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  1. SwallowFire + BoBP Many thanks dude you're the best!
  2. I reinstalled the game and it fixed the problem. Still don't know what was wrong there but @Yogiflight @PatrickAWlson thanks for trying to help me out!
  3. Ok, admittedly I haven't been playing this game for a while. Last weekend I downloaded PWCG 5.1.3 but I couldn't find the generated mission in the game. The mission file is there in the "missions" folder but in game no third-party missions were actually shown. Did I do anything wrong?
  4. I just realized that I have the same issue. If you turn off MSAA in game and turn on SMAA in reshade, the game will crash on mission start. If you turn on both you will be fine but I guess the in-game MSAA just overrides SMAA so you are not getting any effect from SMAA. Correct me if I am wrong. Other functions in reshade seem to work fine for me.
  5. I haven’t fired up the game for a long time due to lack of decent single player content. Now for me it’s quite simple. I vote with my wallet and my wallet will keep silent as long as the devs keep silent about the ai and radio comms. Let it be tank crews, wwi, me262 or pacific. I won’t purchase any more unless i see improvements in gameplay. After spending nearly 200 dollars on a single game I reckon myself as supportive enough.
  6. The best scripted campaign I ve ever played. Thanks a lot Netscape. Btw the briefings are so well written that it made me feel like i am reading a novel. Great work!
  7. Congrats on that 10k subscriber. I’ve learned a ton from your videos. Would love to have participate in the draw for a il2 BoBP. Thanks a lot.
  8. You are absolutely right about 1c deviding different targets into different types. So I guess the variety is pretty much the same between the two. Btw the first half of the list is the ones that have been implemented. And the second half is all mission types that the devs plan to implement. But anyways it is remarkable for you to come thus far with pwcg. Great job!
  9. I found a list of mission types in the career. I would categorize them into intercept, area patrol, cover, escort, ground attack, ground support and bombing. In comparison cover, ground support is probably missing in pwcg for fighters. But in career mode there's no scramble mission.
  10. First and foremost many thanks to pat who made this awesome add-on to il2. I have tried both and have to say that both are fantastic. I especially like the debriefing part of pwcg which the career mode doesn't have. But having to tab in and out and to delete the mission log files every now and then is kinda annoying sometimes. I've got one more question on this topic though: in terms of mission variety, which one is better. I heard that the devs have implemented some 25 mission types and plan to add another 15. Not sure how pwcg handles it.
  11. Try high yoyo next time. According to my experience one high yoyo is not enough and you usually need to repeat it 2 to 3 times. But eventually you can get fairly close to your opponent and now start turning with him. Closer range means less deflection and much higher chance of hit. At least that is the strategy I constantly use against AI.
  12. Whenever I need to make a decision on purchasing a game I go to youtube and watch people play it first. Recently I watched videos made by Phil Style which are solely about he playing the career mode. Opinions on AI are pretty devided among players at the moment. Some people think it is decent while others say it needs a major overhaul. I, personally, belong to the latter group. The career system itself is actually really good. But can you judge on the career mode alone without considering the AI?
  13. I had the same experience with A20. I was sitting on the runway waiting to do a bomber escort mission in career mode. Then a flight of 5 A20 flew pass above me. When I zoomed in to check there were actually 7. But when I zoomed back out again the 2 disappeared.
  14. @Jade_Monkey I used to see the same thing happen on bf110, but I didn't report it though.
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