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  1. Great work as always!! Thank you, love it!
  2. OOOUUTTTSTANDING!!!!!!!! WOW! Fantastic work mate!! Well done and thanks for these birds!
  3. I am outraged sir😁 They call me Yankee one and not Yankee Tarheel😄 As always nice job mate! Well done and thank you!!!
  4. Like the second screenshoot!😄 Something is upside down🙃 Pilot is inspecting if you made a good job JR 😉 mmmhhhhh
  5. Thank you SARFlytitus, for the corrections and your work!!!! Great
  6. Like the first skin! /green) Well done!!!
  7. Nice skin selection! Beautiful! Great work!
  8. Thank you Julian!! Well done m8!
  9. Thanks RAP, you have done an outstanding job!
  10. Please not, please dont let them come😄 Too many good skins , cant withstand to download them all! It s a bad habit😁 As always fantastic work, thank you for sharing them!!
  11. Rap, outstanding you re last Razorback!! (Tuskegee Airmen) Thanks, i like the vivid colors!! Well done m8!
  12. @Oyster_KAI HI mate, first of all fantastic work! If you dont mind i found some misspellings: 1, Kürskreisel should be KURSKREISEL 2, Schaltbrelt should be SCHALTBRETT 3, Oldrucksignel should be ÖLDRUCKSIGNAL Thank you
  13. Bocs, fasza munka!! De hol maradtak a tehenek, nem tudom letölteni azokat😁 Great work mate, but i cant find and download those cows😁 S!
  14. AHHHHHHHH! @SARFlytitus bellissimi Superb work mate!! I dont know wich one to choose first!! grazie mille per il tuo fantastico lavoro I do not have enough likes
  15. I am always surprised by your great work RAP! I like youre skinning and the sharpness of the skins! Well done and thank you for sharing them!!!! Oh, yes i always forget it, nice vid too!!!!
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