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  1. Really cannot find this path Is there another way?
  2. Yeah there is light at the end of the road????? I hope! Stay tuned😎
  3. hi drifter! how are you ? here are links of two fb vids, from our last stay on KOTA Server, loved the new update ! https://www.facebook.com/2.GruppeJG11/videos/777795949324090/ https://www.facebook.com/2.GruppeJG11/videos/2445828355509263/
  4. And two stupid German Emils from II/JG11😏😎 tried to attack these armada.....
  5. Goodbye Good Old FNBF, we will miss you....Back to "Emils" Bf109E-7 in our last Mission Hornbill, fight against a lot of IL-2´s and Yaks,never surrender.... Salut to everybody...
  6. Tip pls transfer Puma and me to the two remaining 109e-7 ' the Emil is not a problem for us, and jg15 can get the remaining 109 g-2
  7. best regards and fast recovery to the Team member, that is most important!!!! Pacific is still a Dream, i hope to come true ….
  8. 2x bf109 g2 for II/JG11 PUMA AND II/JG11 ATLAN THX!
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