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  1. Outstanding work mate! Well done and great choice!!!!
  2. Me too, looking forward to your work! I know right now, that i will love it, no doubt about it! Thank you for your efforts and time. S!
  3. Well done boys.... Nice work! Love to have some "different" skins, well foreign 109s Beautiful!!!
  4. Thank you Pips! Outstanding work!! Thanks a lot!!
  5. Thank you Julian! Love and always loved your work! Brilliant!! Its fantastic!!! S!
  6. MMMHH, i cant understand how people treat airplanes, makes me sad...😯 but its flying again. Well done, great joband treat her well😁 BTW i like your new avatar!
  7. Hello devs, found a little graphical glitch. Brief description: Bf 109G-14 canopy open graphical bug / glitch Detailed description, conditions: When opening the G-14 canopy the cable end on the locking mechanism is missing. You see it in the first screenshoot Additional assets: screenshots x2
  8. Put the files into the folder beow Your HDD: ....\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Campaigns
  9. Hi rowdyb00t, there is a huge problem with your mod😲 I LOVE IT and they are fantastic and stunning!😁 This is for sure a "must have" Thanks a lot for sharing them i enjoy it every time i fly. I do not want to fly any more without clouds!
  10. Great DD! A Hip Hip Huray to Digital Forms studio binoculars for the tank commanders-- outstanding!! Nice sreenshoots!!
  11. Hi Mheetu as Julian wrote. This was szelljr first P-38 skin!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link on page 27 Have you seen my avatar? HOW YOU DARE!😁 Btw Julian57 and Rap (Raptorattacker) made wonderful skins too. Dont miss them!
  12. Yes, a copy would be welcome!! Both of them!! Now its perfect in my eyes. You see i read weathering😁 I would like to see some more P-38 love! There are sooo many profiles out there!! There are a ton of P-47 and 51 skins and a handful for the Lightning! Thank you!
  13. Thank you Julian, for me this is no problem at all. Do you mind making some P-38 skins? There are so many out there. Only if you have time and the will to make some: like this one
  14. Well done Julian!! I thought the P-38 was dead but its living again! Thank you buddy for your time and work!
  15. Please stop it.....😁 The enemy is getting angry when they see these beautiful Panthers. I am speechless. This is no skin any more, this is art
  16. Yep, more dirty and may be not so white if its not an ac at D day or shortly after. These are fighters on the front, making heavy buisness, no time for cleaning them. (This is my opinion, others may like it clean) I love dirty, weatherd ac! You re last release fits much more better in my eyes. Well done and thank you for your work. Like it mucho! And dont forget.....😲 please go on want to see more P-38 if its ok for you!!
  17. Outstanding work! Great detail! Thanks for your work!! Love the information too! Well done!
  18. Julian brilliant work! Thanks for all these skins!!!
  19. Sure all skins are ok!! Nice one! May i give a suggestion if you dont mind! What about weathering the Invasion stripes?
  20. No comment!!! Brilliant work!! Hopefully to see some P-38 love too in the future!
  21. Nice one! Love PTO! Thanks
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