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  1. What does it change to your game experiance if other players have wider FOV?
  2. Great help guys, much appreciated!
  3. I have done that but I'm trying not to move the pilot's head to far back or I'll be blided by the head rest when looking back. What I'm looking to do is set the FOV limit wider then it currectly is. So that instead of being limited to what it is now (lets say 90 degrees) I can set the FOV to say 110 degrees.
  4. Is there any way to make the FOV wider? I like to fly with as much periferal vision as possible but the currect limits as of now still seem a bit to norrow. Any suggestions?
  5. LaGG-3. I like to be the underdog
  6. Can you share that video of Kermit Weeks?
  7. Ive noticed a big influx of players in the multiplayer servers since the game was made available on steam. Thats a good thing! Before that the US servers were always empty. More servers to choose from and more targets to shoot now.
  8. Is it possible to set TrackIR in-game so that the forward/backward movement of the head zooms the camera in and out?
  9. I think its got massive potential. Can't wait for the final version. For now I'm trying to limit my gameplay so I don't get tired of the game before actual release hehehe.
  10. I quite like to fly the LaGG. Its both challenging and very fun to fly IMO.
  11. I wish there were a LaGG-3 english manual
  12. Ahh I see, thanks Milo. Its for the direction finder for anyone else who wants to know.
  13. What is this thing found on the tail of the Ju-87 just behind the gunner seat? Almost looks like a dynamite stick... Is it for seft-destruction in case of a crash landing behind enemy lines?
  14. Hopefully I should be getting mine back soon. Had to RMA it due to a problem with the stick as some of you know. Really looking forward to flying with it.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. I like to hear the wind when landing and taking off. Hopefully this will be implemented in the completed game?
  16. Flimsy? It wasn't as armored as the IL-2 but it certainly wasn't flimsy...
  17. I'll be hoping for a Ju-87 :D
  18. Well things arnt going so well on my side. The throttle works fine but the joystick plain doesnt work. All 3 axis are extremly laggy and none of the buttons work. Which sucks because everything else about the X55 is really nice.
  19. I thought what made cannon shells more destructive were the explosive charges in them? Not the hole size they made...
  20. I'm curious to know if anyone who got a shipment notice received theirs?
  21. That's probably the issue here. I remember seeing a video in which they said flak was usually only used above 5000 feet (approximately 1500 meters.) If this aspect was included in the game, I think we'd have a properly simulated anti-air artillery as everything ease feels spot on.
  22. I agree, the heavy artillery's ability to predict new courses so quickly doesn't feel very realistic. Its interesting, though. In earlier games I've literally been ignoring the AAA because it was so ineffective. This new aspect of flight sims is new to me so it will take time to adapt. I still feel it needs work but I know its still WIP after all.
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