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  1. Hello coconut, currently the server notifications lag somewhat behind. Just got kicked 20min after I took off because I was not allowed to take Pe-2 s.87 from Novorossiysk. Happend to FF_Groucho and others, too!
  2. I have had some nice sorties with this plane online. It's especially good for ground attack. It's guns also make short work of any unwary Luftwaffe adversary, with a tons of ammo to spare.
  3. The server seems to be very unstable at the moment, constant crashes and lags.
  4. You should definitely give multiplayer a go once you got the basics down (Taxi, Take-off, Landing, Navigation). You will find that human opponents are sometimes easier to beat than AI. If you can, fly with someone experienced. With guidance even newbies can score skills on expert difficulty servers.
  5. It is a small thing, but is there a way to find out the date and/or weather of the current map in game? I just like apply the correct camopaint before I spawn. Besides that I think that this server is really fun and the people here seem to be alright as well.
  6. Many thanks Tzigy! Your giveaway landed in some very suprised and happy hands. Hats off for this!
  7. I have a friend who would really appreciate a BoM Standart Key.
  8. Defininetly much more bad ass that way
  9. This is really great news! Never thought that this was going to happen! My ticket for the MTO-hypetrain!
  10. Must be some kind of bug then as the gun definetly did not reload.
  11. ...on the Wings of Liberty Server last night: Got two sweaty hand airkills in the P-40 in one sortie while en route to ground targets. Screwed up a sure fire kill as gunner in the 110E because I forgot the reload key in the heat of battle and crash landed just barely behind friendly lines. Just missed a 190 flying head on through my IL-2s crosshairs. Almost got killed while respawning by a high altitude bombing run on the tarmac. People are actually taxiing to the runway and form spontaneous wings. And the game runs smooth as silk all the way. I am afraid I have to give this game a solid "awesome" for I didn't have that much fun flying online for a long time. Now you'll have to excuse me while I get myself an early three-engined christmas present...
  12. Are you able to fire flares from your tank? Would be a nice visual confirmation for friendly positions during danger close air support.
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