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  1. Sometimes i can t understand how talentd people are. It s an amazing work, your tanks Tomi look so realistic, every single tank you made! Outstanding, i can t find other words. Thank you, i enjoy and love your tanks!
  2. Well done and great job! Like this mod, thank you!!
  3. I love your work and your skins!! These are top notch!
  4. Outstanding work, love the weathering! Thank you!!
  5. Nice work mate! Love your work! Thanks for sharing them!
  6. Thank you Julian!! Great my first 152 skin! Well done!
  7. Sounds like a charm, i mean Tiger! Fantastic job, as always.
  8. Yep, weatherd skin is my love. Thanks and fantastic job
  9. Beautiful work mate! Love this one!! Thank you!
  10. Superb work mate! Like them😃
  11. Bloody hell, thats an surprise! Nice update, great to see all these improvements.
  12. Thank you Tommi, now i understand. I thought these are "only" skins thats why i asked but i see there is much more inside. No, i leave them as they are as they should be. "TANKS" again
  13. Hi Tomi, first of all you did an amazing job here. I can only say WOW!! These skins are superb, love them! I have a problem btw: Would you be so kind and explain me this file? Nr:713 C http://www.mediafire.com/file/9kg2b27qfc4e4ge/95_%23_Pz.Kpfw_IV__1SS_LSAH_-N713-C.7z/file Its very huge, many skins inside them. For # 713C should i delete the other files or is this intended to be. Thanks alot for these skins, i enjoy them really and thanks for your help!
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