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  1. It wasn't aggressive,I don't know why people are so uptight about who gets its first and I don't know why you would publicly call me out because you misinterpreted my post and yet didn't address the person publicly who dropped the f-bomb in a thread yesterday? A PM would have been fine.
  2. Yes you made a pointless statement and garnished it with a silly smiley, either way I don't care who gets it first.
  3. Yes I wondered if its for that. I'm a backer but I chose to pay for the Dora and will use my backer selection for other planes. I don't know why it would be such a big deal though if a backer didn't get it day one, surely there are bigger things in life to be upset about.
  4. Because its less historically correct than what we have now? In my opinion the sides are far too open in the IL-2 pit that was posted
  5. Revvin

    DCS fw 190

    Looking forward to flying this, I never thought of the Dora as being a particularly good looking aircraft but its really growing on me with each preview they release
  6. I understand why its a standalone product now with the funding from the Russian Military Historical Society but perhaps at some point in the future there could be a unifying patch?
  7. +1 trim on an axis please (unless you are RayBanJockey)
  8. No, being downright rude is not "just the way it is". This is an internet forum, you're not just blurting something out to someone face to face with little time to think you are typing a reply and hitting a submit button and that's all the time in the world to read through what you are posting.
  9. It's taken the developers just a week to come up with a fair compromise and get it out to us to use and what thanks do they get? More whining and moaning! Are we going to see more threats to quit this week too? Just how much more time is going to be wasted with each weeks set of demands?
  10. I spent many an evening hugging the treetops in a Ju-52 before climbing to drop paratroopers over an airfield to capture it in Warbirds and then later a C-47 in Aces High
  11. Here we go, now all we need are a few JG squads to threaten to quit and we'll be right back where we were 10-15 years ago......or......we could just wait and see what happens when Jason speaks to the team about an aircraft that's been out just a few days but threats never worked back then and I'm hope they won't now.
  12. Spitfire MkV, Me-262 or a Mosquito please
  13. Brings back happy memories or dogfighting in Rowan's Mig Alley and Target Korea
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