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  1. No it would likely blow the motor. nitrous has to be tuned to hit in a very specific spot in the powerband for safety and maximum effect if I recall correctly, butvits been a long time since I built motors and I never built with nitrous.
  2. No that’s just what all my screenshots look like now. No idea why.
  3. Ever since 3.001 my screenshots all have blank, white landscapes. anyonevekse getting this? What’s the fix?
  4. I'm finding that to be a real PITA skinning VVS birds-severe lack of photo evidence. I thought the Luftwaffe was bad till I started these P-40's lol.
  5. Ive seen this drawing of it and that's what I went off of-I think I see what you mean on the left side of the fuselage under and behind the canopy
  6. Curtiss P-40 E white 10 of Lt. Col. Boris Safonov, 2 GIAP VVS SF "The early P-40E 41-13531 was delivered to Soviet Union with a convoy arrived on May 5, 1942; it was presented by a US delegation, and assigned to the Soviet top ace of the time, Lt.Col. Boris Safonov, of 2 GIAP VVS-SF, stationing on the Vayenga Air Base. The plane didn't bear good luck to the ace, that died on May 30, crashing with his plane during a mission of escort to a covoy over the Arctic Sea." http://www.mediafire.com/file/24cy2iyiazis811/P-40+White+10+Sofonov.7z
  7. Hey all Ive been playing with Zargos' wonderful P-39 template and am making a Pokryshkin skin pack. Problem is...there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of solid info on the aircraft schemes he flew. Of particular interest is P-39N-0 "29004" white 100. Ive been using this site for reference: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/index.html And there are two links for Pokryshkins Cobras; http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/pokryshkin.htm and an update: http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/prof100.htm This picture is what keeps throwing me off- P-39 with 30 kills, 6 full stars and 24 white-only stencils, places it mid 1943. Has obvious upper wing stars without white outlines, so thats setteled, but that spinner looks like a different shade to me. Most depictions of this aircraft have OD nose and tail, but the shading in this picture looks like it should be red, and hence a red/white vertical stabilizer tip as well. So I don't really know which way to go or what would be correct. If anyone has any better sources for Pokryshkin/16GIAP Cobras Id be all ears. So basically I guess which is correct between these two? Edit: Still have no idea why my landscape comes out white in screenshots?
  8. I I guess the only thing I’m curious about are the wing gun covers. were they standardized on the -39L? Or would removing them be realistic?
  9. This is a fantastic template Zargos-all that you need and nothing you don't. I also had issues with slow loading and response with the template-until I saved it under a new name. Since then no issues! Working on 100 GIAP white 13 right now, almost there!
  10. What do you expect? A whole generation now have been programmed to be simpering beta males. Diversity uber alles kameraden. Oh, we’re well aware there are many genetically male persons who will never aspire to masculinity. As a young man myself I have grown up in a world where every leftist political movement has as its target one group-white men. The entire idea of masculinity is called into Question and derision. Falsehoods like a gender pay gap are forced down our throats by leftist media and if it’s not accepted as truth despite the evidence against it you are labeled a misogynistic Neanderthal. The modern left is not more than an extension of soviet style Bolshevism attempting to overthrow the bedrock of western civilization. Identity politics and ‘equality’ are the weapons they use. The farther left they go in the name of ‘equality’ the farther right they push those of us who still produce testosterone and aren’t ashamed of it.
  11. I’ve never had to open it more than a little bit in career so I’m inclined to agree.
  12. What happened to chucks guides? The links in the OP tell me I don’t have permission to see those
  13. Well, I know that modern tankers aren’t worried about .50 and below. I knew a tank platoon sergeant who got awarded (ARCOM V I think) for clearing dismounted infantry off of friendly bradlys with his abrams’ coax M240 in gulf war 1. He also told me that a .50 would go through an Abrams from the rear all the way to the turret ring, but overall he wasn’t worried about anything less than 30mm dpu. How thick was the belly armor of the panzer IV?
  14. Ya know gambit I get what you’re saying but you’re coming off as the instigator here. And in the same spirit of your post, no, I don’t trust those old men to remember everything correctly. Eyewitness testimony is extremely unreliable and memories formed in combat are even less so. As to footage is there any that shows a tank attack, from first to last shot, showing strafing with API and APIT .50 cal Browning destroying a tank? None that I know of. Many that show tanks being strafed to unknown effect though. And yes, I do know more about the equipment they used regarding these weapons. A pilot who pulls a trigger knows less about a .50 than the grunt that eats, sleeps, drinks, and beats off on top of, behind, or next to said .50. Add to that 70 years to forget or misremember details too. A .50 will go through a lot. I’ve shot through BMPs and BRDM with them (stationary targets) but expecting a round to impact/dump energy/deform/tumble and then punch through armor plate? No. Assuming the angle was so shallow as to ricochet off dirt/asphalt (soft surface) why would it not do the same off of the much harder armor of the tank? The impact angle would be the same no? No offense but it’s asking a lot to believe these old war stories without some pretty solid physical evidence. edit: if not clear I mean the old “.50 bouncing off the road into a tanks belly” story. I full well know a .50 will eat up soft rear and some top armor.
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