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  1. If the missions lasted for a long time, we would see more operations using such slow aircraft as the U-2 and Ju-52
  2. I like these offers. I also think that 2 hours is not enough
  3. The next campaign will be the Western front?
  4. And I was already happy that there will be another map 😊😒
  5. The pilot cannot read the team chat until he selects the plane and spawns at the airfield. But if someone chose one side appeared on the plane, and then changed the coalition in spite of the fine, then this is certainly not an honest game. Such cases must be reported to the server administration so that such a player is punished. Was your team the majority? If so, then everything is fair, there are so few opponents. If the enemy had a numerical superiority, then you could take off
  6. It just looks like he took off when the blue had a numerical advantage. Then it disappeared, but this pilot was already in the air This is a very good rule, it allows you to come to the aid of your team, even having a time penalty and smooths out the inequality of players' forces. Having a fine you cannot take off when your team is in the majority. How many vehicles do we need to destroy in order for the tank convoy to slow down its movement? Thanks for the detailed explanation. It is very interesting to understand the mechanics of what is happening on the map.
  7. A sufficient number of pilots have long been flying with the techno-tech disabled and at the same time flying efficiently. This proves that there is nothing impossible. At the same time, visual monitoring of sensors and various manipulators is distracting, sometimes making mistakes. Certainly the ability to do without techno chat will be an advantage when playing on the server. I think that flying without a tech chat can be an interesting experience, the same as orienting on a map without GPS
  8. This is the pilot of our squad and he has a bad Internet connection. You can see his statistics, he regularly has communication breaks. Specifically in this case, he lost both the Strick and the plane. But there are other pilots on the server who leave the game after attacks on warehouses, so as not to return back. Their names are also known to us)
  9. I think we should destroy the blue submarines near the red ships. Otherwise the ships will be destroyed by them after the end of the mission
  10. I thought you were testing the new planes that we were told about in this topic. That's why I asked my question. Please excuse me if I asked something forbidden
  11. I would like to know, during the last campaign on the Western front, American players also did not play on TAW? Does anyone remember that?
  12. First I take a break and rest from the Il-2, and then I train with my squad and prepare for the next campaign on TAW. I don't see the point in turning TAW into a kind of WoL when the WoL is already working fine.
  13. You said about the balance that was before, I just gave you the figures that this campaign has one of the best balances between the sides. The red team won fairly in this campaign, because stronger players played for it. But it seems to cause you bitterness or you think it is unfair. That's how I understood your message. Of course, each of us chooses the server that he likes best. I don't like flying for fun, so I choose TAW, even if there are more players on WoL and CB. And this is normal when we go where we are interested.
  14. You can view statistics for the last 28 days and find out what is actually perfectly balanced It's like any team sport. If the number of teams is equal, the one that plays better wins. It's fair and square. The Reds have more experienced players and squads with a high level of skill on their side in this campaign. In the next campaign, some of them will change sides and the situation will change.
  15. I do not agree with your conclusions, but let the administration decide what is best for their server.
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