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  1. With hydro pressure lost the gear is still mechanically locked and won't extend until the gear lever is put in down position. Flaps - I don't know if they have a mechanical lock, but certainly won't extend when subjected to airstream in flight, you need a lot of hydro pressure to do that. Actually, about flaps drooping on their own when the plane is standing on the ground with hydro released, there was a long debate about the subject on WIX forum (I think?) and apparently they don't really do that all that much in real life unless the plane is sitting on the ground for a really loo
  2. Maybe just popped a relevant circuit breaker? Apparently it tends to do that when you try to use cockpit lights (more likely a bug rather than a feature). Check the breakers panel next time you find yourself in such a situation again.
  3. To each his own. For me this video only proves that the devs did a spectacular job replicating external Griffon sounds, within FMod limits of course. No comparison with Merlin Spits, which don't quite sound like Merlin-powered at all. Cockpit sounds are average at best, but there's not much reference material around for these...
  4. Well, unlike other PC games, the way Early Access works in this series is you pre-purchase something that doesn't exist yet and you're getting the content piece by piece as the whole thing's getting built. For the Normandy part only 3 planes are ready right now, and will get your full content and experience by this time next year or thereabouts, so don't worry, you'll get your 100 bucks worth eventually. No idea about FC though, I don't own it.
  5. Ouch, you're right, I misread Callsign's post! Usually people ask about new aircraft features, not the older one ;).
  6. Re. 1 - yes there are wing variants with .50s, .303s and without MGs at all; Nah, misread the post. Re. 2 - no idea, haven't tested yet.
  7. Both aspects are "normal". The outline one has been reduced somewhat a couple of patches ago, that's all they could do for now with current gfx engine.
  8. If by "DVD" and "Dover" you mean original hardcopy, release version, this one's not supported anymore and it's not supposed to be used for anything apart from having the license key. "Blitz" is the latest, updated version of the same game and that's the one you're meant to play. If it starts - you're good already.
  9. I would hazard a guess more potential customers are affected and discouraged by shenanigans with Xsolla payment service. This issue hits not only guys anal about .50s, but the others as well.
  10. ^ Nah, there is no ammo (or fuel for that matter) in the wings of late variants of 109. Unless this one carried gunpods - but where's the right one then?
  11. Turn your phone 90 degrees to horizontal. Seems to make top buttons more clickable for me
  12. The downloader installs all the Great Battles series content on your PC in one go, only keeping non-purchased items locked, purchased items unlocked. So when you buy new things, nothing extra needs to downloaded. Do as Murf says above and you'll be fine.
  13. @genelovesjezebel - these are the comparison videos some guys above meant I guess. I don't remember what Agathos said about trim changes caused by flaps, but you'll probably find what you need there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDCkexCZrpA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR6PuZ2IKjk
  14. You're adding lift and drag, but you also change longitudinal (pitch) moment of the airfoil, which many seem to forget about. In planes the interaction of all three factors is not always the same (depends on airfoil & flaps type plus general airframe layout) and can result in some pitch down or some pitch up.
  15. 46 for me, with a couple of custom skins, wthout PWCG or anything like that. Unless you count in the space required for unpacking files during installation?
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