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  1. Fun For All. What a fantastic IL2 server. Anyone can play. Then the questions slowly creep in. Then a forum is joined. Then we meet the experts. Then the player becomes a simmer. Then the hobby is killed.
  2. Ah c'mon. You decided to paint a watercolour, then blame it on your daughter. The shame.....
  3. I dunno, it's too wobbly for me to see too clearly.
  4. Oh my word. A pm, for which I received an email, brought me back to this forum. Maybe a mistake....... Mouse control of anything, brings the whole game to a new audience. Especially when they make the basic game free to play as per RoF, if they haven't already. As soon as any of these experimenting mouse players get a feel of a flight sim, they will buy a stick. They cost next to nothing in the great scheme of things. The more people we can attract to the hobby, the better. The elitists who say this approach is wrong are hammering nails into the coffin of the hobby. Make it available on phones and tablets. Why not? Anyone who gets addicted to the realism and absorption of these games will soon be sitting behind a state of the art pc, with state of the art hardware, wondering why this hobby almost died. Good move Devs, spread it around a little more....
  5. 'The best memorable legacy of the War in those years 42-45' Of all memorable legacies of the War in those years it's definitely the best one. All that water. All that death. How could that be bettered? Sorry for the sarcasm BC.
  7. Yes. I'll be leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again. Oh Brave Sir Robin, I hate to go. But I'm leeeaaavin' on a jet-plane etc. No idea what yer talkin' about mate. Unless you mean the bit about re-installing FSX. Yep, it'd be great not TO HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN POINTLESS MINOR FORUM ARGUMENTS anymore SO I HAVE DECIDED TO STOP FORTHWITH AND LIVE AND LET LIVE. Although I do confess, I've been guilty of some twaddle myself. (BLUE TEXT ADDED BY FSM.)
  8. Yes. Oh so brave sir robin tells me I have rose tinted specs. Infinitely preferable to pinholes in a blindfold, in my opinion.
  9. You just defeated yourself in one sentence. The campaigns were there originally, provided by the developers. Campaigns were so easy to generate with the old FMB, lots of 'users' made them. Everybody did it. Are you drunk? If so, I'll forgive you, because I usually am.
  10. They are additional campaigns made by the community as an expansion to the original. I'm a member there. I've downloaded loads of stuff from that site. That doesn't alter the fact that 1946 shipped with a campaign for most nations, which were numerous. Including totally fictional campaigns to incorporate jet fighters in the second world war. Your point?
  11. Rubbish. 1946 had all of the off-line campaigns from all of the previous releases included. From the original 'Bomber' and 'Fighter' campaigns through to 'Sturmoviks over Manchuria' and beyond. You could pick a nation and fly a campaign. Including all of the 'Pacific Fighters' campaigns. You evidently have no experience of the game..
  12. No thanks. The hobby has died already. Far too much arguing, far too many self-opinionated bottom-orifices running the show, far too many sycophants willing to follow their lead. I'm thinking I should re-install FSX. I could pretend to fly around the sky, clipping through REX generated pretend clouds, over a photographically realistic pretend landscape in a pretend aircraft of my choice, without any silly 'person' telling me whether I'm right or wrong. Sounds good to me. No league tables, no pissing contests, just me and the virtual sky.
  13. Aaah, you blokes. If you want to fantasise abut flying in the first world war, you have 'Rise of Flight'. It's great. If you want to fantasise about flying in world war 2, you have IL2 sturmovik (the original one), you have 'Cliffs of Dover' and you have 'IL2 Sturmovik' (the new one). You also have 'War Thunder', so I'm told. There may be more. I don't care. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice. But I would say this. You should only pay your money when you can actually see what is really on offer. Spending money because you think the developers know what you want is simply the wrong mindset. They will gladly take the money and then let you down. I'd lay bets on DCS never producing a Normandy Map, but they've already got our money. We need to stop this madness. Chris Roberts included.
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