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  1. Bless you fellas! But before I had only volume slider in sounds menu. NowI have those check boxes. Thank you! 😘
  2. Sad very sad. This sounds are annoying, there is no good side about them. I do check chat message by my self, don't need any beeping. Maybe someone knows UK phone number to call them and ask? Coz I don't think you can solve anything here, on forum. Also I like chats and like to see what ppl saying, but without beeping please. Also if delete "radio" folder in data/sound mechanical voices go away.
  3. It didn't worked. So atleast you agree it is not quite smart idea to put sound settings in not Sound section of settings? Aaaand it didn't work. These beeps are still there, but now I don't see chat. I will ask my question again. Is there config files to turn off beeping system sounds, without turning off all game audio?
  4. Bless you! Did it! Sound settings in game settings? It's not a joke for you? It's still looks like a joke for me.
  5. Yes, there was a thread about this, but... Ahoy folks! Is there some sort of configs that let you turn off beeping, chat beeping that you can hear even if your bloody HUD is off? It's so annoying! And radio messages? How to turn those machinery talks? Or make some normal chats Usually games and programs have settings for things like that, but IL2 only have one, not needed what so ever, setting in Audio - "volume". You joking devs?
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