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  1. Excellent, like it! Is it possible to add some weathering , oil or grease?
  2. Thank you buddy! Nice choice! Like the late war camouflage. Well done
  3. It was only a thought, i have no problems with it. From my experiences i know, its much easier. You have to search this forum. I dont know if i find them but i will try it. Look here are some:
  4. Thank you Julian, as always a wonderful job, well done!
  5. Marco, don t be so shy let these beauties roll😄 Thank you for these nice G-14, well done mate! My question: What is superb, the template or the skins..... both of them!
  6. Hi flyingfish, dont get me wrong but a "little" PLEASE would help you a lot! There are many talented, gentile skinners here......
  7. Thats RAPTOR MANI A STIC!😁 Thanks in advance for your effort and time!
  8. Fantastic! Thank you so much for spending a lot of time for making us a awesome mod! Its incredible. S!
  9. RAPTORNICE!!!😁 Rap is a very talented skinner, he made a lot of skins for me too, a very kind mate! Thanks for sharing guys and bravo!!
  10. Stunning work, this will heavily improve this game.
  11. Nice one, well done... we have TONTO and where is TATANKA😄
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