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  1. This Fw 190A-5 was the Geschwader Kommodore's one,the Major Hubertus von Bonin, successor of Oblt Hannes Trautloft and ex I.JG 54 and II.JG52 Gruppe Kommandeur. Nice job. 😉 Scan.rar
  2. Not for the moment, but real Fw lovers don't wait, they go direct to the factory ...! 😂
  3. Thanks for that, these kind of comments add a lot to the skin, for sure... Any other "researched" and " historical" comment ? 🤬
  4. Congrats, nearly perfect. I am not a skinner and so I don't understand what is the reason behind not adding the yellow spinner and delete the yellow on the front cowling ring. Is it a technical reason or simple skinner's wish ? Very nice work anyway. Thanks.
  5. Come back soon and safe Julian because we all need your right stuff...😂
  6. Very interesting picture, I have seen it before on FalKeEins. I think the 3rd Gruppe bar ,as well as the black 4 could be either yellow or white outlined. The white outline could simply look darker that the one on the RVB because of the smaller surface. Either would be nice ....
  7. Hello MarcoPegase 44. Just for info, Jean-Berbard Frappé in his book "La Luftwaffe face au Débarquement allié" (First and second edition), identifies this aircraft as a G-6 late production, probably belonging to the fourth Gruppe of JG26. This aircraft once belonged to a second Gruppe of an unidentified Geschwader, as the remnant of a secong gruppe horizontal bar can still be visible on the fuselage underneath the new IVth Gruppe wavy line. The G-14 production started in July 44 and the first examples appeared on the invasion front in France in the summer of the same year. The sa
  8. Hi Flowbee, Very nice skin , but could you just fix the underside of the RVB. The bands are staggered, and shocking compared to the general quality of the work. Thank-you.
  9. Quote "I didn't think I needed to flood the thread with images that I based my skin on but I may have been mistaken going by another disparaging post by Madcop... " There is nothing derogatory and discrediting about asking to call things by their names, the proof is that you have succeeded ... I would still have stated in the updated heading "G- 6 Early ", but hey, we're not going to quibble are we? I point out for all useful purpose that I installed this skin, very well artistically done in my category "What if - Fun." 😉
  10. Mr. Flowbee, I can understand that you like to disguise reality as you wish. It might even be interesting and even funny. But you could at least call things by their names, but even that, it seems you just can't. I hope that your aim is not to willfully mislead the readers of this site. If I were you, but I'm not, I would put your post title in something like "Free and vague interpretation of a German plane (Messerschmitt?), based on a photo I don't have really well looked at, on which I did not inquire too much, but which definitely marked me " It would at least have the merit
  11. Fw.Ungar took the aircraft in charge on November ,1943 and flew it regurlarly until February 10,1944. On April 8,1944 Uffz Kroll was shot down onboard and wounded in the Lüneburg area. The picture was taken in Ludwiglust on February 44 with Fw.Hecker at the controls. 😉
  12. You beat me this time LOL. I would just add that it appears to me that on the picture, the 3rd.Gruppe bar is not as wide as the 1 from the number 11... If I may add this profile and specify that on the picture the pilot in the cockpit is Fw.Hecker. Shame that the game do not allow us to have a correct G5 with the correct right cowling, the shorter antenna mast and the pressurized cockpit. Maybe it will come one day as Erla produced Bf 109G-6 had the same cowling as the G-5. I really like this skin Flowbee. Congratulations.
  13. I wasn't at home yesterday, having covid' style birthday party by my brother, so discover it this morning . Wonderfull birthday gift, THANK YOU Julian !
  14. Hi GOA I can't find the way to achieve the Surprise attack on Russian airfield mission. I tried everything but no avail. Have I got to follow a specific schwarm ?( Grob or Heinz)? Is there a specific order to follow because there is no order from the ground control for me to take off... I can wait as long as I want after Grob's flight is airborne. When, after a while, I decide on my own to take off with my schwarm the authorization for T.O. arrives when I pulled the stick to leave the ground..... Do I have to take the lead at 2400M ? After order from Grob
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