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  1. Flying in the minority on slow planes is what the red team has been doing for the past few seasons. Especially on the first maps. The blue pilots, who never change sides, can now feel how hard it is to win in such conditions. I think this is a very useful campaign that allows you to get an unusual experience when the parties have changed characteristics, without changing their color)
  2. If all issues are resolved only by voting, then in the end it may turn out that the server will be focused exclusively on blue fighters. Because there are more blue players than red players, and there are more fighters than bomber pilots. I really like TAW and the fact that it is constantly changing dynamically, and I understand that new changes have already become necessary. I just urge you to make decisions with the majority opinion, but also not to forget about the other small, but also important part of the players.
  3. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the fighter likes the presence of a large number of enemy air targets, and for a bomber pilot it is best to reach the goal, complete the task and not meet the enemy. The balance system arose in response to the fact that the server quickly became empty after the first maps, when the numerical superiority of one of the parties became obvious. First, the pilots working on ground targets left, and then the fighters. I saw the situation from my side exactly like this. But it is better to ask the server administration why they created the balan
  4. Remember why there were these rules (which are many years old) and the balancing system? If it is broken, then there is a risk of losing players who will not see the point of taking off against a significant number of opponents without being able to win. You yourself wrote that you treat this as an esports game. And in sports, equal teams play in equal conditions (although they may have different equipment). The winner is the team that best interacts as a team. This season, the blue team had an advantage, but failed to realize it. The Reds were more organized, motivated, and purposeful. I saw
  5. The Reds only played by the rules that were invented not by them, but by the creators of the server. And the fields on the map were also placed by non-players. And the Reds won precisely because they had a tactic of how to achieve victory. There are no tactics for those who try to win only at the expense of a large number.
  6. The destruction of tanks was the only chance of victory in the campaign for the red team and we decided to focus all our efforts on this task. After the replenishment of resources, the blue ones had 346 tanks, while the red ones only had 161. The Reds were almost pressed to the edge of the map, our rear depots were very close to the front line and the Blues still had the opportunity to conduct 2 paratroops operations. It was very difficult for us to get a draw in such conditions. This required a high level of organization for the red team and the search for tactical solutions in order to conta
  7. There are many other servers where you can spend 20 fights in 40 minutes
  8. I wanted to add about the balance system. The last few campaigns were very intense and the teams fought for victory until the very last mission. Previously, there were campaigns where after a few maps it was clear which side was dominant and what it would win and the other hand was lost interest in the struggle for the victory. This edition of limitations system suggests that the mechanics of the server are quite well established. The forces of the parties are balanced and team work, personal skill and knowledge of their aircraft come to the fore
  9. I will speak on my own behalf and on behalf of the pilots of our squad, who share my opinion. Those who disagree with me on something will express themselves separately. How`s your opinions about the edition??? I took part in all TAW seasons, including the test. I really like this server, especially because it is constantly improving. I love to spend my time here. Thanks a lot to everyone who created and maintains this server. This edition especially liked the increased mission time. What is motivating you to participate in TAW project ? Online war system/realistic gameplay
  10. It seems that the limitation system, balancing the game does not like the blue pilots and like the red ones)
  11. For the first case, demote by one rank. For the second, demote to sergeant / feldwebel without loss of life and strik. For the third execution by firing squad. I've been killed many times hanging from a parachute. And I've done it a few times myself. I take it calmly, as part of the game. I don't think it's a problem.
  12. Maybe we need a few days to discuss some things with the pilots of our squad. I will definitely write what we think in the near future.
  13. Perhaps the topic should be closed for a few days
  14. Спасибо что ты все же это заметил, но промолчал) I do not support insults on the forum in any form. I also believe that if someone wants to make a comment, then you do not need to make them selectively.
  15. Yes, the red team had the fastest 262 and the paratroopers)) Maybe something else?
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