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  1. Just downloaded and executed Link Shell Extension. That took me 1 minute. Next I followed the steps explained by Storebror . It took one hour for both Il-2BoX and DCS. Everything is now working like a charm.and I saved 85Gb frrom my SSD. Thanks to all. Madcop ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Thank-you TG-55. With your system, do I still need to install " Link Shell Extension" or do I have to use the command prompt only...? Sorry for this.... Madcop ๐Ÿค”
  3. Thank You, SARFLYTITUS, I will try this trick, but I am a little bit anxious as I am not what you would call a PC geek. I am a little bit afraid by this Link Shell Extension installation. It looks a little bit like Greek for me.... Anyway I suppose I'll have to try as this looks like being my sole alternative... Thanks a lot. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Madcop
  4. HUGE skins Folder (33Gb) I'd like to get this folder out of my SSD so as to save place. Is there a way to place it on another disk ? Thanks for any help. Madcop
  5. Hi Sevenless, Do you spot a yellow 1 on this aircraft ?...or a second Gruppe bar ? ... I don't . I don't know on what picture this profile is based. What is sure is that Kittel never left 3.JG 54 and so never went in Finland. Furthermore, they weren't any Fw 190A-7 in Finland, only A-6. The black spiral on white spinners were a feature of Kdo.Kuhlmey Fw. (This Kommando under command of Oberst Kurt Kuhlmey, was made of Stab II. JG 54 , 4th Staffel of I.JG 54 and 5th. Staffel of I. JG 54.plus aircrafts from I.SG 3, I.SG 5 and NAGr.5. Now if you have a picture of this aircraft , It would be nice to post it. Madcop.๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  6. Claes Sundin is correct. One picture of the same group of pictures taken on 23.06.44 in Skirotova ,shows him (Kittel) in front of his Yellow 1 with the same pilots; The spinner has a white spiral on a dark paint. As for the black spiral on white base paint, this was observed on aircrafts from II.JG54 serving in the Kdo. Kulmey in Finland during the summer of 1944. Kittel was not there but Staka of 3rd Staffel of I.JG54 in Letonia. Madcop ๐Ÿ˜€
  7. Maybe due to the absence of the 4th Gruppe identification "Welle" ( ~) that IV.JG51. used untill the end of the war...? Furthermore, the pilot's name and fate of this ac.W.Nr.212133. belonging to 13.JG51. is not known, except that he did an emergency landing due to flak damage. So, as fate and name is unknown , he could as well has been hit by this more than controversed French pilot....who saw the pilot leaving his aircraft dragging his parachute only to die in an ambulance....He really has nothing other to do in such circumstances ( Closterman, not the German pilot !)
  8. With time passing we'll never know, but each year we discover a little more about theory and reality of the field. One of the last discovery is that this ubiquitous RLM83 has recently been identified on a " Factory official document " as being RLM 83 Dunkle Blau ! A shade being used on parts of maritime aircrafts, and looking strangely like U.S. Sea Blue ! Far away of green .................................LOL. Madcop
  9. Hi sevenless According to pictures of the aircraft in the book "The Focke-Wulf 190 Dora" Vol 1 and 2 from Jerry Crandall, the rudder has the same hue as the white band , white second gruppe bar and white number 1. Of course , the rudder could also have been very light whitish RLM 76, but the absence of camo patches on it made it appear lighter compared to the fuselage and tail. Yellow seems unprobable. I like all these good old black and white pictures..... There is also a picture in Aero Journal Nยฐ 51 (March 2016) of black 1 + -- from 6.JG 26, W.Nr. 210972, flown by Oblt. Heinrich Schild to Lister on 5 may 45, (with 4 other aircrafts) showing the same camo scheme, but here the RLM 76 rudder is faintly dabbed with a darker colour. It has the same cylindrical fuel tank as White 1. So ... Just my 5 cents. Madcop๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Hello Rafiger Nice job on Weiroster's plane, nice Erla camo. Many thanks to you . Can you tell me where I can find your updated version of Graf and Grislawski's aircrafts...? I couldn't find anything on your pages. Is it still WIP ? Madcop ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Nice ! You're the one who knows the whereabouts of the BOS Bf 109 and his present day limitations. Sorry to have taken of your time. Thank you very much for having tried whatever possible it was to get to the historical rendering of this aircraft. Keep going offering us nice work.๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Hi Rafiger. Nice... may I just point out that Gottfried's aircraft had the normal curved head protection...obvious from two different pictures. I amd efinitely waiting for this one. Well done !
  13. O.K. Now I understand the "Technical" absence of the Beule . But I think you are wrong about Graf's Grun 1. It is a Erla machine WNr.15919 with the typical Erla sawtooth wings camo and big blotches on the fuselage. So it could also have been an de-pressurized G-5 aircraft. Being an Erla Production G-6 Graf's machine did have the Beule on the right cowling. Erla was the only factory to have built the G-5 model and as they built the G-6 on the same assembly line they kept the G-5 cowling on their G-6 model. You can clearly see it on the pics and video, and nowhere we can spot the presence of the Rotter Jager emblem. Grun " from Weiroster is also an Erla machine with WNr.15912. The camo scheme is the same as on Graf's machine. Grislawski Weiss 10 was an WNF built aircraft with WNr 140066. Please understand that I do not want to detract your work, and I also could be wrong...the matter is never simple when it comes to LW Bf 109G serie. Looking forward to Weiroster's bird. This one was shiny as a mirror ! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  14. Hello Rafiger, Thank-you for these two beautiful birds. I know that you know perfectly well that Graf's machine was an Erla Production. So, isn't it possible to represent the Erla engine cowling with its characteristic on the right side ? I am asking you that as the game's G-14 has this type of cowling ( speaking about the right side). I am not a skinner, and knowing your work I suppose this is not possible... Am I right ? I'won't talk about the type K-4 outer wheel covers that Graf's machine was equipped with as these are animated parts... Are you also going to do the Bf 109G-6 Erla W.Nr. 15912. 'Green 3' from the same unit and flown by Gottfried Weiroster ? ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you very much for your time and effort.
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