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  1. The PTO/CBI ones do not, however. At the same time their latest versions available on downloads section of LOF date back to August '19. Am I looking for them in the incorrect place?
  2. A bit of a thread sidenote-hijack - Tom, do you still update DCS versions of these skins? I'm asking because as of now they all have corrupted mapping on wings.
  3. Ah, why not, looks like a fun lottery: Art-J + BoN
  4. ^ and if anyone used to imperial units has second thoughts about that (I admit don't know how to check the ambient pressure in quick missions for example), well, there's always quite accurate barometer installed in every US plane in the game - namely MAP gauge, which reads ambient when the airplane stands on the ground without engine cranking :). There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with ambient pressure in the game I'd say (although I don't know how accurately density altitude changes are modelled)
  5. ^ Quite possible. Can't check it in the game myself at the moment. ISA 1013.25 hPa equals 760 mm Hg.
  6. When DCS switched to deferred it came with quite a performance hit at first, plus bucketload of lighting and shading issues. It got optimized with time, though some issues are still waiting to be resolved. Most of NVidia's AA-modes becoming incompatible with the game was a bummer. When it works as intended, however, the results are great indeed. I fear the conversion is going to be a bumpy ride for Jason's guy as well, but I'm sure he's going to pull it off eventually.
  7. If you're not afraid of mods or 3rd party addons, there's this thingy... ... but I haven't used it so far and I don't know what limits that one has set.
  8. Jade_Monkey, it's a perfect vid for airquake-style players, who just want to jump into unknown / little known plane and extract the most speed out of it without being bothered about details. Nothing more, nothing less. Experienced Jug pilots already now how to use its systems (whether in historical way, or FM-loophole-exploit way), so it's just not a vid for them.
  9. You might have all DLCs functional already then. How many (approximately) flyable planes and maps are available in quick mission editor when you launch it?
  10. Rudo, you wrote "I leave the settings on simple engine controls". Does it mean any of cruise, throttle and engine "auto-helpers" in realism options? These tend to be a bit bugged and work somewhat wacky depending on an airplane, so that might be it (and for this reason alone you should really write which airplane you struggle with, otherwise we can't know what to advise next). Most folks here use full real settings, at least as far as engine management is concerned. I encourage you to giving it a try as well, for most of the aircraft engine management in this sim isn't all that different or much more difficult compared to legacy Il-2 series.
  11. Yep, It started happening with BoBP release. Been reported already, but we've been told it's a difficult, intermittent bug to investigate and fix. No solution available yet.
  12. ^ Have you ever thought about reading the question and actually answering it in instead of being an offtopic smart@ss? To OP - the way this game works is - it downloads and installs all published DLC on your PC (whether you want them or not) and then, upon each login, activates the content you purchased, leaving all the rest blocked. So the folder size is more or less constant for all customers (unless mods and 3rd party content are added). No way to avoid it. That being said, the size should be about 33 gigs. Subfolders you mentioned are most likely some trash leftovers from incomplete update installations. You can safely delete them.
  13. Blew my engines in -38 a couple of times even while doing some simple strafing runs or climbs on max continuous MAP and RPM settings. Turns out, it was always a case of oil overheating. Oil coolers are auto, but their efficiency is mediocre at anything but high speeds. Watch the temps on gauges, or even faster, visually check the cooler flaps every now and then, they can be easily seen on inner front parts of the nacelles.
  14. I'm sure it's just a typo, but AM-38 should be V-12 and not V-16 in the first post.
  15. Whether a customer has paid for all his modules, or has been gifted with all is irrelevant. In technical matters company support is there to provide similar treatment to everyone. @ Sublime - Judging from the screen your e-mail typing is indeed much better than phone-one, so OK, grammar is not a factor. In the future, If I were you, I would maybe consider changing the unorganized wall-of-text style to more concise, bullet-point one. Makes easier for them (and you) to track what fixing steps you have tried and what remains to be tried next.
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