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  1. In my opinion for this purpose, the Arras map and WWI planes are more like
  2. I may be a less prolific bomber, but I agree 😉
  3. Highly likely single bombers will stop to fly at on TAW, than they will begin to unite. As a result, the server will be emptied even more.
  4. 2 maps of Moscow, 2 maps of Stalingrad, 2 maps of Kuban, 2 maps from Bodenplatte. Also 8 maps. (+1 maps of Arras before 😏)
  5. You can remove duplicate maps of Stalingrad and Kuban. The last campaign lasted 53 days, the company before that lasted 43 days. It's not that big a difference. In General, the team that is rapidly losing the will to win, deserves defeat. If you can not fight for a long time, then you have to lose and it's right
  6. It seems very interesting for me to start a campaign on outdated aircraft (even on WW I) and gradually progress to more modern ones.
  7. I think that it is not necessary to divide TAW into the Eastern Front and the Western. In my opinion, Bodenplatte should be the final stage of the entire campaign.
  8. Red pilots will not be easy to be in this ranking))
  9. I was ready to fight on. It’s a pity that the last map ended before my desire to win disappeared)
  10. If you are not able to withstand the stress of the struggle, then you lose and that’s right. This is not only a war of planes. This is a war of personal skill and strength of character I would suggest making the first map based on Bodenplatte, but with World War I planes from the Flying Circus 😊
  11. I think that Bodenplatte 9 - 11 maps will be better than all in next campaign
  12. To do this, you just need to close the airfields began to work not with 10 players, but with 5 I have no such problems
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