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  1. Hello after starting engine, all P-38 IA run ahead in a building anyone ?
  2. hello thanks for this work unfortunetly, doesn't work for me, i have no button on the bottom my ring : win 10 latest version and run with admin rights - res 2560x1440
  3. same with a shortcut, need program to open the .jar Meanwhile, the PWCGBos.exe in v 0.3 works fine. With v1 , error unable to define Takeoffwaypointdistance
  4. cannot open the .jar file, it looks for a program, and not open with java
  5. Hello work in 0.3 version, but with v 1 released, i got this message : config value not found : Takeoffwaypointdistance here the PWCGerrorlog file Thanks for help
  6. hello cannot see any mission in the folder mission after unzipping in BOS/data/missions
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