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  1. I have found this too after the latest update. I end the mission early and now in the mission summary I notice my plane is always shown as crashed. I've tried ending on auto pilot or auto level, with the same results a crashed aircraft. I do not always feel like landing the aircraft, or there is a time constraint. The mission is completed also the assigned objective. I'm flying career in BOK for the WVS 15/09/1943 42nd GIAP
  2. Love this update 😀 thanks Devs, Jason and all the others who contributed.
  3. Best wishes for your developer Jason.
  4. There are reasons why I appreciate this game so much: this DD sums them all up. Well done to the team for the love, the research and the attention to detail that goes in to re-creating these iconic aircraft for us to fly.
  5. A great update, thank you. As for the collector planes the Me 410 and the Typhoon have my vote.
  6. This a very good DD, the improvements to be implemented are what a lot of people have been asking for on these forums and will greatly enhance what is already a very good game. The new aircraft sound exciting, I for one will have trouble deciding which one to fly. Well done to Jason and the team for the constant positive additions to the game.
  7. My thanks to the team for all of their hard work. Much appreciated
  8. Well done Murf, that’s very generous of you.
  9. Seems like a Steam issue. I restarted my PC and logged into Steam. I had to manually download the update, its normally automatic with Steam. I've accessed the game and it seems fine updated to 3011b. Thank you for your help IRRE-Therion
  10. I am trying to log on to play the game and a message displays telling me to update my game. I updated 05/03/19 to 3011 through Steam and played the game that evening, without any issues. I own BOS on Steam and all other content from the IL2 site. Has there been another update? I can't see any reference to one and normally Steam updates the game.
  11. Well done team, i love all of the new content and fixes. Your hard work is always appreciated.
  12. Thank you team: for all the hard work that makes this sim simply outstanding ☺️
  13. I’ve been using this DM for a while now and prefer it. It definitely seems more realistic that after hitting an ac that it flies on and gradually deteriorates. Smoke from the engine becoming thicker until the pilot bales etc. I find this very immersive.
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