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  1. Thats a great skin. Love it! Well done. Like the yellow lines on the national markings! Fantastic!
  2. Gyönyörü munka!! Ez már müvészet! Hálás köszönet Well done mate, lovely skin. Thank you very mucho😁
  3. Thank you buddy for another superb skin!! Now with a brown / green camouflage!! Great and wunderbar!!
  4. I smell..... P-38! That would be fantastic! Love that birdy! True, the other sounds well too! For me every skin is a surprise, what i want more!!! S!
  5. As i said, its a surprise to get 3 volumes. These are aorund 15 skins. THATS HUGE!!!!!
  6. Pips, from my point of view they look all perfect! What? volume 3 too? Thought you make 2! Thats a surprise. Thanks in advance for all 3 volumes and your work!
  7. Wow! Another skinpack and a huge amount of work! Thank you very much! Like the blue stripes. on this yellow nose bird. S!
  8. Hi Pips, the first skin looks stunning. You want to correct all skins? Thats a huge amount of work. I see your passion having correct skins! Thanks a lot and take your time. My respect!
  9. A HUGE THANK YOU Julian!!! Its wonderful that somebody takes care of tank skins. As always beautiful work and job! S!
  10. Cool, some real cool planes! What version of the MK VXIV are we getting? C? E?
  11. Love you Pips😀 Thank you for correcting the skin (s)
  12. Thank you very much for your amount of work and passion for making these skins. My greatest respect to you SOLIDKREATE and all other skin makers who are willing to spend their free time for us to make us all happy
  13. FANTASTIC JOB!! Well done mate! BTW i like the presentation photo with all those patches too! Great
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