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  1. My U2 was not far from there. Saw you. Beautiful sight)
  2. Why didn't the number of Pe-2s bother you in previous wars, when the blue ones constantly won Map 1? The planeset has not changed since that time Perhaps a numerical advantage again plays too great a value.
  3. I don't think that's the only reason. Just airfields are destroying the same people. In the last war they destroyed the red AF and now the Blue AF. When the Squadron "КК" plays for my team, the play becomes boring. Interesting to play when they are opponents
  4. Blue don't have Ju88, Reds don't have VYa-23. To someone it seems fair You can show the same data for the past war to compare?
  5. 4x500 + 2x250 vs 2x500 On the following (next) maps after the first IL2 don't have VYa-23 on map 1
  6. You have Bf 110 Can you remember when the Reds won the map 1 last time before this war?
  7. Better look at the results of previous wars and suggest to limit the Bf-110 or for example 250 kg bombs for fighters. It will be honest
  8. Est', samaya pryamaya. Pochemu nikogo v igre ne udivlyayut raznye samolety, no udivlyayut raznye zenitki?
  9. You just increased your skill. You just increased your skill. But it doesn't matter. Nobody except you is attacking a special anti-aircraft at airfields. It's very good that your life is now limited, on which side you wouldn't play
  10. I have repeatedly witnessed in the past war that the xJammer systematically destroyed the anti-aircraft guns at the red airfields. You never died in this case.
  11. Then they also have to do with airplanes
  12. Different planes, different bombs, different speeds, different ammo, different AA. What are the questions? It is ok
  13. Points are always lost when the aircraft loses. And the kick from the server and ban is likely due to the fact that the server was full. I think that's right. You lose your technique, you don't grow up in rank. A kick and a short ban facilitates the rotation of players on the full server. But the Strеаk and combat missions remain
  14. I also want to tell you that the gunners on the Ju-88. Today they shot down 2 aircraft with me, very accurate.
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