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  1. Thank you guys, as always you are fantastic. TC in early access is superb. I love those "little" details. It was worth waiting for a "da.." good sim. We got skins too. question. Is there any info / tech chart (while playing the game) wich ammo type i loaded? (HP, AP) W and S are for zooming too.
  2. Thank you! Preordered TANK Crew. Great update! Downloading now and waiting to step inside a steel monster😊
  3. Yankee_One

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Another beauty Julian! Nice choices, please go on 😊
  4. Yankee_One

    szelljr skindeposit

    Very nice skin! Gyönyörü Would you be so kind to make the white tailwheel rim black?
  5. Yankee_One

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Thank you Julian, nice work and well done.
  6. Yankee_One

    "Fire and Ice" - Bf 110 E-2 Scripted Campaign

    Hi Julian, your skins for the 110 E is brilliant. Fantastic work. Thanks
  7. Yankee_One

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Very well done mate! Please DON´T stop it go on.😊 As always great job and two thumps up. S!
  8. Yankee_One

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    These are great news. Looking forward to a good tank sim since years. The wait was worth. Its incredible, these details. I am in as soon as it shows PREORDER Give me please the preorder button, my tank engine is running hot. Best news and thanks for another great sim. Good job
  9. Nice work ont he G-14 cockpit. Recognized the new temperature gauge and other small changes (repositioning switches) Thanks for this update.
  10. Yankee_One

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Thank you Julian! As always well done and thank you for these changes.
  11. Yankee_One

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Hi Julian, what changes did you made on this skin? The download takes me to white 9 of JG 11. Regards
  12. Yankee_One

    szelljr skindeposit

    Szép munka, végre egy IL-2. Már hiányoltam. Köszi
  13. Yankee_One

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Hi Julian, thats a fantastic skin. Well done. Fits fantastic for Me 262 JG 7 defense later. Great job. Thank you
  14. Its nearly 20 years ago when i visited Würzburg. That was when i had to make my military service. I was travelling with train up to Mayen, near Koblenz. Now i am an old man😉
  15. You are totally right, as you can see i am not a Frangge, but Nemberch is not too far away. Allmächt na enjoy your meal😊😉