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  1. how i can record the discord sound also or as a different track? i only have the ingame sound recorded with gforce experience
  2. Flying GB in VR since the beginning .First with oculus ruft cv1, since one year, with pimax 5kplus ,LOVE IT. In the beginning, i was the only one in our squad,now 4 out of 6 pilots flying VR! THX TO THE DEVS SALUTE
  3. 1.yes, but it seems that the view is already zoomed, and that i am much nearer to the Instruments and revi-making me a Little bit Dizzy (fovnormal 150grad) 2.pimax 5 k plus 3.no 4.no when you turn parallel projections off, Instruments and Cockpit are much smaller but not ok like before and zoom is not usuable strange view
  4. vr Pilot seit 2017 zuerst gtx1060 und eine Oculus rift cv1 seit 2019 gtx1080ti und Pimax 5k plus, eine entscheidene Verbesserung! besseres bild als vorher. ohne vr fliege ich seit 2017 nicht mehr.eindeutige Verbesserung ,man sitzt wirklich im Flugzeug und sieht keinen 2 d film davon. bei unserem geschwader sind mittlerweile 3 von 6 bereits zu vr gewechselt ,einer plant es, wir haben es nicht bereut
  5. constant 60fps in game , nice graphics and stutter free, and better contact spotting, gtx1080ti pimax 5kplus
  6. dont drink the koolaid🤪 https://youtu.be/oHoYN2EoLpE
  7. very nice Campaign, so i switch the side to ride a Pony!🙃 thx tip and regards btw still miss FNBF, it was such a great time for us !
  8. many thanks from good old Germany, to the guys at down under, who made this event possible. it was a great blast! THX II/JG11 a few pics from our view of the Event,hope you like them…..
  10. 2 fighterpilots for axis signed in II/JG11ATLAN and II/JG11PUMA, cu
  11. welcome to our new Pilot II/JG11_Derda black seven.. allways a free six and Horrido II/JG11
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