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  1. not work with reshade, crash after loading screen you should retire the dxgi.dll for tha game launch
  2. click on the german and soviet flag, it will reduce the GUI
  3. awesome mission, best i ve ever played as single mission nice job on editing
  4. same here, CTD when tank blow up
  5. Hello after starting engine, all P-38 IA run ahead in a building anyone ?
  6. hello thanks for this work unfortunetly, doesn't work for me, i have no button on the bottom my ring : win 10 latest version and run with admin rights - res 2560x1440
  7. same with a shortcut, need program to open the .jar Meanwhile, the PWCGBos.exe in v 0.3 works fine. With v1 , error unable to define Takeoffwaypointdistance
  8. cannot open the .jar file, it looks for a program, and not open with java
  9. Hello work in 0.3 version, but with v 1 released, i got this message : config value not found : Takeoffwaypointdistance here the PWCGerrorlog file Thanks for help
  10. hello cannot see any mission in the folder mission after unzipping in BOS/data/missions
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