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  1. I think that new campaign for the TAW would be very useful in the fight against the epidemic coronavirus)))
  2. Have any of the allies already managed to shoot down Me262 on TAW? Tell us about this experience
  3. I think that the use of Me262 should necessarily be limited only to airfields with long hard-surfaced runways
  4. Be sure to try Pе-2. I think you'll like it
  5. How about the new aircraft repair, refueling, and reloading functions. Will this find application on TAW in future?
  6. The Reds will definitely win this map in a year, if you forget to take the Christmas break and the Blues will not be on the server for two days 😁
  7. I'm talking about a situation where you have to defend the last two airfields. Which team is easier to do this? The distance between the Vyselki and Mirskaya is about the same as between Anapa and Taman. And this we still do not take into account the possibility of capturing the airfield by paratroopers.
  8. This is clearly not equal conditions for the defense of two rear airfields, even if the number of players will be equal on each side.
  9. And the location of rear airfields on the map of Kuban. Imagine two situations in which the blue had only two airfields and the red. The distances between them are not comparable. The blue ones can easily protect a closed airfield by taking off from a worker. Red for this will have to overcome half of the map. About warehouses that can be covered by flying between them, here already wrote.
  10. It would be fair to make either two breaks or none. From map number 1 to map number 5, everything was fair and the Reds played calmly against a large number of blue players. They were not stopped by the fact that the blue side has better planes, more convenient location of airfields and warehouses, convoys are not destroyed by submarines, paratroopers dropzone. But when one side deprives the other of the opportunity to attack because of the holidays, but then took advantage of the absence of the enemy in a similar situation, it was perceived as a dishonest reception. Of course you can be proud of winning a campaign in which the enemy refused to play with you. If there are no other reasons for pride, then this one will do )) In my message above, I just explained the reason for the absence of many red players on the last two maps. I think it's pretty clear now. I will not repeat this subject again. You just need to understand that a lot of people will not play a game that is considered unfair. You just need to draw the right conclusions from this.
  11. I respect those who play and win fairly. But you're weak, so you don't know what it is. Your joy is pathetic))
  12. I just don't waste my time playing with weaklings who can't play fair. You can't beat anyone, so enjoy this fake success ))
  13. In fact, the team that took a break for the holidays just for themselves won. In this campaign the blue was the weakest team in the history of TAW 😁 Which was able to play honestly only from 1 to 5 maps. But if someone is happy with such victories, then congratulations))
  14. I think the blue team liked map 8 the most. If nothing changes, the next campaign will be just as interesting, without the red squads. Some of the blue ones will have to turn red))
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