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  1. There is no way to tell for sure, as he is never invited.
  2. lol I thought it was funny. Funny to laugh at you, not with you - just to be clear.
  3. I've let a few of my friends try the sim out in my VR rig, its always met with amazement. My favorite part though, is convincing them to go ahead and stack one in intentionally to see what it feels like to watch the ground rushing towards you - the moment of impact always results in my buddies jumping out of the chair a bit. They remove the goggles and are left with a 1000 yard stare for a few seconds.
  4. Any time my food starts to taste bland, I swing through this thread and soak up some salt by rubbing my food against the monitor.
  5. gonna be honest with you, that is not in the same league, or even the same sport as what @Soilworker is doing.
  6. Multiplayer is the absolute most rewarding frustration in flight sims lol.
  7. lol they felt it was not aligned to the culture of the company.
  8. Tried to join you, HR department had an issue with it.
  9. oooo! lets see some more detail on that awesome extension! I too have the g940, i am looking to fit up a virpil stick to the base, much like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3849592
  10. I agree with alot of your viewpoints @SharpeXB most of them in fact, but I do think you're commonly on the hardliner stance with alot of issues. These things dont have to be black and white. Icons have a place, just not for my personal use;)
  11. Imagine a world in which people have real life friends. These friends may like to give this game a try. These indicators, icons and other arcade type helpers allow these friends to try the game in a casual way. These friends then have fun in casual setting, maybe they get into the hobby. Then maybe these friends try the harder modes later on. I tried to keep the sentences short so you'd understand them.
  12. how are things coming along @Soilworker? @SAG - protip: use single flute cutters with that high speed spindle also adaptive/trochoidal milling techniques are the godsend to cheapie cnc machines of that nature.
  13. G meter on HUD would be great. Would allow for developing techniques in practice to keep the gs down during high speed maneuvering. What I'd really like to see is an EGT gauge so i can get more confident with the mixture controls.
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