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  1. Nice skins Flowbee. If you dont mind i would suggest, that nightfighters had mostly black or white outlined swastikas. For the black swas there are two options: total black like this one made by RAP (fantastic skin) https://mega.nz/#!YyxQCASR!shprJtKH4DveGYj0QMP0_-VUEdhBf3rwAJUHNlVfI_A and a kind put together in squares. Google "me 262 Wk.Nr 111980 RED 12" and you will see it. S!
  2. Hi spudkopf, great work, now nearly all planes are historical made. Thank you!!! S!
  3. Another masterpiece mate! As Gransec stated, the balance between the colors and weathering are more than perfect! Two thumbs up Rap for taking your spare time and making another beauty for me and the community
  4. Köszi, nagyon szép munka!! Thank you, fantastic work!!
  5. Thank you very much RAP!! She is fantastic! LOVE IT! And yes, i ENJOY your work ! You are incredible! Sorry for the "BAD" joke😁 but i had to do it only for amusement (maybe only on my side) I know "shame on me"😉 Hi Seven(less) of nine😀 thank you too for your advice and a Dankeschön and Hello an die RÖMERSTADT XANTEN S! Edit: Im so stupid. I have acdsee and can do it there☹️
  6. Hi Rap, another nice skin!! Wunderbar😊 But there is something wrong with your skin😯 I know it. I didnt downloaded the skin yet😀 A question anyways: Would you be so kind making me 2 other skins when you finished the others you working on! But take your time If you dont mind 1, Unit: 11./JG 7 Serial: 7+| (W.Nr.500491) Pilot - Obfw. Heinz Arnold 2,Unit: 9./JG 7 Serial: 3+| (W.Nr.500071) Pilot - Fähnrich Heinz-Guido Mutke Just a note: This is a well known Me 262. You can see her in Munich. There is a lot of info of white 3. (She was "taken" to Switzerland in 1945 and later given back to Germany in 1957) The last two digits "71" should be a little bit lower than the rest of the serials. No serials on the right side! A HUGE thank you for taking your time mate! Sorry about those swastikas, how can i earase them? S!
  7. Nice to have you back on tank skins! Well done, fantastic job.
  8. Hi Rap, thank you for the notification, didn t know you made another excellent skin! As always, great job, every skin you release is a masterpiece! Love them all! Enjoying the last one you made! Have a nice weekend
  9. Happy homework old boy! Moving is every time hard work. Good luck😊
  10. Hi Rap another beauty! This skin RAP´s😁 me! Thank you very much my friend
  11. Well done mate! Fantastic, link is working for me! Thank you
  12. Great job Rap!! Finally some 4k skins for the 110 and 88! I enjoy the 110. Superb.
  13. Thank you all for your support. May be one time... hopefully
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