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  1. Hi Rap, i am sorry but i have to admit i love JAN😉 Hopefully you dont mind......😁 Thank you sir for a sweet girl!
  2. Thanks alot! Lovely work, looking forward for the other beatuies!
  3. Beautiful work buddy! Great skins and thank you for sharing them
  4. First of all thank you for this skin!! I do not have problems downloading it. S!
  5. Thanks Kirill, i have them all but i was not possible to rate them in the russian forum! Great work, well done with these skins, like the weathering and the updates. S!
  6. Hi szelljr, a huge THANK YOU for Katydid. I dont know how to explain in words i am freeking out😍🥰🤑 As spittyjoe😀 mentioned i am uber superhappy. Great to see this beauty. I love this birdy!!! Its only wonderful and fubar!! Nagyon szépen köszönöm, ez csak fantasztikus!!! Marha jó munka!!!!!
  7. Nice work buddy! Love the weathering! Thank you
  8. Thank you SIR RAP! There is no comment from my side, well... its BOMBASTIC! As always great work and a pleasure for us "humble non-skinners" like me😁😉 S!
  9. Sorry mates, i am not a skinner its a "humble" REQUEST! Szelljr would you be so kind to make this skin for me!!!!! (KATYDID) One of my favorites Sorry Bugsy, i am not s skinner, its a request. Never made one, so i cant post it. Sorry
  10. HIszelljr, what do you think about this one! P-51D 338th FS, 55th FG 'Katydid' with 9 killmarks. This would be nice! Thank you! Köszi a fáradtságadat.
  11. I want to point out for myself that i love the pilots in their summer uniform. They add so much life and immersion. Only observing them make so much fun for me. As i stated before this big patch is awesome and i like those milliard little details like the pilots scanning around for enemies. There is so much to explore. Thank you devs, you all deserved some rest. The last weeks were hard and long. S!
  12. Imádlak😁 I love you😄 Great skins buddy, dont relax go on please😉
  13. Thanks Art-J! So 4 coolers, a lot of keybindings for my hotas then. Now its clearer for me. S!
  14. So the P-38 has 3 different cooler shutters (correct me please if i am wrong). OIL- COOLER (on side of engine nacelles) INTERR-COOLER (on booms) ? WATER- COOLER ( on bottom of engine nacelles) ? like in the pix above. INTERR-COOLER and WATER- COOLER are connected together at the moment . They are working but not separately like in the P-47 as it should be. Is this correct?
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