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  1. I don't fly CloD much nowadays because of not being interested in BoB setting - I feel it's about to change big time with move to North Africa. However, to answer the OP's question - apart from usual stuff mentioned above, the sim features Bristol Beaufighter, and, when strafing naval targets, it has splash animations second to none. That's already enough to make me happy :D.
  2. ^ With Win 10 Media Creation Tool and creating bootable USB stick, you might be able to install 10 using your original Win 7 key. Although it's officially not quite supported, MS seems to be turning blind eye on people doing it. Worked for many guys (including me, this spring, even with OEM version key), so it might work for you too. You've got nothing to loose if you try.
  3. On one hand I like the concept of soldier fading away with birds, whatever they were supposed to mean. Gives me the fantasy vibe similar to awesome Russian movies like "Night Watch". On the other hand, such a concept only looks well on paintings or movies. Trying to make it work on a monument is destined to fail - the heavy structure must be supported by a not-very-elegant steel frame like we see above - and the whole thing looks as if the monument was unfinished, or falling to pieces.
  4. Art-J


    If you're interested in learning oldschool systems of the Russian jet, look elsewhere, because many of the weapon- and nav-related ones in the MiG are either non-realistic, or broken (as a result of simplifications made years ago during initial development and code rewrites attempted by the devs now to remedy the situation). On the other hand, if you like flying strictly "analog" and somewhat primitive, oldschool jet just for the fun and challenge of it, the -21 is a great choice.
  5. Art-J


    A guy familiar with the region pointed on the blue forum that the map has a lot of estates and facilities on it (the UK-side), which were buit between '70s and 90's (and I'm talking about XX century here :D), including a friggin' nuclear power-plant. I guess it makes the map somewhat All-In-One correct for modern DCS planes as well, offering distance-AND-time travels depending on which grid square you're flying over ;). It IS a bloody good-lookin' map though, at least in those high-detailed areas.
  6. Art-J


    Not quite: @Dutch- Flyable, full-module warbirds (Both 190s, 109, Spit, Mustang and T-bolt) do have their AI models available for everyone to use in the SP missions, or to see them in online gameplay, just like in Il-2 series, so you don't have to buy all of them. Strictly AI warbirds, however (B-17, A-20, Ju-88) are part of Assets Pack, unfortunately. Most, if not all scripted DLC campaigns do use Normandy map and Asset Pack, so you would have to buy them anyway.
  7. Art-J


    Not so great for many it seems, to put it mildly: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=276432 Kind of understandable for WIP product, but looks like it will need quite a lot of polishing in performance department.
  8. One has to consider if users are willing to have their game folders more and more bloated, plus subsequent longer reinstall / update times, plus much bigger RAM and VRAM requirements. DCS with its severe disk size and memory requirements already suffers from it - for example 8K textures in MiG-21 are the main reason why its default texture folder alone is 6 GB big, while developers are planning to go back to a mix of 2k/4k/8k to optimize performance. Il-2 is already getting stretched to its game engine limits, while offering good performance on mid-grade computers, which is its solid selling point.
  9. Semor, your cockpit is extremely dark. Either you use low gamma setting, or you've got HDR off. Maybe instrument reflections are less visible in these conditions? For example, in Spit, you should be able to see your seat reflection easily most of the time, on turn and bank indicator, especially when moving your head side to side.
  10. Yes, it was changed in last (or last but one) patch.
  11. As mentioned above, "The Moscow map" means the area on which the Moscow campaign took place (which is way outside of the city) - not the city itself, which, unlike Stalingrad, never saw combat. Thus, the city has been modelled in a very simplified way, only to look acceptable from the long distance, because there never was a plan to allow players to fly over it in the first place. Samikatz provides the link to the mod, which disables the "virtual barrier" and lets you fly over the Moscow, but be aware that, as I mentioned, the city 3D model and textures are rudimentary placeholders only.
  12. That's how every constant speed prop with RPM lever works, however, so it's not Tempest-specific (unless in Tempest the effect is more noticeable than in other planes).
  13. I'd say it's a bit like with sound of motorcycle engines (or car ones for that matter). Japanese high RPM screaming lawnmowers vs low RPM, bass-rumbling V-twins. In our case tiny cylinder Sabre at takeoff RPM of 3850 (up to 4000 WEP) will never sound as meaty as lumpy R2800 with takeoff RPM of 2700, despite being more powerful engine.
  14. By "0" do you mean minimum RPM? Sorry, I'm not familiar with technochat percentages, as I don't use it. If so, I'm curious how both props feathered would compare with your results.
  15. Art-J


    Steam allows only up to two week free trials per game, with a limited number of DLCs per game, hence only some aircraft being included for now. I'd hazard a guess the rest will become available as a "next batch" shortly after, during next two week period. After all, they did similar trick during the last trials on Steam, didn't they?
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