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  1. Thanks to the team for the continual improvements to this game and a Happy New Year 😃 to all.
  2. Fw 190 A3 Plenty of ammo and a hefty punch
  3. Han thank you for opening this topic. My experience is that after some of the latter updates, is that I have real problems spotting aircraft, I play SP with icons on. My monitor is 27 inch 1440 with an Nvidia 980ti card. My problems are: When aircraft fly directly towards me I cannot tell if they are flying straight at me or slightly to the left or right, too late I find out. I can be on tail of an ac and only know he’s there because of the icons, at the last minute the ac becomes clear, by this time I’m swerving to avoid a collision. On an airfield attack
  4. Short description. Sound bug intercom I’m flying a P38 for 485 FS flying a Rail Junction attack. Long description. I drop the bombs and flying away, hit by AA so I decide to dis-engage. My pilot keeps repeating roughman four target destroyed. This message is repeated approximately seventy times and only ceases when another pilot states that his aircraft is on fire.
  5. That is good news 🙂 I'll look forward to finishing that career. Thanks once again for your help @LukeFF
  6. The game will not progress to the next day, A message appears something like cannot access the next day on a green background. When I click on that message, the screen is then blank. All the pilot history has gone, nothing happens when I click on the planning room. There's normally a notification when the unit is transferred, that I've seen in the past. Thanks for the interest, much appreciated. @RedKestrel @LukeFF
  7. I,m flying a Fw 190D for iii?JG 54 the career reaches 31/12/44 and then will not progress any further. This is the second career both for the same unit, that will not progress to the next day. The green progress bar below the pilots picture shows the career halfway through in both cases.
  8. Steam downloaded the latest hotfix today (22/05/20) When i try to login I receive the message; #10027 Packed data verification fail. Please restore the original packed data files. How do I do this? Game running now. Thanks for your help @Firdimigdi
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all American members of the community and best wishes to all other nationalities who play this sim.
  10. This theatre makes perfect sense to me. It will expand the late European plane set with some desirable aircraft, add new maps and new mission types. I would have liked PTO, but realise that this step would have to be thought about very carefully. I’ve flown many WWII flight sims over the years, not very many of them are left now.
  11. I first purchased BOS as a DVD from Amazon. This I later realised played the game through Steam. Thereafter all my purchases have been from the store.
  12. I have found this too after the latest update. I end the mission early and now in the mission summary I notice my plane is always shown as crashed. I've tried ending on auto pilot or auto level, with the same results a crashed aircraft. I do not always feel like landing the aircraft, or there is a time constraint. The mission is completed also the assigned objective. I'm flying career in BOK for the WVS 15/09/1943 42nd GIAP
  13. Love this update 😀 thanks Devs, Jason and all the others who contributed.
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