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  1. I still don't know what is the best ...The poem or the skin...The author maybe. Congrats !
  2. Hi BSS When downloaded I can't extract because the archiv is corrupt. Can you check this please ? Nice work. Thanks.
  3. Looks like OUKY, got it right now on his updated P-51D
  4. Hello OUKY Many thanks for these now lovely P-51s. Your " operational" natural metal "shine" correction is mostly welcome, and I must say that I was hoping this would happen. It should be the norm. Now, If you could still lessen the shine on the wings I assume it would be perfect. (My humble perception of the reality) Do not forget that these wings were painted, so prone to wheather. You could keep the actual shine on the outboard part of the wing and have a semi gloss or dull inner part. It looks now weird that we can still read the reflection of the nose art on the very well wheathered inner wing ! But this is , of course , just my 2 cents as I AM NOT A SKINNER, and as I would be very embarrassed if I had to do myself what I am asking you , technically possible or not.... Congratulations to the Artist and to ICDP.... Madcop
  5. Well, as long as these tanks can fly, I am happy with them ! 😂 More seriously. Do you know that during the final year of the war, the life of an aircraft rarely lasted until the first engine overhaul ? So I think, as a modeller, that the secret of weathering lies in subtlety. Who can do the most, can the least !
  6. Sorry, but do you mean that you will continue to make NEW SCHEMES of the Fw 190a-3 but only from the NEW template...? Have I got it right ? Cheers.
  7. I know it is a lot of work, but do you intend to update all your A-3 ?
  8. Agree with you for the last mission that is indeed totally corrupted.( After having waited for an eternity for the rest of the Ju to assemble, I decided to fly to the next points and come back to base, and the mission was considered as fullfilled...) But all the preceeding mission were just beautifull. Maybe the author will have a closer look at the last one...something is definitely wrong with it. Madcop 😉
  9. But the result is worth it .... Just gorgeous ! Madcop
  10. Thanks Samson, Stupid me. I forgot that the F-2 had a 15mm cannon, instead of the 20mm found on the F-4. I didn't thought about the option of having a single 20mm in place of the 15mm. Anyway this last mission is suicidal ! Even in a frontal pass these russian gunners still managed to blew up the damned F-2. My leader must have had a very heavy panzered one ! Lot of fun. Madcop. 😁
  11. Hello Samson I am currently paying the last mission after having resaved through STEditor. Everything is ok and I can play the mission perfectly. One point is that I can't have the two 20mm gondolas. Actually I can choose them in the armement option, but once in the game they do not appear, neither work... Is this normal. ? I can't remember if I could use them before having gone through STEditor. Many thanks for all your dedicated time. Madcop ☺️
  12. Les doigts de pied en éventail ! Corse ? 🤔 ooooooh What a lucky man he is ...... Madcop
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