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  1. As far as I understand, you've already done two maps - Kuban' and Stalingrad. Will they change time-to-time? Honestly speaking, Stalingrad is much more interesting (for me, of course ;))
  2. Hi! Many thanks for you server. It looks like the best choice for on-line. At the same time we (my friends and I) have at least one note about Alternate Visibility. (watch from 1.10) Two A-20, two A-20....A-a-a-and... Three!!! A-20 Is advantages of Alt Vis effects are really very important in compare with this bug?
  3. OK, thank you for answer. Will wait next update, wich will decrease their level again By the way. (sorry, may be you've already answered) Will we have a chanse to see more flaks (AAA) around the targets like factory? I mean it would change this type of targets for level or dive bombers only.
  4. It's not clear. Is it consequences of update #3.012 or initiative of server owners?
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