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  1. I have downloaded the whole game again and now its fixed. Its working again. Man, i am glad. Love this game. Thanks for any help Thanks devs and forum guys S!
  2. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Yes, you are right but thank you anyways.
  3. I have completely downloaded the whole game, a fresh install. I have the same server connection problems. As i said before, this was not with 3.001. I dont know what to do. I cant log in. See the loading bar, hear sounds after veryfying my password, i have that annoying master server connection problem
  4. HI Mr PP, had the same problem yesterday but at least several attempts later i was able to download the update. After that i tried to play but i had server connection problems. This remains. Never had that, 3.001 was great. My antivirus and firewall accepting BOX as game, so no problems. I deleted the whole game now, trying my best but downloading failed another time. DL rate is very low.
  5. Hi, everything was ok with 3.001. I had no problems connecting and playing. This message appeared after the newest update. Internet connection is ok, firewall and antivirus recognizig BOX as game.
  6. I have downloaded the patch but cant log in Following message appears 1, No connection with authorization server 2, Your connection to Master-server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection. Even if i restart my pc, no go. With 3.001 everything was fine.
  7. Can someone please tell how big the patch was? TY
  8. Hi DEVs , have a problem to install the update. Client is downloaded. The installation bar screen appears and then it says "FAILED TO UPDATE" 3.001 was running well. Can i delete some update folders? If yes wich of these folder. BTW i have win 10 Ryzen 7 CPU 32 Gig Ram at 3200
  9. You guys rock!! Fantastic, didnt thought about an update today. I have a new rig and i must say the game is brilliant. Everything is on ultra and its f..... smooth. It was a good decision to buy a new rig, mine was 9 years old. FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks guys. Keep up your great work. S!
  10. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    @ Wolfram-Harms Nice skin mate. If you make any changes (like SchutzEngelchen describes it) to that skin is it possible to delete the white outline on the Spornrad and to have both versions with and without swastika? Thank you.
  11. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Thanks Rafiger, thats great. I appreciate your work. I know you made great ones in the old days for 1946. S!
  12. Bf109 G-6 Skins

    Thanks guys for your work. Is it possible to delete that white color on the Spornrad? That would be nice! Thanks in advance
  13. Pssst, it's Jason's birthday today

    Happy Birthday and best wishes from Europe!
  14. Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    Great news as always! Nice stuff. Love that Tiger, i am ready to buy Tank crew Spit and G-14 looking awesome! Cant wait for Bodenplatte too. May be in the future a G-10. Have a nice weekend