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  1. Fw. 190D-11. White <61. W.Nr. 220014. VFS (VerbandsFührerSchule) of G.d.J. (General der Jagdflieger.) Bad Wörishofen, Germany. Pilot.Otto Leisner on 17 March 1945. Other known aircraftS are D-11 White 53 D-11 White 57 , D-11 White <<.and D-11 White <<-. Madcop.
  2. Thanks Julian and I wish you un muy feliz año nuevo 2019 con gran éxito en tus proyectos. THANKS FOR ALL. Madcop
  3. Hi Viks Thank-you… stupid me ! Forgot these ones. It's ok now , very well rendered three pieces Mimetall Erfurt Factory cowl ! As I said it was "just me ".
  4. Hi all Could it be possible to have a screenshot from the 190D-9 seen from above. I would be glad , as I find the "beule" of the weapon cowl to be a little bit on the fat side or wonderbra look...or is it just me ? As for the paint scheme, the underside of each aircraft from the "papagai" staffel were different . The general scheme and colours were the same of course but the manner in which the white bands were painted and arranged varied according to the " Field artist's mood". These aircraft were not factory delivered in those schemes. The goal was to make them immediately recognizable by the FLAK units too zealous triggers and not to make them necessarily beautiful ! Also there were variations on the wings /fuselages crosses. Anyway a very interesting theme for all the talented skinners here ! Big thanks to the devs and Happy new Year to all of them. Madcop
  5. Hi Baron Glad you have reacted this nice way to my little bit harsh reaction. I thank you for that, and I really apologize if I did hurt you. "Paradoxly, illustrations are different one to one." That's what I explained... "Some pictures (not illustrations) looks White 9 with red wings, some without red ends of the wings. Dillema no? I choose to with red ends of wings (by the way, this camo is at page 222)." If you are talking about Grislawski's White 9, beware of B/W picture. Depending on the type of film, yellow can appear black or grey. So that's why you have to check where this aircraft was operated. Yellow wing tips were used on Eastern front and White on Med/Africa. On European front (Reich Verteidigung) coloured wing tips were seldom. But I can say that Red has never been observed on wing tips of Luftwaffe AC, and for obvious reason. As I do not have this book of Eric (It's a shame, I know) I would be curious to know whether Eric mention colours in his pictures captions. "Unfortunately pilots and technics in war did not pictures of the plane for modelers in 21th century, so many details missing. For example camo fields on top of the wings and others." Some pictures exist showing underside and top sides, mostly on crash aircrafts but some in flight also. There are also the official schemes on which you can base your work. Of course with the time passing , these official schemes were "revised" on the field, depending on the events. "I do not claim to have made the most accurate skins in the world, but I think that I have done more or less accurate reconstruction of their appearance from the available materials and their comparisons. That's all. " Believe me, your skins are very nice and your camo scheme of RLM 74-75-76 is O.K. The problem comes from the nose underside. If they were not RLM 76, they were Yellow. If I were you, but I am not, I would erase all trace of red (except for the RV fuselage band) and add Yellow paint under the noses. The Stab aircraft should have the Stab markings on the right side also. Heinz Bär aircraft didn't have black bordered fuselage cross. For White 9 , W.Nr 430965, Yellow nose underside and Yellow wing tip underside ( but not on aileron) For White 23, I do not know this aircraft, but most likely Yellow underside of nose. Best regards and merry Christmas Madcop
  6. Hi Sevenless, Hi Therion I didn't wake up this morning on my wrong foot, but I admit I nearly went mad when looking at these skins...and at the reference! We live in the 21st century and informations (good or wrong) are available for anybody with an Internet connexion. History of the Luftwaffe units, Paint and markings system of Luftwaffe aircrafts, Geschwaders history, pilot's history etc etc etc...just to name some of them. I may not know better than others ,but others know better than me for sure. Suffice to find them ... and so, I spent a lot of time in books, dedicated Luftwaffe forums etc... looking for informations and crosschecking them. Everybody can do that, can't they ? Moreover there are plenty of references on the well known aircrafts treated by Baron. As I already told other skinners, the rule is " Do not believe blindly artists illustration or aircrafts profiles ". There are very talented artists around with a huge interest in Luftwaffe history, but each artist has his own perception of colours and reality. Even when based on very good picture of the actual aircraft some are blind to details that others are seeing ! An example of that can be seen on this very forum. Look at the very nice profile from Thierry Decker illustrating the A-8 from G.Thyben (Hide content)in Julian post.The vertical bar of the fuselage cross is too much back when compared to the black and white picture where we can clearly notice that its vertical arm is on the hatch. Morality, never spare time when looking at a picture and keep your eyes bright open ! I am not a skinner and don't have any idea how to work with all these templates , gimp, photoshop etc... so I will never criticise this technical aspect of the artist's work, but will ask him ,as far as possible, if he can correct it or not. Now for Baron's work, I am sure that with a little bit of personal research he will find the very reason of my post and , yes, a little overreacting. A hint...I very like the camo colours but I very dislike the obvious wrong theatre markings and nose colours. Fuselage cross is also wrong in one of these aircraft. I know Eric Mombeek and I sincerely hope that he is not looking here. As he already mentioned to me, he is not responsible for the profiles appearing in his books or articles researched and written by him ! Madcop. ( and feeling better.)
  7. Hello Baron Sorry to be a little hard with you but, There is something totally unfair, if not dishonest in quoting very serious and talented Luftwaffe historian author to justify your ignorance about the subject. Please , do not call this "Historical" , but maybe you do not have any idea of what historical means... Again, these skins are very well done and beautiful for the eyes , but totally wrong. You could also use pink colour or whatever you want, I don't care as long as you announce them as "What If skins of Fw 190A from my pure imagination". There are enough "Historical" references about these 3 aircrafts for you to discover. I just hope you will be keen to correct these skins, or put them in a special category like "For your fun only…" Madcop .
  8. Hi Julian W.Nr. and little "TU" very well done, as the rest but please, watch the black fuselage cross proportion , as well the style and proportion of the number 1. Madcop
  9. Just use Google Chrome. I had the same problem ! Bonne chance . Madcop
  10. Hi Bugsy, Man, believe me you are already doing far more than simply lending a hand, where would we be without you skinners ? A huge thank you to ALL of you. Madcop
  11. Waow………a premiere for me. Super, super nice. Never saw her before. Congrats. Madcop.
  12. Thank you Bugsy for Kokomo, real nice indeed, I like it like your other skins that I have , but just for a question of personal taste, I very like the way Szellir is doing his NMF weathering…. So , I still hope he will "touch up" his Kokomo. I think every artist-skinner has his personal touch or his personal way of rendering things. Keep on your good work and I am sure lot of people, like me, appreciate your work. Madcop.
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