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  1. Plenty from Julian, ICDP, Spudkopf, Ouki, Raptorattacker,Detcord, Flowbee,Dingo Daddy etc..... and sorry for those I didn't mention or didn't know.😉
  2. Hi Bugsy..... No time left to celebrate 2020 it seems ....? Many many thanks for all these and may 2020 bring you a little rest and a lot of happy times !😉
  3. Still another nice Erla 109G-6. W.Nr. 26048. from JG54-III-8 . "Schwarz 8 + I", RVD band from Uffz. Sahl. Lüneburg before april 1944.
  4. No need to forgive.... It works like a charm...Nice work ! Congrats and a very happy new year to you; Madcop
  5. Hi Pat Looking forward for this one. Typical Erla machine and camo scheme. Should normally have the typical Erla saw toothed camo on wings, (as on G5 model, as they shared the same assembly line.) W.Nr 27068, was lost on February 44 ( Bob Wartburg JG54 losslist). I let the artist decide on this as, as usual, there is no "evidence " and no picture of this aircraft allowing to see the upper surfaces.) I wish you a very happy New Year and beatiful skins to come ... Madcop Ouuuuups...sorry, there is one picture where we can faintly discern the saw thoothed pattern on the left wing....
  6. Nice one Pat..... a lot has been written on this aircraft. Can you tell us more about his pilot ?
  7. Hi Julian, For me they are looking authentic enough...😂..(.Just kidding of course, and pulling you leg just a little bit !) Merry Christmas and MORE authentic skins for 2020 to you 2 !
  8. I still don't know what is the best ...The poem or the skin...The author maybe. Congrats !
  9. Hi BSS When downloaded I can't extract because the archiv is corrupt. Can you check this please ? Nice work. Thanks.
  10. Looks like OUKY, got it right now on his updated P-51D
  11. Hello OUKY Many thanks for these now lovely P-51s. Your " operational" natural metal "shine" correction is mostly welcome, and I must say that I was hoping this would happen. It should be the norm. Now, If you could still lessen the shine on the wings I assume it would be perfect. (My humble perception of the reality) Do not forget that these wings were painted, so prone to wheather. You could keep the actual shine on the outboard part of the wing and have a semi gloss or dull inner part. It looks now weird that we can still read the reflection of the nose art on the very well wheathered inner wing ! But this is , of course , just my 2 cents as I AM NOT A SKINNER, and as I would be very embarrassed if I had to do myself what I am asking you , technically possible or not.... Congratulations to the Artist and to ICDP.... Madcop
  12. Well, as long as these tanks can fly, I am happy with them ! 😂 More seriously. Do you know that during the final year of the war, the life of an aircraft rarely lasted until the first engine overhaul ? So I think, as a modeller, that the secret of weathering lies in subtlety. Who can do the most, can the least !
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