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  1. Understood, thank you. I saw the "captured" status in the statistics for other players on the server, but I didn't see it for myself. Is there a chance to escape in enemy territory or does it make no sense to bail out there?
  2. Thanks for your answer. I don't understand why my pilot is always killed and not captured, even though in the game he was able to bail out of the plane and escape by parachute I don't wait for it to land and go to the briefing room. Maybe this is it? Do I have to wait for him to land so that he can be captured instead of being considered dead?
  3. Why do they write to me that my pilot was killed, even though he managed to leave the plane at a sufficient height and his parachute managed to open? There have been several such cases.
  4. What cause do I want to justify? I share my impressions of the game and make an offer that may be accepted or rejected. Personally, I always went to the server regardless of the numerical superiority of the enemy. And personally saw that on the server more than 10 blue and in the air 2 and sometimes 3 262, when the red players only 2 or 3. And I twice died in a situation when I was caught up with 262 and then killed by 190. This is a very killer pair and the guys from Jg4 know how to use it effectively and I respect them for that, as good pilots. But there are pilots who do not go to the server seeing that there are blue a lot and there are 262. Once again, I just shared my observation and made a suggestion. Server admins will decide what to do with it. Please don't try to change my mind any more, I understand your opinion perfectly. Want to fly four on 262 over an empty map? Welcome)
  5. I wrote it as a suggestion. Because I know players who didn't want to go to the server when there are more blue ones and a few of them are on 262. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there were few red players on the last map. Maybe not. In any case, TAW is a unique server and the server admins know better what is good for TAW and what is not.
  6. I absolutely agree and therefore I believe that Me262 should take off only if the blue pilots on the server are in the minority.
  7. It will arrive at the enemy AF only at the end of the mission 😁
  8. While waiting for the start of the campaign on the Eastern front, I would like to know whether any other combat application of the U-2 is possible? Now this aircraft is practically not used, unlike the Ju-52. If you need some ideas for this, then there are probably players who can offer something interesting
  9. The problem is when the mission flies 10 blue, of them 2-3 on 262, and red players at the same time, for example, only 3. It's definitely not historical))
  10. 262 was in the air in almost every sortie I took on the second map, I watched it from the statistics of departures. Many times I watched him from afar, twice he attacked me, once I tried to catch up with him, but the mission ended. The very presence of 262 on the map and the pilots who can control it are already a deterrent. Especially unpleasant when there are 10 or 15 blue pilots and of them 2 or 3 on 262, and there are only 3 or 4 red pilots at this moment. But I still think that this plane is needed in the game, albeit in a limited number. I think that it would be right if the Hauptmann at 262 could take off only if there are more opponents at the moment. It would be historical)
  11. Try now Soviet aircraft and appreciate their level of automation ))
  12. I would like to propose to increase the time for entering the briefing after the completion of the mission to 20 seconds or more
  13. I also think it's a good idea to restart the campaign again. But until then flights can now be used as an open test and training
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