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  1. Hah i just saw your reply over in that other thread, and on my phone so i didnt know it was you! Ima hit you with a pm when i am back at home in a bit.
  2. haha well i am sure glad to hear that, and do appreciate it as well!
  3. shit i've got damn near that much in it, not including the time - would be a helluva deal for whoever got it for that much lol. Think anyone would be a buyer at say $800?
  4. Coming from you that is quite the compliment! I appreciate it!
  5. Just finished up my buildout of the msffb2 I've been dreaming of for a year now. I've been running a g940 for several years, and just couldnt do without ffb for this and other sims, but those virpil grips were just too sexy to pass on so I decided to do some kitbashing and make my own... Overview: msffb2 base - red version "resistor mod" for more ffb power! bodnar board for increase x and y axis precision virpil controller board and virpil t-50 cm2 grip (my favorite part) scratch built mounting solution - see images below for the "ring" and "socket" concept While there is still plenty of room for improvement in the tidyness area, i am overall wildly impressed and pleased with how the mod turned out. The only thing I intend to do in future is perform the belt mod that another member of our forum has completed, see @LLv34_T_Vellu 's work for more details on this! so here are some pics! First up is the final product of course! Need to polish up the wire routing and put some finish on the mounts (also some toggle clamps instead of c-clamps, but that will wait lol): this is a quick look at the 3d printed adapter used to mount the virpil stick to the stock base: (while i modeled my own, there is another gentleman that created one for his shapeways store, you can find this by searching for debolestis shapeways store) In order for this grip to work, i had to acquire a virpil controller board which i'll leave to you to figure out;). Protips: if you have to make a wiring harness for one of these to be compatible with the five pin mini din, look for md-50j connector on digikey https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/cui-devices/MD-50J/CP-2150-ND/96926 and assure that you have 2mm JST four pin connectors on hand!. now for my original work, the mounting solution! This is an image of the 3d printed "ring" base, which features some heat set threaded M4 inserts, and is glued to the base of the joystick. If you go this way, make sure to use a toughed CA glue (i used ICS-2000) rough up the base and the printed ring then wash with denatured alcohol before applying it. Also make sure that you have the ring reasonably aligned to the screw holes in the base! The base image will explain this further. Also included here is a bonus shot of the mount i use for my throttle (g940 for now, but soon to be replaced with a virpil unit;) I went this way due to not being able to have any screws coming through the base, its just too tight inside the stick with the two additional controller boards and the associated wiring. This also allows me to still be able to easily access the internals. This is the "socket" base of the mount, which accepts the "ring" and you are able to run your m4 bolts through to secure it. It started life as a 3/4" thick piece of oak, which was then routed (started on my cnc router but it decided to shit on me before the job was finished, which is why the outer ring isnt nicely machined). If you want more specifics just ask! For the most part, here we are! let me know if you have any questions for me on this, or indeed any suggestions!
  6. well noted! thank you very much for the update - i am sure we are all very much looking forward to this work!
  7. Heyo @WG_Magners! I hope all is well for you! Wanted to check in with you on estimated timeline for FFB support, or do you even have this on your radar yet?
  8. well noted @SCG_Fenris_Wolf i appreciate your insight here. I'll do all of this then report back. one side note - this issue only occurs in IL2 all other sims, while having performance issues, have no issues around this distortion effect.
  9. as far as start order, i've done it several ways - WMR portal, then wmr for steam then il2. have also tried starting straight from IL2. this is the case for both 60hz and 90hz mode.
  10. Well team - still no luck here. reinstalled from scratch (except whatever steam leaves behind, will do that next) - and still have the goddamn distortion, fisheye lens effect going on. this is with insider build fast ring, odyssey+, latest drivers, steam vr beta - wmr for steam beta.
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