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  1. Here we go folks, great news atlast!
  2. Why would you think I would perform such a silly manuever in the first place? Last sorties I shot multiple planes down, and would have shot down even more but had no fuel. For that problem we used to have drop tanks, but not in this title. I landed at a forward airfield in hopes I can rearm and refuel and get back up, thats also a no.
  3. I bought the game couple of days ago, and just today preordered BOBP and bought Bf-109 G6. I was REALLY suprised we got no droptanks and ream & refuel option, was really expecting that from Il-2 Sturmovik title. Is there any word that these two are coming in the future?
  4. When can we expect to have droptanks? The sorties we can do now are very limited. We would like to keep the squadron longer in the air, also we need rearm option on the airfields.
  5. Greetings folks, I've only recently bought Il-2 BoS, but got a long past with previous Il-2 when we had Hypperlobby. I would like to know what is a primary meeting place (VOIP) for the community to come talk to each other etc.? For example Il-2 Cliffs of Dover that place would be ATAG Teamspeak, for Il-2 1946 that was Hypperlobby (greatest thing ever created) and warbirdsofprey teamspeak mainly. If there is 10 different places (I don't know that, just guessing), what purpose does that serve than just splitting people and/or leaving some of them in the dark? Kind regards, 5./JG11_Rain
  6. Hey CountZero, I had about 6 sorties so far, with 2 aerial victories each of them from a one pass dive ambush, it was picture perfect. The atmosphere of the game is amazing. When I saw Stalingrad burning and shells landing all over the place, and the detailed map with unit positions and frontlines I was trully amazed. Yesterday, me and my wingman were trying different servers than WOL, to name them they are Knights of the Air and Coconut dynamic campaign servers. And the game began crashing alot. I mean every time I would take off it would crash to desktop with no error message. We already had a good dose of flying so I left it at that. I am glad I've found full switch servers, I think KOTA got GPS disabled only on weekends, I will try to reason with them about that, so they make it full switch over week aswell To try to fix my crashing problem I will reinstall Nvidia GPU drivers to the newest version. If that doesn't help, I will wipe them out and install some of the older drivers I can find on the internet. Fingers crossed I will fix it, otherwise I am in for a disapointment. Will also try launching the game as administrator. Any other ideas? Game runs 120+ FPS for me... no issues with framerate or stutters, absolutely gorgeous graphics wise and performance. Makes me want to organise huge bomber events on one of the full switch servers, if the hosters are willing to do it. But more on that in different thread I guess.
  7. Bf-109 G-10 must appear in Battle of Bodenplatte, right? Its not only the dream 109 to fly, but it also participated in that operation.
  8. I've just bought the game 3 days ago, and this crashing to desktop without any message started happening today. Playing on MP servers... we startup and takeoff and then it crashes out of the blue.
  9. This is brilliant! We need full switch server with historical skins running this dynamic campaign!
  10. Hey folks, I am browsing through this thread and some of you have done amazing work with historical skins. I am searching for a complete set from 5th Staffel JG11, the picture above is BP_Iceman's work on Black 1 flown by Heinz Knoke. His 109 had white tale for recognition and Lilo engagement rings. You can view his post here: Is there any talentet artist willing to do complete set of historical swastika skins for our squadron, from Black 1 to Black 12? We would be in dept to you, and will give credit to you where ever we are present if you wish so. Kind regards, Rain
  11. Hey folks, I've just bought Battle of Stalingrad standard edition and really appreciate your help with the info you gave me for all my questions. It is downloading. Now before the game finishes downloading I would like to know how to get complete historical markings (swastika on the tail) on my Bf-109? Are there any fifth staffel JG11 historical skins out there to download?
  12. Really appreciate each of your replies guys! Wait, I know you CountZero! Are you in Stuka squadron? You must be I am 99% sure I know you from way back. So if I go for Battle of Stalingrad I would not go wrong? In terms of populated servers that run BoS... And for me I can't fly anything else that is not full realistic in setting. Its VERY disapointing that map shows your position, why would they do that? Also the whole editions thing is hell of a confusing, and they are really expensive. All of that kind of is holding me back from buying. I don't like not being 100% about things I am investing into. Is there a plan for late war western front with Allied bombing campaigns (B-17's, P-38, P-47, P-51D, Bf-109 G10, Fw-190 D9 planesets etc.?) Are luftwaffe insignia fully displayed on their planes (swastika on the tail)? If not is there an option to enable it, or can I do it with a mod and be able to connect online?
  13. Hey guys, I have been flying in Il-2 when it first came out, then I found out the glorious Hypperlobby and its massive community back in the day. I will never forget those days, and couple of thousand flight hours in Bf-109 and Fw-190. I really miss those days. Thats why I am here. With a few questions for you so I can figure out what I should do. How many people on average everyday fly? How many servers are there? Is there Spits_vs_109 server from warbirdsofprey up? Or what servers are out there and how many people fly there? Are there mods like what we had back in the day (Ultrapack, HSFX, SAS etc.)? What edition of the game should I start with? Or is there a complete edition? Are there full switch servers? Also how will I run the game with this PC? I7 3820@3.6ghz 16gb RAM DD3 1600mhz Asus GTX 970 4GB Samsung M.2 512 gb Samsung SSD 950 pro 256 gb With hopes I will fly again, Kind regards, 5./JG11_Rain
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