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  1. https://pimaxvr.com/?utm_source=fb&fbclid=IwAR0qsk9SswH4gQeKVvlTHtvYPXSKTegxR303bK3gX8GtrLUzhgyRV6TIxM0
  2. pimax 5kplus running a zotac gtx1080ti mini with il2,very nice no Problem, also i think the Software from both sides will be improved
  3. nice Video but dont like music😫
  4. only 5kplus its ok, before cv1, the wide field of view is the most important Point. hp reverb not tested, may be you ask sweviver he is the only yt vr tester who can handle flightsims
  5. I have nearly the same system what are yr settings il2 in game pitool and steam you can also pm me if you want thx
  6. Satisfied yes because of wide field of view 5kplus but coming from the rift not so comfortable to wear instead of vive deluxe head strap
  7. What are the best pitool and steam settings for I7 7700k gtx1080ti not overclocked 16gb 3000hz ram for il2
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