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  1. Well - my feedback is this: WEEEE this is sorely needed, the HOTAS DIY community needs you so badly for this. I am especially interested in the external ADC support that has been mentioned elsewhere;) The community of DIYers is tiny and we very much appreciate the work you're doing! As my own projects come towards maturity I'll be sure to keep you posted on functionality:)
  2. Just get a joystick man - its a minimum barrier to entry. Question though - do you have some physical handicap to prevent your use of a joystick?
  3. Take a look here - AMD vs Intel is basically a toss up with single thread performance at this point - though this does not take into account overclocking. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html I personally would love to see a shootout between a Ryzen 3800x and i7-9700k in this game and the "other" sim though!
  4. I totally agree with you in spirit - I just don't yet see any workable solutions to enforce this:/
  5. Be in shape and maintain flexibility for a start. Second use 3dmigoto. Third you can assign snap views in the steamVR controls. This is a can of worms. Some people are more flexible than others, some have shorter necks and all kinda other things - no good way to account for this.
  6. Man i am stoked to see it coming together! it is going to look so awesome when complete - so much more gravitas than the store bought quadrants;) I've been working a lot and just managing day to day life commitments so not too much has been happening in the garage, but I have been up to a few cool things! *built a new bow: *got a dog *converted our Zubal C2 and Bridgeport clones to DC motors (my pops is also a pretty smart guy) *Also added a new spindle to my CNC router I am a terrible documentarian though so not many pics of most of this stuff lol
  7. Heyo @Soilworker checking in here! Sorry for delayed reply and thank you so much for sharing this awesome project!! I've got a couple of projects I've got to finish up then i am going to lean into copying your fantastic setup here;)
  8. There is no way to tell for sure, as he is never invited.
  9. lol I thought it was funny. Funny to laugh at you, not with you - just to be clear.
  10. I've let a few of my friends try the sim out in my VR rig, its always met with amazement. My favorite part though, is convincing them to go ahead and stack one in intentionally to see what it feels like to watch the ground rushing towards you - the moment of impact always results in my buddies jumping out of the chair a bit. They remove the goggles and are left with a 1000 yard stare for a few seconds.
  11. Any time my food starts to taste bland, I swing through this thread and soak up some salt by rubbing my food against the monitor.
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