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  1. well noted @SCG_Fenris_Wolf i appreciate your insight here. I'll do all of this then report back. one side note - this issue only occurs in IL2 all other sims, while having performance issues, have no issues around this distortion effect.
  2. as far as start order, i've done it several ways - WMR portal, then wmr for steam then il2. have also tried starting straight from IL2. this is the case for both 60hz and 90hz mode.
  3. Well team - still no luck here. reinstalled from scratch (except whatever steam leaves behind, will do that next) - and still have the goddamn distortion, fisheye lens effect going on. this is with insider build fast ring, odyssey+, latest drivers, steam vr beta - wmr for steam beta.
  4. Hah, gross - that thing is a total ripoff. get yourself a used MSFFB2 stick on the ebay - fantastic experience - and if you know whats up you can even mod yourself a new grip from Virpil onto the base. the other option for me is a modded G940 setup (my current use) - fully rewired the throttle through a bodnar board, updated stick firmware with Fred41's modded version, and got a set of MFG crosswinds which are amazong too.
  5. I've been running the G940 stick and throttle, with the hacked firmware from fred41 and also stripped the throttle electronics and swapped over to a bodnar board. Also have 3 MSFFB2's waiting for some special boards so i can run aftermarket grips on them. Very much will not even consider flying without FFB anymore!
  6. oh goodness. well damn guys, i think there is probably some setting tied to this somewhere between steam vr and IL2... Any ideas on some config files i could look into?
  7. Hi Wulfe, Its not a performance issue, its sort of like a fish eye lens effect - general image distortion, not even a cross eye effect. Like the whole image is compressed inwards a bit.
  8. i am on fast ring 19628.1 and still have the problem only with IL2. Could be my own problem, or could be all odyssey+ users, no idea. The distortion exists at 60hz and 90hz - at least before the patch yesterday. I'll test this afternoon and report back. no issue with any other sims. Update: still screwed up and does the damn fish eye lens - this is with steam vr beta, and non beta, steam vr for WMR beta and non beta. 60hz and 90hz as well.
  9. Oi @WG_Magners checking in on your project and am so happy to read about FFB support coming down the line! Also - tried to hit your paypal and it seems to be down - can you add a new donation link for us?
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