not talking about Me-262 specifically - a friendly reminder from the realm of flight mechanics and structural design of wings of any airplane: nacelles, tanks, pods, any elements installed along the wing actually increase its structural limits during turns, because their weight force vector (multiplied by Gs) points in the opposite direction than lift force and thus reduce both maximum values of bending moment and shear force acting at the wing spar at its root.
  14. @Redglyph - Don't worry, it's been reported with screenshots quite a few times and devs are aware. Jason wrote they struggled with finding the culprit, though, so it might take a while to fix.
  15. Can't help I'm afraid. I've seen the same effect being used on purpose on one of custom P-40 skins to make part of the fuselage transparent, but I don't know how P-47's template works.
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