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  1. yea,i think you may be onto something here. after about a week of trying to find the cause of random CTD this time,mostly mine occured in the key bindings,but,occassional mission load crash whilst i disabled my XMP,i have kept ram at 3000mhz(auto) i have only had a couple of crashes since,whereas prior it was fairly regular i will try dropping it to 2933 and report back
  2. i am saying that ,yes. trim on the 109 works ok in the visual sense,ie,i see the nose pitch up/down. however no noticable (compared to G940) physical stick position movement on ANY AC when trimming. also,i cant see any visual trim effect on any other AC using the MSFFB2. in other words it doesnt work like it now does,using the G940 i believe there is more than one issue with the MSFFB2 not just the stutter
  3. ok so i shelved my MSFFB2 and use my G940 instead.(TIR stutter gone) but i instantly noticed another issue that may be already known ? but here goes............ i was never satisfied with trim responses on any aircraft except the 109 using the MSFFB2(stab on the 109 was fine) now i have the G940 running i can see and feel the trim operation as i would expect it to behave on AC,the stick position changes and you can see the effect of the trim in flight,im mainly talking pitch trim but the others work too. so it appears trimming and the MSFFB2 may have an issue too?
  4. i have this issue also the best i have come up with is in game camera pan options all at 100% except for FOV speed i have at usable speed of 65 i also have a very agressive(fast) TIR master speed set at 2.1 smoothness at 20 its not silky smooth but its as good as i can get it after a week of trying everything i could come up with.
  5. IL2 Australia is now up and running,lads Come and fly.help us build the experience
  6. looking good,super smooth dust off your gear and come help us stress the system. i promise i wont shoot at you
  7. Bumping this thread to see if the possibilities have increased for SEOW and BOS in recent times?
  8. we are currently flying on the IL2 Australia Server i believe it is being hosted by some of the old RAAF lads still in its early stages but is up and running and should provide a nice low ping server for Au/Nz players Drop in and help stress test it Discord is where you can find us,sing out if you want the details.
  9. are there any topics or discussions on the ress of the old VEF or VOW systems we used to fly in il246 days? i have very fond memories of this online mission generators with our squad,with quite a few of our pilots reaching the 50 mission survival mark is it possible given the limitations within the BOS/BOM/BOK system to be able to re-implement the glory days of VEF? or is it a pipe dream ?
  10. From my perspective you were doing well,until you did that cork screw 360 to continue viewing the last bomber,prior to getting jumped.that gave any pursuers time to close on you,you lost precious energy.energy is life,just as height is. check your six much more and LOOK hard don't just glance.i generally spend as much time looking back than forward once in the CZ anyway.once you realised you got jumped and saw it was an I 16 you should probably have rolled out and extended away gaining E for a min or 2 you know you can do most things better than this opponent except turn.so use the speed adv and climb to gain distance and the height adv and re engage or bug out. its important to know the F2 isnt too much better than the I 16 in some areas but,if you didnt lose that initial E in the first place you would be in a better position Diving/Climbing Slash attacks are the go.its not easy as you have to lead your guns into blind spots a lot of the times,guessing where the enemy is when you fire. Generally speaking,keep your speed up and engage when you have a clear advantage and read your dicta boelcke. you seem to be a very capable pilot. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Simmox/
  11. Seems a few of us are back in business with BOM/BOS. Happy days,my steam ID below make sure you say IL2 in your request http://steamcommunity.com/id/Simmox/
  12. you can add me if you like through steam http: //steamcommunity.com/id/Simmox/
  13. Stacko........good to see you mate its been a long journey indeed happy to see your still kickin
  14. at this stage no until something happens with a FMB and Online wars,we cant see the point bringing in new guys only to tell them that the game isnt up to standard yet. but,certainly if the Online wars progress to something ressembling what we had in IL2FB,then we will be looking for some reliable pilots.
  15. no mate,theres something not quite right with them. SP and especially MP. now let me say,ive got 3 mates with the game close by and its the same on their systems. *thwack* sounds are whats either missing or there is a bug someplace with certain systems, mind you im yet to hear any decent hit sounds on any pc ive used running BOS?
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