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  1. Where is the classic download link for the FW 190-s? Hát, akkor most már én is megköszönöm😉
  2. Hi, thank you for your work. Please, is it possible in the future to select the folder for downloaded skins where i wanrt to have it? Now i am restricted for one path (...graphics/skins) but i dont want to have the skins in the skins folder. S1
  3. Bravo, bravissimo!! Well done!! great skin!!
  4. ITS PERFECT!! I´ll keep both of them. Sorry, the artist is you. Thank you so much!!!
  5. As always fatastic skins!! Love your work. May be i am wrong but i know this ac as Green 2. Do you mind to make a second skin with a green number? Thank s alot. Outstanding work!
  6. Well done and thank you for your work!
  7. Well done Kirill, top notch skins! Thank you very much!
  8. Yes, i know that these are not 100% historical skins but they are fantastic. You know too i don t like factory new skins on the battlefield. Weathering is very important for combat ac. Thank you!!
  9. mmmhhh!!!! Outstanding mate!!! Fantastic skins! Thank you very much!!
  10. Great skin buddy!! Love it! Thank you
  11. As always Rap, outstanding work!! Thank you!
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