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  1. LOve those beautiful colors on these birds. Nice job, as always well done!!
  2. Yep, if i would have more thumbs i would give em to you, so only two thumbs up😲 Beautiful K-4 RAP, love your white 16, its incredible. Thank you so much
  3. Hi RAP, just one note: what a shame ........... on me! Didnt even realized that you have released Lockheed P-38J Lightning 'Kozy Koza'. Thought that the P-38 in general was dead!!!😯 Thanks a lot for this forgotten beauty!
  4. Look here please the first post and scroll down to Battle of Bodenplatte there you can find it at the end
  5. Love that skin! This ac has the early kill markings, like it much better as the late war kill markings. Well done!!!!
  6. Oh boy, these are fantastic! For me its another milestone! Bloody good work mate! Thank you so much Bugsy, hats off!!!
  7. Great skins Pat! They are looking horrible good!
  8. Merry Christmas to the devs, Jason and this fantastic forum and all the people around here!! All my best wishes!!
  9. Meryy Christmas!! and thank you for another Christmas gift!!!!
  10. For you too!! Boldog Karácsony neked is!!!!
  11. Happy Christmas my friend! All the best for the coming year too!
  12. Thank you Bugsy! Happy Christmas for you too! Nice gifts!😁
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